Simple Ways I Transform Our Home For Spring

posted by Andrea | 03/22/2012

Here in West Michigan, we’ve had record-breaking high temperatures the past 2 weeks {it’s been in the 80’s!!} so it’s felt like Spring for a while already — and I’m not complaining! However, since it’s now officially spring, I thought I’d share a few simple ways I transform our home for Spring.

I Open The Windows

There is nothing I love more than the first time we’re able to open the windows after a long, cold winter. There have been many years when I open the windows even when it’s still too cold — simply because I love the smell and feel of fresh spring air.

We’ve been so fortunate with this warm weather; our windows have actually been open for a while now!

And if you live somewhere that’s just too cold to open the windows, then at least open up all the curtains, mini blinds, and anything else you have covering up your windows. Let the light it and your home will automatically feel a little more like spring!

I Bring Fresh Flowers In

I’m usually not much of a “fresh flower person” — and Dave knows that he probably shouldn’t waste money buying me flowers {I’d much rather have chocolate!} However, something about the first few weeks of spring makes me want to go out and purchase big bunches of fresh flowers for our kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom.

Yes, I know they’re going to die, but I buy cheap flowers — so I can make our whole house feel a bit more “springy” for less than $20!

I Switch to Spring Scents.

I love WallFlowers from Bath & Body Works and these soy candles from Pure Integrity — and I’m always eager to swap out my cinnamon, apple, and vanilla scents for lavendar, lilac, and fresh linen.

I’ve already been burning my lavender candle for the past week and just love the smell of my WallFlowers every time I walk in the door.

I Remove Extra Pillows and Blankets

Every Fall, I pile lots and lots of fluffy pillows and blankets on all our beds, couches, and chairs. I love curling up in a blanket and snuggling into bed with pillows all around me.

But every Spring, I start to feel claustrophobic with all the extra fabric around me… so I often put these extra pillows and blankets in vacuum-sealed storage bags for the spring and summer months.

Everything feels and looks lighter for Spring!

I Declutter

After I take down my Christmas decorations in January, I often keep decluttering and purging on an “as-needed” basis until mid Spring — when I go crazy, purging everything and anything we don’t need, use, and love.

I can’t stand clutter any time of year, but the Spring is the worst. Everything is fresh and new and I want my house to feel the same way — not heavy, stale, or full of clutter.

I Deep-Clean

No, I don’t think you should go crazy, deep-cleaning everything in your home {unless of course, you really enjoy cleaning and have nothing better to do}. But I’ve found that deep-cleaning is a fantastic way to transform my home for spring.

Even if just one small area of my home is REALLY clean, I feel good. And then next week, I’ll tackel another area. I realize this method is not ideal, but it’s the only way my home gets deep-cleaned, so it has to be good enough!

With these simple tips, you could totally transform your home in an afternoon — so what are you waiting for!

How do you transform your home for spring?

{I love how everything looks SO green in the spring!}

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  1. Lori


    I love all the spring ideas you suggested, especially fresh, spring air! The trees blooming and bright blue skies. Your house is beautiful, such green grass! Your house is my dream house! As for Nora, you are doing a great job! We are empty nesters (barely), now raising our 1 year old granddaughter. We got her when she was 2 weeks old, so we’ve had to start all over. Just being with Nora and loving her as much as you do is the best thing. I know you are used to being so organized and scheduled, but with kids that changes. It is ok. I’ve done this before, but now wonder how I did it! I really can’t keep up with it all,but remind myself, spending time with her is what matters.I think you are doing awesome!


  2. Crystal @ Blissful Homemaking


    I love those flowers, so pretty. That is a great idea to put the fluffy pillows away. We are overwhelmed with pillows on our bed that gets tossed on the floor at night. Maybe I should put them in the closet since I don’t use them except for decoration. Honestly…we don’t make our bed like we should. 😉


  3. Edie


    I most definitely throw open all the windows and doors to let in as much light and fresh air as possible! It seems that my world turned green almost overnight, and it’s just gorgeous! I’m a fairly new reader, and your blog is wonderful. It makes me feel a bit calmer and capable even when surrounded by physical and mental clutter! Thank you!