I’m Purging!

posted by Andrea | 08/10/2010

I’ve been in the mood to purge lately.

Maybe it’s because Fall is right around the corner and we’re getting ready for back-to-school. Or maybe it’s because yesterday, I posted a reader tip — Save Time; Donate Now — and it really got me thinking about how many items I wanted to purge. Or maybe it’s just because I practice what I preach!

Whatever the reason, I cleaned out my closet today…and it feels great!

Here are a few of the items I purged…

These shoe are SOOOOOOO cute…but I never wear them. They are in perfect condition and will probably make someone’s day.

I love the colors of this pink beaded necklace — but again — it’s an odd length and I just never wear it.

OK, I actually love this dress, but let’s just say it doesn’t love me back!! {You know what I mean!} It does nothing for me. I’ve tried it on about 10 times this Summer and have always changed my mind before I leave the house.

I just loved the beaded decal…but this blazer just feels too short now.

…and just so you know I’m not totally ‘girly-girl’ here are a pair of New Balance hiking shoes I’m purging!

All in all, I got rid of 3 large bags of clothes and now my closet is ready for a few new Fall pieces.

I know some of you probably think it’s totally nuts to get rid of perfectly good {and semi-cute} clothes, but I personally don’t see the point in cluttering up my life with things I don’t need, use, love, or want; do you?

And because I ALWAY shop the clearance rack, I’m never out much money.

I’m a huge fan of the ‘one-in-one-out’ rule, and purging is just something that works for me!

What declutter tactics work for you?


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  1. Meghan


    You’ve inspired me! I have been moving towards simplifying my life, and part of that was getting rid of a ton of clothes and shoes… I [mostly] went by the “if you haven’t worn it at least three times in a season, it should go” rule. I exempted a few things like fancy dresses and shoes for weddings and such, but sticking to that rule I got rid of two bags of clothes, shoes, and scarves. It is so funny how you can get into a purging mood! The laundry basket thing is a great idea because you can get started right away when you are feeling most ruthless. One thing I haven’t tackled yet but plan to next is purses and bags as I’m sure I can get rid of half of mine. Life feels a lot less complicated with less stuff.


    Andrea Reply:

    yay — glad to have another purging friend out there!! I purged a TON of purses and bags when we moved last year. I actually sold them on Craigslist and made a nice little chunk of change!


  2. Reese


    …I’m encouraged to purge…but I cringe at the thought of having to do so. Lol!


  3. The Diaper Diaries


    Um….where might you have taken your purges 😉


    Andrea Reply:

    Some went to my sisters…the rest is at Love INC!
    I have a feeling my sisters will get more use out of my stuff…and if not, it’s their clutter, not mine!


  4. jennibell


    Love this post! Have to say, I agree with you. What’s the point of hanging on to something that you no longer wear/love/want? Those things literally weigh me down. . .and I’ve found that as hard as it is to get rid of “perfectly good, nice stuff” I soon forget about it and am no longer trying to work around whatever it was. Thanks for the reminder and I’m glad to have a friend in the purging process 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Jenni, I’m ALWAYS in the purging process. There are always new things coming in…which means I’m always getting rid of stuff!


  5. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    I think I’m addicted to your blog. You have motivated me to declutter. 🙂 It was great seeing you the other night – looking forward to our next get together!


  6. Bonni


    Great post! We also have the 1 in 1 out rule, but I’ve also always had limits on stuff. Barbies, legos, clothes , etc. Now that 3 of my children have their own homes, they have thanked me for those ‘rules’ because their homes are clutter free!


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes Bonni, limits are always good! I’m sure your children appreciate your organization, especially now that they have their own homes to clean.