The Perfect Pancakes

posted by Andrea | 08/27/2011

Earlier this week, I posted a recipe for homemade instant oatmeal packets. This is one of my weekday breakfast staples — especially on busy mornings when we’re rushing to get out the door.

However, if you stop by our house on any given Saturday morning, you will most likely be greeted by the smell of fresh, warm pancakes, maple syrup, and hot coffee.

We LOVE pancakes!!

I have to confess though, when we first got married, I made pancakes from Bisquick mix. I figured that making them from “scratch” was just too much work… until I found my Perfect Pancake Recipe.

This recipe only requires a few common baking ingredients, and the only dishes you’ll have to wash are a bowl, a fork, and 2 measuring devices!

So if you love pancakes as much as we do, you’ll definitely want to head on over to the Plan To Eat Blog and get my recipe for the Perfect Pancakes!

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  1. Cortney


    MMMM….. These are so close to the recipe I use from Bon Appetit. I knew when I saw the picture that they MUST have sour cream in them b/c they look just look those and thats what I believe the secret ingredient :). The Bon Appetit recipe calls for buttermilk but i just splash a little vinegar into my milk and let it sit a minute since I never buy buttermilk and it works great. I did it for this recipe plus added a splash of vanilla extract cause I’m a bit obsessed…. 🙂 These were great so thanks… Oh an bonus they are lighter “calorie” wise than my other recipe and just as fluffy and yummy! YAY!


    Cortney Reply:

    Oh and more cost effective since they dont require so much sour cream and far less oil!


  2. Zolane


    My stepson loves breakfast for dinner, so I’ll be anxious to try the recipe this week. Looks yummy! Thanks so much, Andrea!


  3. cassie


    I am soooo saving that recipe and trying it. I love a good pancake! =D Thanks for sharing!