Our Memorial Day Weekend

posted by Andrea | 05/30/2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I don’t have any fun porch decorations or hanging baskets yet, but our house still looks very patriotic due to the flags…don’t you think?

Oh how I love four-day weekends — especially when my “House and Yard Project” to-do list is spiraling out of control and getting longer by the day!

Here’s just a small portion of our list:

  • Change oil in lawn tractor
  • Take blades off tractor and sharpen them
  • Mow and edge lawn
  • Spray Round Up on weeds
  • Blow off the roof
  • Power wash the siding
  • Pull weeds in the sidewalk cracks
  • Prime and paint the ceilings in 5 rooms
  • Prime the walls in 2 rooms
  • Start painting the trim in 4 rooms
  • General cleaning in all rooms that needed paint {there was dust everywhere!}

And seriously, that’s just a small part of our list!

So this weekend, we decided that Dave would get to work with many of the outdoor projects and I would tackle the indoor projects. It’s been a good plan so far!

Now, with only one day left, we have a significantly smaller list! Dave has a few blisters and I have such a sore neck {painting ceilings all day is rough on the shoulders and neck}, but we’re still raring to go for one more day… I think!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our holiday weekend so far!

We’ve love a good hot breakfast, but instead of going out to eat, we simply make it at home on our huge griddle.


Lots and lots of paint…


…and of course, lots of painting supplies!


Our yard is full of blooming flowers and shrubs.


And we just purchased a brand new set of Echo lawn tools — which are seriously the coolest yard tools ever.

I’ll post more about them later, but we only had to buy one “power shaft” {a.k.a. the motor} and then we can pick and choose what attachments we wanted to buy. We purchased the blower {pictured below} the edger, and the weed whipper for now, but we will most likely get the hedge trimmer and chain saw attachements as well.

It’s just so convenient and clutter free 🙂

So what about you…

Are you relaxing this weekend, checking off your to-do list, or a little of both?


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  1. Kristen


    Good job, Andrea! With our to-do list growing, we went shopping for carpet. We finally picked some out! Of course, that means we need to move all our furniture and finish priming and painting before they install it. Cross one thing off and add several more! 🙂 Such is life…


    Andrea Reply:

    Ah yes, I’m very familiar with projects that add even MORE projects to your list! But I’m sure you know as well as I do that they are totally worth all the effort once they’re finished!!

    Good luck!


  2. Stacey


    That is one heck of a long to-do list! Im sure it feels great to get so much done though. We just did a few things around the house and had a very small get together with my husbands mom and brother yesterday. Today we took our son to Michigan’s Adventure for his 4th birthday. It was a perfect day for it!


    Andrea Reply:

    Oooooo….it was the perfect day for Michigan’s Adventure!! We said more than once today that we wish we had a pool!

    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂


  3. Cassie


    Sounds like ya’ll are having a great/productive memorial day weekend! We did too. We painted and did a little decorating to our kitchen this weekend! I’m posting about it tomorrow. 🙂