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posted by Andrea | 02/27/2012

About a month ago, I shared the REALLY simple way I organize all our tax documents.

I still use that method for both our personal tax documents AND for my business tax documents… and so far, I don’t have any reason to change or alter this system.

However, I’ve also been using for the past two years to help me stay on top of my small business tax information.

If you’ve never heard of, it’s a completely free program {at least for now!} that allows small businesses to easily organize, track, and categorize expenses, mileage, income, depreciation, and a variety of other tax information.

Here are a few features I love about

  • It compiles all sorts of graphs and reports to help track your income and expenses
  • It tells you approximately how much you owe in quarterly taxes
  • It visually shows you who your best customers are, where you’re spending the most money, and what areas of your business are most profitable
  • It has the ability to link with your PayPal, Ebay, and bank accounts so all your financial information is in one place
  • It provides printable 1099, Schedule C, and other documents for tax purposes
  • It calculates and keeps track of sales tax {I don’t utilize this feature… but it’s still cool}
  • It provides “pro services” for $9.95 per month, but I’ve been extremely happy with the free version and currently see no reason to upgrade for my own business.

Oh, and there is also an Outright App for smart phones that allows me to access all my information on the go!

You can watch a video tour here… or sign up for your free account at has helped me to simplify and organize my business tax documents… and has saved me a bunch of stress in the process!

If you run a small business or are trying to start a small business, I’d definitely recommend trying Outright. {And no, I don’t get anything for recommending this service… I just REALLY like it and figured some of you might too!}

Do you know of any other free tax programs on the web?


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  1. KMMiller


    Thanks so much for highlighting your favorite features of Outright. Like you, it’s been a total godsend for me. I’m glad I came across your post though because I’d forgotten all about the app and I’ve been meaning to download it for awhile. Going to do that right now. 🙂


  2. **Nicole**


    Hmmm–this looks very good and interesting! Does it make you leery linking all your accounts at all? I’ve never used anything like this just because I have nightmares about what might happen if it got hacked!