Simple Uses for Extra Envelopes

posted by Andrea | 02/4/2012


I don’t know about you, but we get all kinds of extra envelopes in the mail via credit card offers, donation requests, or for bills that we pay online. I’ve done everything I can to “opt-out”, unsubscribe, and sign up for paperless statements… but the envelopes still come!

And since I don’t like to waste paper, I’ve started using those extra envelopes to make grocery lists… and then I put the coupons for that shopping trip right inside the envelope.

It’s a great solution to keep everything organized by store… and it’s totally free!

Here are a few other uses for extra envelopes:

  • making your daily to-do lists
  • kids hot lunch orders/money
  • allowances for each family member
  • cash budget system
  • storing extra receipts {one for each family member, category, or event}
  • organizing restaurant coupons or menus {dine-in, fast food, pizza, delivery, etc}
  • storing and organizing stamps and return address labels
  • organizing small craft supplies {stickers, paper scraps, decals, etc}
And I’m sure there are many, many more…

What do you use those extra envelopes for?


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  1. Stephanie


    I shred them and add them to my compost pile. I also do this with all of those unwanted credit card offers, no chance of them falling into an identity thief’s hands when there in my compost pile.


  2. Rose


    I just love to read your site! I look forward to what you have in store for us to read. Keep it up!


  3. Kristen


    You can opt out of those pre-approved credit card offer junk mail too. Visit, type in your information, and you’ll stop receiving these offers for five years. Or, if you use traditional mail to send in the form, you can opt out for 10 years. Got this link from the Dave Ramsey website and it works.


  4. Kalynbrooke


    I like to use them for my banking. That way, I’m sure I have all my checks and cash together!


  5. Tara


    I do the same thing you do – use it for grocery lists. I don’t usually clip coupons, though, so I don’t use the inside. I also use them to make lists of assorted whatevers, impromptu to do lists or quick lists of the things I need to remember for the day, that sort of thing.


  6. Jen


    I keep all the extra envelopes too but they’ve just been piling up. Thanks for these great ideas!


  7. Pyper


    Great ideas, but too much for me to organize! I’m still doing baby step. LOL I just toss them in my recycling bin.


  8. Cortney


    Another fun use is to glue them to the inside of the front cover of a notebook for any loose papers or momentos you want to keep in that particular notebook. 🙂


    Kalynbrooke Reply:

    I love this idea!


  9. KimH


    What a bunch of great ideas.. I use some of them for coupons & lists too.. not always though.
    Def food for thought! Thanks!


  10. Kristen @ Joyfullythriving


    I write my grocery list on an envelope and stick my coupons for that trip inside. I still take along my other coupons (in case I spot a good deal while I’m at the store) but this simplifies the shopping process – especially at the checkout. Simple, frugal, effective….check!