Quick Tip: Buy Containers Last

posted by Andrea | 09/9/2010

I get lots of emails, comments, and questions from readers and clients asking what type of storage containers they should buy for their organizing project.

Now, you all know I LOVE fun storage containers, however, my answer to this question is…

“Don’t by ANY storage containers until your project is finished.”

Sorry if that upsets you…but here’s why:

  1. You don’t know what storage containers you’ll need until the END of your project.
  2. There is no use wasting time and money purchasing containers that you will eventually have to return.
  3. As you declutter, you will probably uncover a few unused storage containers…which you can then use for your current project {free = good!}

Now, there are a few exceptions to my rule …

  • If you are the type of person who wants everything to be totally matching
  • If you are working on a project that requires a specific container
  • If you find a really, REALLY good deal and you just can’t pass it up!!

If any of these sound like you, feel free to purchase the containers before — but then don’t complain if you are one short and have to make another trip back to the store!!


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  1. Margaret


    This sounds so basic but I’ve made that mistake many times. Trying to teach my daughter, who loves containers! – to follow this advice too!


    Andrea Reply:

    Containers are fun…so it’s easy to simply buy them “just because” (even if you don’t need them).