The Benefits of Working With REAL People

posted by Andrea | 03/17/2012

{a group of bloggers getting together in “real life”}

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m all about time-management, productivity, and efficiency.

I love “getting stuff done” and I hate wasting time!

And while I appreciate time-saving conveniences like email, online shopping, online banking, drive-through windows, express checkout lanes, etc.; I sometimes feel like our lives are so automated that we never actually work with REAL people.

If you stop to think about it, many of us could go through an entire day without ever dealing with a real person….

  • I can call, email, or even text my prescriptions into the pharmacy
  • then swing by the ATM on my way to get groceries
  • go through the self check-out lane to avoid big lines
  • run through the drive-through window to pick up my prescription
  • come home and respond to a bunch of emails and blog comments
  • pay my bills via email or the company’s website
  • look up a recipe for dinner on my phone {via my favorite “” app}
  • transfer money from my PayPal account to my bankaccount via my computer
  • post some cute pictures of Nora on Facebook and Twitter
  • order a gift for my friend’s baby shower via
  • chat with friends on Facebook

… and the list could go on and on!

However, there are so many benefits of working with REAL people.

For example…

I rarely ever use the self checkout lanes in grocery stores because I always have too many coupons — plus, they stress me out! Instead, I try to go to the same cashier every time because we “know each other” and he’s really great about taking my coupons.

I also try to go INSIDE the bank whenever I can, even though the drive-through is so much more convenient. I’ve found that by going inside, I get to know the employees and build relationships with them. This came in handy the other day when I wanted to set up a new account. With just a few verification questions, the manager was willing to do it over the phone since “she knew me and didn’t want to make me get out with a baby”.

I don’t get many prescriptions, but when I do, I try to go into the pharmacy and talk with the pharmacist. I take the time to ask any questions I have… and check to see if there’s a cheaper version of my prescription available {often there is!}

As a blogger, I could literally run my entire business without ever talking to anyone “in real life”. However, I try to make an effort to connect with other bloggers, companies, and my readers as much as possible. Obviously, due to proximity, I can’t always do this face-to-face, but I’m convinced that one of the main reasons I’ve been hired for different virtual assistant jobs is because I try to stay connected with these people. We also have a really great group of West Michigan bloggers who meet every month to stay connected and share ideas.

These are just a FEW of the many positive examples I have for working with REAL people.

I know it might sound a bit old-fashion (and I certainly don’t plan to stop using drive-through windows, email, or the Internet) but as much as possible, I will continue to work with REAL people in an effort to build relationships.

How often do you work with REAL people?


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  1. Mary Jane


    “The Benefits of working With Real People” I read this blog I think this is very real stick and natural content. Sometimes me also feel like our lives are so automated that we never actually
    work with real people. I don’t know why I just feel like that. I will continue to work with REAL people in an effort to build relationships. Thanks


  2. Sandy


    Everyday!!!!! The organization where I work is all about building relationships. Our focus is walking with people to build healthy Christ-centered families in the city. And that has to be in person.
    I believe until you look someone (on earth) in the eye you don’t really know them.
    More importantly, we are all created so uniquely, we really miss something if we don’t build community…. in person.


  3. deborah


    I am not a hugely social or people person and I truly enjoy the virtual world, but there is definitely something better to real life relationships. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck with only my online blogs that I read and other social media. I love them and often feel like I “know” someone that I’ve never met. But I truly love going out for lunch with a friend or group of real-life friends! It’s definitely good for me to stop and think about it, especially because I’m not the social go-getter that some personalities are!