My SIMPLE Summer Cleaning Schedule

posted by Andrea | 06/2/2012

Now that summer is ALMOST here — which means Dave will be home everyday, we’ll be making a huge mess during our kitchen remodel, and I won’t have my beloved college girl coming to clean every Friday — I’ve decided that my summer cleaning schedule is going to be REALLY relaxed!

Once Sarah moves out (in less than 2 weeks) I’ll give the upstairs a really thorough cleaning and then basically try not to use the upstairs rooms for the rest of the summer… which means I won’t have to clean anything up there all summer long! You can see a few pictures of our upstairs in this post.

We will also be “partitioning off” our kitchen, dinning room, and the bathroom that’s off the kitchen with heavy construction plastic in hopes of preventing most of that dust from entering the rest of our house. This means that I won’t have to clean that area either.

I’m planning to do a quick declutter and cleaning of our basement right after school is out, and then we’ll store most of our kitchen stuff down there during the renovation process… and I’ve already decided that I’m just not going to worry about what the basement looks like until after our kitchen is finished and all the kitchen “stuff” is put back in it’s rightful places again.

That means the only rooms I’ll have left to clean are:

We’ll be living in about 1/3 (or less) of our home… and I’m super excited about how little time it will take to clean! 

And since I’ve lived through enough home renovations to know that no matter how hard we try to keep the dust out of the rest of the house, it will still find a way in… so I’m not planning to be super meticulous with my cleaning efforts.

I’ll clean our bathroom well each week (see my simple cleaning method here) and I’ll keep the floors as clean as possible (Nora will be crawling soon)… but other than that, I’ll just wait until the renovations are finished and then do some much needed deep cleaning.

Even though I definitely wouldn’t want to be “confined” to 1/3 of my house all the time, I think the change of pace will be nice for the summer months — especially since we’ll have plenty of other things to keep us busy!

What does your summer cleaning routine look like?


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  2. desiree


    Hi, I came across your site when I was looking up ideas for organizing my house. I have kitchen cabinets that are about 2 ft wide and 3 ft deep. For my can Colbert’s I have no idea on how to make it were I can see everything in their. Do you have a idea for them? I would be greatful for help.


  3. Debbie D


    I have my cleaning set up on a 5-week rotation where the house is completely ‘spring’ cleaned every 5 weeks. There are things that get cleaned each weekday with one of the 5 sections of the house getting ‘spring’ cleaned over a weeks time. After 5 weeks, the house is completely clean. I don’t have to worry should someone drop by or when someone plans a stay. So much easier, and the kids help with the easier tasks, too. 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow… what an organized schedule! Sounds like something I should implement once our kitchen renovation project is over!