Simple Ways to Decorate With Photos

posted by Andrea | 03/8/2012

I’ve been trying REALLY REALLY hard to take lots of photos these days. Of course, I’m snapping many of Nora, but I’m also trying to capture house projects, family, friends, nature, food, etc… because if I don’t, I think I’ll regret it later on!

However, I often get annoyed with myself for taking so many pictures… but then keeping them “locked up” in my camera, my phone, or on our portable hard drive.

I should be printing and displaying these photos, right!

So I’ve been trying to print more pictures lately… and since photos are relatively inexpensive {compare to pricey art pieces} I thought I would share some ideas for decorating your home with photos. Of course, these are just a FEW of the many ideas floating around the Internet, and they can all be re-worked to fit pretty much any space — big or small.

Eclectic Shelf Groupings:

I’ve shown pictures of these shelves in our office before — but I seriously just LOVE my “photo shelf” on the bottom. I found all these frames at garage sales or thrift stores and just spray painted them white. Now they look somewhat matching and I have an eye-catching display of our lives… all for pennies!

In a Row:

Wouldn’t this be great for a hallway, entryway, above the couch, or on any other blank wall? What a great way to display yearly school photos, family photos, or just a fun mix of your favorite shots.

I know you can find really cheap white frames at IKEA… or you could forgo the frames all together and simply use clothes pins to attach pictures to wire or string.

photo credit

Colorful Wall Collage:

Make a dramatic statement {and decorate an entire wall} with a gorgeous full wall collage like the one pictured below. All it takes is a grouping of inexpensive frames, and you can totally transform a small area into a fantastic photo gallery. Stunning isn’t it!

photo source

Dramatic Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints tend to be pricey — but I found this great tutorial that shows you how to make a “canvas look-alike” yourself. I already have ideas for doing something similar above our couch in the living room… now I just need to decide what pictures to use!

photo source

Black and White:

I love all black and white photos. Period.

I’m not the best photographer, so many of my photos are overly color-saturated, under exposed, a bit blurry, or just plain uninteresting. However, I can often transform them into a timeless piece of art just by cropping the image, zooming in, and removing the color.

photo source

In a Frame:

No, not just any frame… a couple weeks ago, I showed you how I made this simple chicken wire frame for about $5. I can’t get enough of this rustic-looking frame and just love walking past it every day. I also love that it takes about 10 seconds to swap new pictures in!

And here’s another clever {and really simple} idea for displaying multiple photos in a large frame. I think I might make something like this for our kitchen… or even the laundry room!

photo source

Even if you live in a small space and have a small budget, there are still SO many ways you can use photos to decorate your home. Plus, if you’re like me and often forget to actually print your photos — this will give you a good excuse!

How do you display your photos?

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  1. Trac


    After being married for 10 years and having just had our third child a DIGITAL FRAME (or 2 🙂 ) is on my Christmas wish list this year. I have way more pictures that I love and enjoy (especially of my kiddos) than I could ever display. I’ve started trying to use Mixbook and print off a yearly album that is a snapshot of our life. It’s expensive-ish but it’s my splurge.


  2. Ann


    I bought a HUGE frame at the Goodwill Outlet store for 30 cents. It isn’t as rustic as the one above but I have been trying to decide what to do with it and perhaps the string and clips is just the thing. (Or perhaps I will use ribbon since the frame is a little fancier!)

    I also love the In a row photos! Too bad my only long hallway is narrow and only leads to a bedroom where no one would see it. I may have to keep my eyes open for places where I could do it. (Even if it were only in 5x7s or 4x6s!)

    Where do I buy the cute miniature clothespins? Hobby Lobby or Michaels? I haven’t started looking yet but I do want to get some.


  3. Laura


    I love these ideas! We recently hung up ledges for a photo wall, but I love how in the one photo there is a ledge, and then photos hung above the ones closer to the ledge. I might need to try this because I wish I would have hung the ledges closer together.


  4. Lora


    We wanted to have lots of pictures of family and friends in Alberto’s nursery here since we’re far away from our loved ones. We hung ribbon (3 ribbons of about 8 feet each) on the wall, put pictures on cardstock and hung them from the ribbons with mini clothes-pins. As he’s gotten older he’s become fascinated with looking at the pictures. It was inexpensive, it’s easy to switch photos around or update them with new ones and we think it looks really nice in his room!


    Ann Reply:

    How did you hang the ribbons on the wall so that they don’t droop too much with cardstock hanging on them? 8 feet is a long distance to hold that weight and stay up and not droop too much. I’m interested in knowing how you did that. It might work in my grandson’s room.


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes Lora, I remembered your photos as I was writing this post… and we might actually end up doing something similar on a wall in Nora’s room!!


  5. Thrifty Military Mommy


    These are some outstanding ideas! I especially LOVE the one using clothes pins and string. Very cool.