Our Nursery Closet Reveal!

posted by Andrea | 07/13/2011

I was SO excited to participate in Apartment Guide’s “Smart Storage Solutions: Control the Clutter” Blogger Challenge over the past month, because it gave me another excuses to design and organize the smallest space in our house — the nursery closet!

Not that I really needed a ton of motivation {it was really fun!} but it was definitely a welcome break from priming, painting, installing wood floors, and dealing with our tile shower.

And I am beyond thrilled with the final results!

Two weeks ago, I showed you my initial closet design ideas, and then this past weekend, we set to work installing and painting the plywood shelves, and organizing all the cute baby things that I’ve accumulated over the past month or so.

I was fortunate to get a bunch of free girl clothes from a friend, and then my mom found all sorts of amazing garage sale deals {yes, she’s just a little excited!}

I found these adorable Kid’s Huggable Hangers from The Container Store and purchased the Fabric Shoe Organizer from Target — which is perfect for onesies, sleepers, and sleep sacks. I love using the hanging fabric organizers for small closest where you don’t have enough for vertical shelving.

I also found these Fabric Storage Bins at Target. I already filled one with 6-9 month clothes and one with 9-12 month clothes. The third bin will be a place for me to put clothes that the baby outgrows {which I hear happens quite quickly!}

I love my antique laundry basket, but will probably switch to a smaller one to gain a little extra floor space later on {I’m hoping to use floor space for some of the bigger toys}.


I have two matching baskets sitting below the clothes bar — one for socks/shoes and one for bibs/burp cloths.  I still need to stain the lighter one to match the darker one below, but I like the “grab-and-go” aspect of open baskets for these smaller items. Plus it makes putting them away really simple!

Aren’t these little socks adorable!

However, these pink boots win the ultimate cuteness award 🙂

I have two shelves above the hanging bar, one will be for toys, books, the diaper bag, etc.

The top shelve is 4″ narrower than the other shelves {for easier access} and that is where I’m storing a bunch of our extra diapers and wipes — all found for free or almost free via coupons and rebates.

We don’t have many books or toys yet, but I haven’t even had a baby shower and we haven’t really purchased anything ourselves either. I’m certain I won’t even need to register for any of this stuff… it will just somehow accumulate!

Oh, and I was told that small baby items can easily “clog” front-loading washers so I hung two mesh garment bags on the inside of the closet door so I can put the small items directly into these bags. This will also make folding the laundry a breeze!

OK, so here’s the Before and After Reveal:

Remove one of the closets, replace blue carpet with wood flooring, replace mirrored doors with solid wood French doors, add gorgeous white trim and crown molding, and insert adorable baby girl items — Done!

Our new nursery closet is finished — just waiting for some stain on the floor and baseboards!  Simple, right 🙂

It really is amazing how much you can fit in such a small space if it’s well planned and neatly organized. I think the trick is to first decide what exactly you will be storing in the space and then create your design accordingly.

Obviously, I wanted more shelves and less hanging since most baby clothes will be folded. I wanted enough space to store clothes that are too big, and a top shelf to store all the diapers and wipes I’ve been getting for free! We do have a small dresser that we plan to use a changing table so that will offer some additional storage, but for the most part, I’m extremely pleased with how much STUFF I fit into this small closet!

Is there a small space in your house that could use a little organization?


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  1. Judy


    Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can fit into a nursery closet if you plan, design and organize it? I love how you thought about fitting not only the clothes, but toys and diaper things too! Amazing job.

    Since this is an old post and your baby must be much bigger by now, how’s the closet shaping up? Was it able to grow with your child?

    By the way what did you do with the second closet? If you’re having a second, it’s a great place to put a mini-crib and introduce your infant gently into the bigger sibling’s bedroom. That’s what I did, but I only had one closet.


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  3. Carolina


    I know this is a really old post, but I am SO curious as to why you decided to remove a closet. Most of us are desperately looking for extra closet space, so I’m just not ‘getting it’. What did you use the other closet space for?


    Andrea Reply:

    Carolina — first of all, the room is very small so we’d never have more than one child in there, and how many clothes does one child need? Second, I think you’ll agree that we made MUCH better use of that space once you read this post 🙂


  4. Pam B


    When you planned the closet out, did you build in the ability to have it grow with your little one? Like, being able to move the hanging rod down where they can reach it and having room to put the stuff you want them to be able to get to by themselves when they’re toddlers. I really like the use of baskets and shelves vs drawers, which as you pointed out steal space you can really utilize better without them!


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, we can easily change this closet around in the future. However, we have several other bedrooms upstairs where all the kids will eventually be. So I have a feeling this room will be the nursery for awhile 🙂


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  6. Alison


    So very cute!


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  8. Angie


    Looks wonderful! I’m expecting too (16 weeks along) and would love to know how you saved so much on diapers? What are the best sites for coupons? Other tips? Much appreciated!

    Ps. I’ve been tuned into your great blog for some time now. Sorry this is my first time commenting. Love your writing!


  9. Mara @ Super Savings


    Great job Andrea! It’s so functional and cute! We have that exact same “I <3 Daddy" frame and it's one of my very favorites. I love how much you packed in there!

    I love using baskets for the baby socks – you're right, it's so much easier to get to and put away…..I actually use baskets in my closet for my own socks and underoos too for the same reason.
    And it's fantastic that you know about the mesh bag ahead of time – I wish I did 4 or 5 babies ago, haha! Front load washer or not, those teensy weensy socks are ridiculous to keep paired up throughout the laundry process – the bag is a life/time saver!
    Awesome job! =)

    ~ Mara


  10. Janelle


    About the laundry basket – you will see what works for you as time goes on. We started with a hamper in their room – and I liked that when I was the one putting their dirty laundry in there. We have 2nd floor laundry, and now we just have the kids (3 and 5 years old) bring their laundry to the hamper in the bathroom. So, you will figure out what works for you! 🙂


  11. Janelle


    Thank you so much for sharing all that you have been doing to your house. You seem to just know how to arrange things…I am still learning! Our closets NEED to be redone! We have been thinking about how we want it to look, and I am still not completely sure, but you have definitely given me some ideas! Do you have other ideas of where I can look for ideas for how to organize closet space – for our master BR and a larger kids closet. Our youngest has a closet smaller than this one – one bi-fold door! Right now it is kind of useless space. It does hold the extra diapers and wipes and some clothes, but I feel like it needs to be redone also. Anyway, thanks for all of your great suggestions! Your daughter’s closet looks amazing!


    Andrea Reply:

    You’re welcome Janelle — and remember, this is was I do for a living so yes, I’m pretty good at “knowing how to arrange things”!! It’s amazing how good you can get at something when you love it AND you do it all day long!
    I’ve already had lots of experience designing and organizing kid’s closets so it was really fun to be able to do my own baby’s closet this time.


  12. Maria


    Okay, I know there are a million coupon/mommy blogs out there and I even read some of them. But HOW do you get diapers and wipes for free or nearly free? I’ve never seen it explained very well. Do you have to use a drug store?


    Andrea Reply:

    Hahah — well I’m not a “deal blogger” for a reason — but basically my mom and I have been pairing rebates with coupons and sales for a few months now and just buying a package here, 2 packages there, etc — and we have built quite the stockpile so far!

    I can always get the wipes for free when they go on sale for $2.00 b/c I get $2.00 off coupons in our Sunday papers, and we can usually get the diapers for less than $2.00 per pack of 50 {sometimes even for free} from the RiteAid and Walgreens rebates!

    It’s just a fun game that we like to play 🙂


    Mara @ Super Savings Reply:

    Hi Maria, I am a mommy/deal blogger and I have a couple posts that might explain how to get free or super cheap diapers. (Andrea, I hope you don’t mind me posting this – please delete if you do!)

    These aren’t current deals, but they might help it make sense.
    This deal was diapers for 2-4¢/each through Amazon – http://supersavingsblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/amazon-diaper-deal-cheap-pampers-luvs.html

    Huggies wipes at Walgreens for 7¢/box:

    Ooh, this is an old post, but still current! You can get free diapers + get paid to test diapers:

    Hope that helps some! =)
    ~ Mara


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Mara — and no, I don’t mind you posting this! Very helpful information 🙂


  13. Gina


    Love the closet! I might have to do a little reorganization of my kids’ closets now! Here’s a little tip for that laundry basket space–don’t have one! I know it sounds crazy, but I recently took the kids’ laundry baskets out of their rooms and they use the hampers in my closet. It works great! It takes less space PLUS I always found myself wanting to do laundry when they were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them up by going into their room. I love having the laundry all in one place!


    Andrea Reply:

    Such a good point Gina! Dave and I always keep a laundry basket in our room and it’s really convenient, but I never thought about wanting to do laundry while the baby is sleeping.

    I should probably just use that bottom area of the closet for toys, and then put the baby’s dirty clothes in our hamper which is just across the hall.

    Thanks for sharing your “mom knowledge” with me!


  14. Zolane


    Great job, Andrea! Your organization will be soooo helpful during late night/early morning changes. I’m so happy and excited for you.


  15. heidi @ operation organization - mn


    looks GREAT!