The Best Mother’s Day Gift – Baby News!

posted by Andrea | 05/11/2011

If you are a mom, what might be one of the best gifts you could get on Mother’s day? OK, obviously, there are 101 answers to that question, but I think for MY mom, the answer would be a grandchild. And guess what…this Mother’s Day, she got one! Well, she’ll have to wait until October because I’m only 16 weeks along, but she was still super excited — as was the rest of my family and Dave’s family.

Want to know how we told them?

Well, my immediate family got together for a big Sunday dinner, and after dinner my mom opened her gifts. Our gift was the last one {see picture above} but when she opened box #1, this is what she saw:

  Yup, we wrapped up a bunch of boxes inside each other, but the last box had a very old photo album inside.

This is the exact same photo album and note that my mom gave to my Grandma when she was pregnant with me. I just changed the month to October so it would fit our due date. We haven’t had an ultrasound yet so we didn’t have any pictures to put in the album, but she got the idea and quickly jumped up and gave Dave and I a huge “congratulatory” hug. That’s when the rest of my family realized what was going on… and the chaos began!   Later that night, Dave’s parents stopped by and we had a “special” gift for his mom too!

Again, we didn’t have any pictures to put inside — but they immediately realized what was going on and were super excited. Since I’m not really showing yet, we probably could have waited a bit longer to tell people, but Mother’s Day just seemed like such a fun day to spread our good news…and neither of our parents expected anything!

OK, so now to answer a few questions:

Since Sunday, we’ve only told a handful of the people in our lives {well, until now I guess!} — but even still, I’ve already been asked the same questions over and over again. So I’m just going to save you all the trouble of asking, and save myself a bunch of time!

1. Have you been sick?

Nope. I feel SO fortunate that I really have not been sick {don’t all hate me at once!} There have been a few times where certian smells bother me, and I did have a couple of days where all I wanted to eat was grilled cheese, but other than that, I have felt great. Praise the Lord!

2. Are you going to find out the gender?

Seriously, do you even have to ask?? yes, Yes, YES!!! I can’t handle that kind of uncertainty! And yes, we will share the gender with everyone too.

3. Do you have ideas for the nursery yet?

Actually, yes! You can see a bunch of my ideas right here!

4. Was this planned?

Well, not exactly — which is kind of ironic since I make my living being all “planned” and “organized”. I suppose some things are just better left unplanned! We are still super excited though.

5. Are you tired?

Yes! I was absolutely exhausted for the first couple of months. Thankfully, I got a chance to relax on our Spring Break vacation and I’ve been trying to get to bed on time — but even now, I’m still pretty tired.

6. Are you finished with all your house projects yet?

Definitely not! However, the plan has always been to be finished with “round 1” by the end of June, and we are still on track to do that. Then, we’ll try to wrap up a bunch of odds and ends before school starts again — which should give us plenty of time… I hope 🙂

7. Are you going to quit your job(s)?

Nope, that’s the beauty of working from home! Currently, I generate a large portion of my income “sitting at my computer” so I won’t have any trouble keeping up with those responsibilities.

There are still plenty of times when I have to leave my house for my organizing business and other work obligations, but I can often set my own hours and should be able to plan that for when Dave is home.  We’re also not against daycare or hiring a babysitter for 1 or 2 days a week.

I LOVE working so hopefully I’ll be able to make everything fit. If not, I’ll reevaluate when the times comes.

8. Have you had any cravings?

Honestly, since I was never really sick, I’ve been craving ALL foods! I’m hungry all the time and often eat 5 square meals a day!  Now, for those of you who know me, this is actually not that abnormal.

I’ve always been a frequent eater and I carry snacks with me wherever I go. But since I’ve been pregnant, my hunger has risen to a whole know level! Fortunately, I have not gained any weight yet — we’ll see what happens at my next appointment.

9. Is Dave excited?

Oh gosh — yes! He’s been so antsy to tell all our friends and family…and seriously, he’s going to make such a great dad! I had to practically put a muzzle on him to keep him from blabbing the news until now.

10. Are you going to let your house turn into a pig sty?

Absolutely not! Yes, I’m sure our home will be a little more “relaxed” and I know there will be days when I don’t feel like picking anything up. But Dave and I are both super clean and organized and there is just no way we could let things get totally out of control! Plus, you have to remember that I actually LIKE to clean 🙂

  And now the fun begins — doctor’s appointments, shopping, baby showers, picking names, etc. etc. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots more pictures in the coming months {maybe even a few belly pictures once I actually have something to show}

But now I have a question for you:

What are your MUST HAVE baby items? What do I really NEED and what can I live without?


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  1. Amanda


    Sorry – thought of something else and don’t think it was posted by any others.

    Babies R Us sells waterproof sheets or liners in the bedding section – they are about 1′ shorter than the crib mattress, white, heavy cloth that is machine washable. I can’t remember where I read this tip, but since my son was born, we made his bassinet & crib as follows:

    mattress pad + waterproof liner + crib sheet + waterproof liner + crib sheet.

    1) Protects the mattress pad and reduce number of washings.
    2) Middle of the night accidents of all varieties – strip the top sheet & liner, put baby RIGHT BACK IN A CLEAN BED!

    You could do more layers, but 2 was all we had patience for. It took a REALLY big mess to get throught the liner, and since you have to lift the mattress out of the crib to change sheets, saved an annoying chore for a better (saner, less sleep deprived?) time on many, many occasions. We’ve used the same 4 liners in rotation for 3 years – no stains, don’t appear to have shrunk, and still doing the job so they certainly last. We wash them cold with his regular clothes & bedding and machine dry.

    Safe travels.


    Andrea Reply:

    Oooo, that’s a good one Amanda.
    I LOVE your idea for layering sheets and liners…so cleaver. I may need to blog about that some day when I actually put it into practice. Thanks for the great tips!


  2. Megan Camp


    I just came across this post about what you THOUGHT you needed for a baby but didn’t. If you have time, there’s some good suggestions. Of course, everyone is different and what works for some doesn’t work for others but I found it interesting.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Megan! I’ll look into that link!


  3. Gina


    I have three little ones, 10, 8 and 3. Each one of my babies were uniguely different but the three things we never did without were the Baby Bjorn carrier, the bouncy seat (no bells, whistles or vibration neccessary… the simpler the model the better) and the swing. I can also recommend (as you probaly know already) some companies that hold large community baby consignment sales. There are top brand deals for pennies at these events. I’ve gotten Ralph Lauren and Gap dresses for $4. Kids grow so fast often many items are new with tags! Its a great way for mom to trade in their baby items for the next stage!


  4. Heather


    I just had my first baby 4 months ago. There are plenty of items that you don’t need. This would include lots of toys, wipe warmer, bottle warmer. I definitely have some must have items for my baby. She loves her swing and sleeps in it every night. She also loves her mobile and sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down during a colicky cry. I love Aden and Anis swaddle blankets, they are great to use for everything. We couldn’t live without our infant car seat carrier (rather than a convertible carseat) it is so nice when they’re itty bitty to leave them in the car seat and especially since it will be cold when yours is tiny it’s nice to put car seat cover over it. It’s best to get a car seat cover with elastic around the edges rather than one that goes under the baby for safety. I also love to wear my baby in a ring sling or woven wrap. She loves to be able to look around when we go grocery shopping. I also could not live without my Medela pump in style advance. I don’t leave my baby often but it is nice to be able to leave some milk with my husband if I want some mommy time. A baby does not need a lot. I also love my cloth diapers. They have saved us a TON of money already! They are so much nicer now than they used to be. It is such a heavily marketed thing and so easy to get caught up in it all. I bought a bedding set for my baby because it was cute but would recommend you not spent a lot on it. The baby shouldn’t use these so it’s just for decoration. I am sure you can do cute things without even having a bedding set! Take whatever people will give you as long as it isn’t recalled. Expenses add up quickly! Congratulations!


  5. Sandy


    Congratulations! Children are the most wonderful gift ever!
    As a 54-year old mother of five (now 20 – 31 years old) and grandmother of 10 (with two of my kids getting married just next year!) – these are the things that have seemed to stand the test of time:
    1) a comfortable rocking chair – absolute necessity – my original one is now with one of my daughter-in-laws, and another one here at my home!
    2) A swing – very few babies don’t enjoy this – definitely worth the money for a good quality one! But, remember, garage sales can be a great way to go
    3) A DUAL LONG-ranging monitor – they have some on the market now they are good for up to 2,000 square feet – and even ones where you can talk to your child through the parent monitor until you reach the room – great for piece of mind and so you can go get the mail or just step outside for a breather!
    4) A “special” blanket just for that baby! I was lucky enough to have a crafty mother-in-law who made each child one hand-knit blanket. As soon as that child of mine had one of their own babies, the blanket was handed on – what a wonderful way to preserve memories and share stories of someone who is no longer with us. And maybe a “carry around blanket” that’s always in the diaper bag for reassurance and comfort?
    5) Maybe it’s because both of my parents were professors, but BOOKS! Even at the youngest of ages your voice can be soothing even if they don’t know what you are saying – and a love of reading can last a lifetime! My middle son is in Afghanistan and we had him record baby books that his wife can now play for their 8-month old – so he gets used to daddy’s voice before he comes home on leave. Mike hasn’t seen him since he was 2 weeks old but Adam loves hearing his daddy’s voice!!
    6) A group of friends to call! Somebody that will understand if you are crying for no reason – someone who can lift your spirits – someone who will come over at a moment’s notice to fix supper or do a few loads of wash or let you take a nap for an hour or two!
    7) One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is a baby book for YOU- something like “What to Expect the First Year” or “While You’re Pregnant”, etc. So you have a place to reference when you don’t know the answer to something and just need some reassurance. For my generation it was Dr. Spock; then Dr. Brazelton; I don’t know who the “in” doctor is now, but I know there are books available – check around!
    Don’t feel funny nursing in public – it’s natural!! Well-meaning people can generally be quieted with a polite “this is what my doctor recommended so that’s what we’re going to do but thanks anyway”! Get comfortable with saying no – you don’t have to let every little kid or adult hold or “handle” your child, especially during cold/flu season. Use the “my doctor doesn’t want us to let (insert baby’s name) be held by other people till he’/she’s older”.
    Have confidence in yourself – you WILL know what to do – and if you don’t, there will be so many people that will be willing to help you won’t believe it! If they offer to help, let them!

    And the biggest item is LOVE! I would do anything for any of my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren. And, believe it or not, it IS possible to love all of them a little bit more every day! My reward? Hugs and sloppy kisses from the grandchildren, and hugs and phone calls with “thanks so much mom, don’t know what we would have done without you- and grandchildren yelling “love you grandma” iin the background”!


  6. Jill


    Congrats!!! I remember telling my mom when I got pregnant that I had an early birthday gift for her. My due date was on her birthdate. What a treat that was telling her. My daughter is almost five now. Time goes by so fast that my advice is to take lots of pictures and use a video camara.


  7. Fiona


    My Mum gave me some very useful advice :
    She said ” Don’t stand if you can sit, and don’t sit if you can lie down. She told me this applied to pregnancy and all the years that followed!


  8. alissia haig


    Congrats!! I agree that you definetly don’t “need” all the stuff that Babies R us and that well meaning people tell you you need! I also agree that you should see what works for you & your baby, as not all things will be a fit for you. But, some things that were helpful for my 2 babies :

    sleepsacks – awesome invention! never have to worry about them being cold, especially when they are old enought to un-swaddle themselves

    infants tylenol – my 1st born got her 1st fever in the middle of the night at 2 months old…nothing worse than a screaming baby and having to send hubby to an all night pharmacy…good to be prepared 🙂

    neither of my girls liked the swing, but we did use a bouncy chair quite a bit – for sleeping in in the early days, to feed in when traveling & so mommy could take a quick shower & still keep an eye on the baby 😉

    a small fan – both were a bit colicky, and the second was VERY colicky. the fan provided white noise & really helped both to sleep better….it was the only way my 2nd would sleep!

    lastly, for me a bobby pillow was extremely helpful in breastfeeding! I am quite small chested and the boppy helped hold the baby higher, and took strain off my back!

    as far as advice : sleep lots now, stock up your freezer with meals, take any help thats offered, and enjoy EVERY minute….even the sleepless ones….I know its said all the time, but they grow SO fast….mine are 4 years old & 15 months old….sigh


  9. Janelle


    Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

    I am sure that you are going to get a lot of advise, but seriously, there are some things that you will have to “figure out”.

    There are a few things that I am definitely glad that we had:
    1. pack n play – you can definitely use this instead of a bassinet…however, if you have a bassinet that has been passed down to you – that would be cute to use. You would really only use the bassinet for about 7 weeks max. The pack n play will be useful for when you travel and you can use it for many kids to come! 🙂

    2. monitor – definitely a must have at your home and when you travel (if the baby is in another room or even napping

    3. I never used a baby carrier, but that is just me. I have had friends that loved it.

    4. I liked using a baby bath – I even put it into the large tub until our baby was ready to be in the big tub. Baby washcloths and the towel with the hood

    5. IF your baby spits up a LOT like my two did, then bibs!!! Mine were exclusively breast-fed, but they spit up a good amount! I spit up a lot when I was a baby too. I did not give my kids any meds for this – they were gaining weight just fine!

    6. I LOVED the travel system stroller and car seat – it worked great! Then there are these cover things that can get strapped into the car seat – sort of like a sleeping bag. I know that they say not to use these, but I really liked it…so, you can decide! 🙂

    7. Baby Bjorn makes these AWESOME bibs that are made of a soft formed plastic with a pouch that sticks out at the bottom and catches all of the food that does not make it into their mouth – we bought 2 for about $10 each and they are truly the BEST bibs!!!

    8. The Baby Whisperer is a great book. Check it out, and of course decide for yourself. I was not a demand feeder – I wanted the baby to be on a schedule and this really helped me.

    Well, that is all for now – take from it what helps you, and discard the rest! You are the BEST mommy for this baby! That is why God chose you to be the mommy of this baby, and when you ever are feeling like you are not sure what you should do – pray! He will show you what to do!


  10. Laura


    Just saw your news, congratulations!!!


  11. Fiona


    Congratulations Andrea! Wonderful news!
    I know you are in the middle of house remodelling, and I pray that you take it easy and put your feet up. Delegate!
    Wishing you all the best for the months ahead.


  12. Kelly


    Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You guys will make the best parents.


  13. Janie Pollard


    Awww Congratulations Sweetie,you’ll be a fantastic mom. 🙂


  14. Kelly


    Congratulations! What exciting news. I am 14 weeks along with our first and unlike you have been sick, sick, sick! I found all the comments interesting because I have been thinking about all the baby products out there and what is really a necessity and useful. Best of luck with the coming months and I look forward in reading all your baby posts!


    Andrea Reply:

    yay — congrats to you too! there is lots of helpful information in the comments, but it sounds like everyone is pretty much in agreement that every baby is different and we might just have to figure a lot of it out once they’re born! good luck 🙂