Craigslist 101: How to Sell Successfully

posted by Andrea | 06/24/2011

Earlier this week, I posted a bunch of tips to help you BUY successfully on Craigslist… so if you’re looking to find a great deal, head on over there!

However today, I’ll be talking about how to SELL successfully on Craigslist.


Over the past 3 years, I have made thousands of dollars by selling unused items on Craigslist. It’s a good way to clear the clutter from our house, it’s a fun hobby for me, and it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks in the process.

If you’ve never sold anything on Craigslist, or tried and failed to make any money, here are a few of my favorite tips.

NOTE: I’ll be going into more detail over the next several weeks, so if you have specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll try to address them in upcoming posts.


1. Post Good Photos:

This is listed first for a reason — because honestly, if you aren’t willing to take at least ONE GOOD photo, then don’t waste your time trying to sell something. Most people will not even contact you if you don’t post a photo. Or they will contact you asking for a photo!

It’s OK to post pictures from retail websites, but buyers want to see the actual item too…so you should post at least one picture of the actual item in your home. The photos don’t need to be top quality, just make sure they aren’t blurry, fuzzy, or too dark; this makes it look like you are trying to hide something.

2. Set a Reasonable Price:

Even though you may have paid top dollar for your items, it doesn’t mean you will be able to get your money back. Remember your items are USED…not new, so set your prices accordingly. Consider what you might pay for a similar item at a garage sale and use that price as your starting point. You might also search to see what other similar items are selling for.

I always follow my price with, “or best offer”. This shows buyers that I’m ready to negotiate!

Finally, please do NOT set your price at $1 just so you show up in more search categories. It is SO annoying to click on an ad that is $1 and then find out they are really asking $25 or $100. This totally turns buyers away.


3. Create a Detailed Descriptions:

Disclose as much information as you can about the items you are trying to sell. Include all measurements, materials, pieces, and other items that are (or are not) included. {This is where multiple pictures come in handy.}

The more honest you are, the easier it will be to find the right buyer…which will ultimately save you a bunch of time later on.

I’ll be talking A LOT more about how to write a good post…but for now, just be as detailed as you can be.

4. List Your Location:

If you live in a small town, it is probably OK to just list the town. However, if you live in a large city, it’s helpful to include SW, NE, or a specific land mark. For example, I used to live near a large mall so I would say, “Grandville, near Rivertown Mall”. Now, I live very close to a highway exit so I say, “Hudonville, off 196 exit”.

I personally have no issues with people coming to my house to buy an item, but I do NOT include our home  address in my posts — except when I sold our home {but that post is coming in a few weeks!}

If you are nervous about meeting at your home, you should still list your city/town. But then when people contact you, simply request to meet at a neutral location like a restaurant, gas station, bank, etc.


5. Provide Appropriate Contact Info:

There are lots of stories about Craigslist scams, but I promise, they are not as common as you may think. Be smart, but don’t be afraid to include your contact information on each post.

Personally, I don’t include my phone number, but if you are not someone who regularly checks your e-mail, it might be necessary to include the best number to contact you at.

Also, if you don’t want them to email you {like for a garage sale posting} then click the button to “hide” your email address.

6. Link Between your Posts:

I often post 20 or 30 items at a time and have found that it is extremely helpful to provide a link between all my posts so potential buyers can see everything I’m selling.

I’ll talk more about this later, but to create a “link” between my posts, I simply say, “Search ‘adekker’ to see all my posts”. Now, every single one of my posts has the word “adekker” so if someone searches for “adekker” {like they would search for “lamp” or “minivan”, all my items will show up in a nice, organized list!

It’s VERY simple and it has increased my sales tremendously.


7. Create a Post Template:

If you are going to post multiple items all in one day {which is what I do}, then you’ll save a TON of time by creating a post template in Word or another similar program.

This is what my basic post template looks like:

We have a _______ for sale from a smoke-free, pet-free, very clean home in Hudsonville — near the 196 exit.

Then I list specifics about the product including dimensions.




Size: {for clothing}


Where/When we purchased the item:

We are asking _____ or best offer, and will only accept cash. Please contact us with any questions or to come look at the product. We will not hold an item, but we WILL remove this post once it is sold.

We have a bunch of items for sale. Search “adekker” to see them all.

Thanks for looking!

Short, concise, with only the information a buyer would need to make their decision. Plus, by saving this “template” as a Word document on my desktop, I can simply copy and paste… and then fill in the blanks. I save LOTS of time :)


8. Be Available:

This might sound obvious, but if you plan to post several items on Craigslist, you’ll want to be available for the next 24-48 hours to answer e-mails and schedule pick up times.

I’ve already sold items in less than 15 minutes – so be ready!


9. Don’t “Hold” an Item:

If your item is in high demand, you will often get several emails in the first hour or two. Many of them might ask you to “hold” the item until they can get to your house. I’ve agreed to this a few times and unfortunately, I was burned nearly every time.

Now I simply sell my items on a first-come-first-serve basis. Whoever shows up with money first, wins! This works well and I don’t get screwed over by no-shows or other irresponsible buyers.


10. Save Your Emails:

Even if I have an interested buyer who seems promising, I always save the e-mails of others who want to buy the same item. Then, if the first buyer no-shows (which happens a lot), I have several other e-mails to fall back on.

I also have a “Craigslist” label, in gmail where I dump all my Craigslist emails so they don’t clutter up my Inbox but I can still reference them if I need to.


11. Follow the Rules::

You’re technically not supposed to re-post an item for 30 days, but in my opinion, if your item doesn’t sell, go ahead and re-post it but then DELETE your previous post.

And if you just delete the email that says you posted the item, that does NOT delete it from your Craigslist account. You actually have to log into your Craigslist dashboard, click “manage” for that specific item, and then click “delete”. {see image below}

If you post something twice with no response, lower your price…or just donate it. It is very annoying to buyers to see the exact same post and price over and over again.

OK, so these are my best tips and tricks for successfully selling on Cragislist. I’ve been “perfecting” my sales techniques over the past 3 years and have a pretty good system {if you ask me – LOL!}

Did I miss anything?

What are your no-fail tips to using Craigslist?

What do you want me to talk more about, or go into more detail?

What are your biggest problems with Craigslist?

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  1. Ary


    Nevermind, I figured out how to do it. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Chris


    Hi. I read your information about linking your posts. However, when I tried to do it the items never showed up on the search. Am I missing something? Could you please give some more information regarding linking of posts. Thanks!


  3. Steve Ford


    We have a collection of unique Christmas ornaments by Salamander Pottery. There will be at least 30 unique photos (probably more). I could reference the Salamander website, but since each ornament is hand painted, the coloring on our ornaments is likely to be different than the coloring shown on the Salamander website. We plan to offer them individually, or at a discount for 5 or more, or an even bigger discount for the whole lot. Putting each one up as an individual item seems very tedious and defeats the “whole lot” concept. Can I include 30-ish photos in the listing??? I have my own website, so I could put them on that site and reference that, or put them into a Google Doc and reference that. What do you recommend???

    Also, with the exception of one (with a small chip), all of these are in like new condition, we plan to sell them at roughly half price. Does that seem appropriate to you???


    Andrea Reply:

    Steve, I’ll be honest — Craigslist is probably not the best place to sell a valuable collection of ornaments, because unless someone is looking for exactly the thing you’re selling, it’s just going to sit there for 30 days and then get deleted.

    I’d maybe give Ebay a try first.

    If you want to try Craigslist, I’d definitely put the pictures on your website and then direct your Craigslist ad to that page on your site. Good luck!


    Steve Reply:

    Thanks Andrea! That is helpful!


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  5. Juan


    Its a good car


  6. Darlene Villanueva


    Why is Craigslist publishing the home address of sellers when they post a listing? Can I stop it?


  7. SLAM in Dayton, OH


    Andrea, found your post while looking for information about masking a phone number from automated spammers. I am listing for someone else, and I don’t want to receive emails (even anonymized). So I want to list the seller’s cell phone number instead. The proxy phone numbers one can get from Google and others usually work well for voice, but often delay texts up to several days. I’ve seen some people list their phone numbers but selectively replace some numbers with text (e.g. 937- listed as 9three7). I have a couple questions. Is there really a problem listing the actual phone number using digits – will I get spam texts or prank calls? Does word substitution work – does it prevent spam and not irritate prospects (it doesn’t bother me)? Very interested in your take. Thanks for the helpful posts on both buying and selling.


  8. Vic


    I need to talk about how to check for scammers while you use this site:
    I am not one of these pay pal or send it through the mail types of people.
    I tell them to email or text me.
    Now this works in my favor because I can identify their location right away.

    If they text you don’t reply until you look at the area code of their number.
    if you live in new york you want to talk to people in your state or near by.

    if the person emails you I recommend subscribing to spokeo which is a reverse email look up.
    It tells you where they are from and alot of other good to know information.
    then if they are up to snuff go ahead reply.


  9. Rich B


    Since I live in Orange County, California, I often post in the Orange County Craigslist, but being close to LA County, I would like to list my items there as well. Is this permitted?


  10. Michelle A


    Is it okay to sell software on Craigslist? I have a program I bought but it does not do everything I need it to do, of course, didn’t realize it until I downloaded it on my computer but I didn’t register it or anything. Anyways, I wasn’t sure if this was allowed or not, so any help you can provide would be appreciated :) thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    I’m honestly not sure. I think it would be “legal” to sell, but it might be challenging to find a buyer unless you set the price really low. You’ll just want to disclose as much information as you can about the fact that you already downloaded it but didn’t register it, etc.


  11. Audrey


    I am new to selling on craigslist but I have sold one item. I have alot of stuff to sell as I used to have a small store and I sell at fleamarkets. I’ve had to cut back because of illness so I would really like to sell more on craigslist. I am going to try all the ideas you suggested but I still need help. Have you ever thought about doing some live chats? You seem very patient and knowledgeable and it would really help a dummy like myself.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Audrey. At this point, I don’t plan on doing any live chats — but we could set up a coaching appointment if you are interested in some one-on-one help to sell your items.


    Audrey Reply:

    Thank you Andrea for responding to me. I tried one of the ideas that you suggested and I received a new call on an item I already had listed on craigslist. No money yet but interest. How do we go about setting up a coaching appointment? Just let me know.


    Andrea Reply:

    Hey Audrey, to set up a coaching appointment, just follow the link in my previous comment (here it is again just in case: Feel free to email me directly to set this up or with more questions. Here is my contact page:


  12. Ellen


    Is Craigslist a totally free listing site, or do we get somehow charged for advertising sale items?


  13. John


    Hi Andrea, I sell successfully a few products in my City but I’d like to expand on other cities. How do I do that with Craigslist? and How do I find people I can trust in other cities that could represent my products? Thanks


  14. Spoon


    I have a problem I am 14 years old I need help I want to sell stuff on Craiglist but I’m underage can I have my parent represent me


  15. peggy


    is it possible to post pictures of your sellable items from your mobile phone to craiglist ad?


    Andrea Reply:

    I think so — but I suppose it just depends on what craigslist App you’re using. The one I use allows pictures.


  16. Laura


    Dear Audrey,
    I want to thank you for all your information. i never imagined it would be so easy. I have been helping a family of family friend with sales from an old eighteen wheeler and some of the stuff is very old. Would that type of stuff sell better on a different list such as ebay? Again, thank you so much!


  17. tina


    great post! One thing I wonder though: how safe it is to sell furniture (big ones like sofas, beds, heavy bookcases), being a single woman and unlikely to have anyone at home when buyers come to pick it up?


  18. billy


    Excellent tips – thank you so much !!!


  19. Maryanne


    I am a newbie to posting on Craigs list and I am have a hard time with the pictures. Is there a recommended size? I could not even get them to upload because they must be to big.


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, you should resize them to between 500 and 600 px. wide. You can use a free photo editing program like to edit them before uploading them.


  20. stella


    Hi Andrea,
    Thank you for your useful information. Would you recommend that I get a separate email account just for use on Craigslist? If so, are there any free email accounts I can use? I’m not sure how all this works. Thank you so much.


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  22. Linda


    I haven’t listed any items yet, but among the first items I want to sell are various collectible pig figurines, probably around one hundred of hem. Should I list them individually, in groups or what? Is there a limit on listings one may have, or a limit on words per listing? I truly know nothing about it. Someone suggested that perhaps this was not the best place to try to sell them. What do you think?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for offering your advice to us poor newbies.


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Linda,
    Craigslist actually isn’t the BEST place to list large collections — but you can try it first. I’d definitely list them all together but then quote an individual price or a group price — and say “or best offer” to encourage negotiation.

    You might also try listing them on ebay as that is more of a market place for collections.

    Good luck!


  23. NIkky


    Hello Andrea,

    Thank you for this article. I’m in the process of moving and have to sell some items as I can’t take them with me: Bed, Bookshelf, and a few kitchen items. It seems they fall under separate categories in craigslist. WIll i have to make a separate post for each item? And link them with a word as you have said, or is it possible to have one post under the household category and list all my items. I have seen people with titles: Moving Sale and they list everything. What do you suggest?

    Thanks for your help!


    Andrea Reply:

    If it were me, I would create a separate post for every item because then you can delete each individual item as they are sold — but that’s just me :)


  24. evi


    Dear Andrea,
    I just found this post and it’s tremendously helpful for me – still, there’s a question and maybe you can help me: in a contest, I won a spot in an online-class about getting-your-finances-in-order. It looks very interesting and promising, the problem is that I live in Europe and our financial system is just SO different to the system in the US (different taxes, healthcare, retirement and saving for it – you name it…) that I just couldn’t take as much advantage out of this class as a person living in the US would do. Also, the prize includes one-on-one-coaching on the phone – which is something else that’s not too practical between Europe and the US… The spot is supposed to be worth more than 5,000 US-$ (lucky me, indeed! ;->) – I thought if I would find someone who takes my spot for let’s say 1,000 US-$ both of us will be very happy. Now is this kind of product something you would think I can offer on Craigslist? I registered and looked around their site but since you have to pin yourself down to a certain area, it seems kind of tiresome, I would have to list the class again and again and again and again…
    I would be very grateful to hear your opinion about this, thank you so much!
    all the best,


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Evi, I’m thinking that something like this would not sell on Craigslist — and to be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure this method of selling something is legal. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Maybe you could contact the company who gave you the prize and see if they can choose a new winner.


  25. Lynnie


    Hi Andrea,
    I posted an ad a few days ago for several pieces of furniture. I sold some blinds to a guy in my neighbourhood and he came by that first night to pick them up and gave me cash. I then deleted the picture of the blinds and adjusted the ad. Now I have two other pieces of furniture that two people have said they want. We have agreed on price and exchanged phone numbers. One can’t come until Friday and the other has said she can come on Sunday but money has not yet exchanged hands. Do I remove the listing for these items even though they are technically not sold? Or do I keep them online in case these offers fall through? I feel weird keeping the post up when these people have shown interest and there’s an agreement of purchase. Thank you for your time.


    Andrea Reply:

    If it were me, I wouldn’t even “promise” the items to anyone until I had the cash in my hand — and I definitely wouldn’t remove the listings until the items are gone out of your house.

    What I do, is give people my phone number and tell them to call me when they are ready to come pick up the item. If it’s still available, I’ll give them my address… but if someone has come to buy it earlier, then I can tell them that too and they won’t waste their time.

    I actually JUST blogged about this exact topic 2 weeks ago :) You can read that full post here and that might answer some of your questions too.


  26. Steve


    Great info.

    Two more that I do:

    I never make arrangements to meet someone without their phone number. People will often blow off a meeting if you only have their email address. This has never happened to me when I have their phone number. I just write “please send me you phone number and I’ll send you mine in case an emergency comes up and one of us can’t make the appointment.”

    Likewise for giving out my home address I want their phone number. I’ll write “Please send me your phone number and I’ll call you with my address and directions”. I don’t want someone showing up at my house if I at least don’t have their phone number and have had a chance to talk to them.


  27. Linda Govednik


    You said you would expound on how to link your items together but never really expounded on it. I have search Craigslist on how to link items and have found not information. Please, if you would be so kind provide details on how this is done.


  28. Gene


    Word to the wise: make sure you are careful about meeting people and giving out your information, such as phone number, but esp. address. I sell a good bit on Craigslist and unless it is just too big for me to handle, I meet the person at a very public place in the daytime. If I have a friend who can ride with me, I have them tag along.
    If someone has to come to my house, I make sure there is someone else there and that I have the buyer’s contact information so it can be passed on and checked out if something should happen.
    Since I live alone, I make sure I tell someone where I am going and how long I think I will be, or I call them when the transaction is completed and I am on my way home.
    If something just doesn’t seem right, then assume it ISN’T right and forego that sale! A few bucks isn’t worth it!
    You just can’t be too careful these days!
    Have fun, but use your head!


  29. Brett


    I was wondering if you could explain how to use the pet site. I tried to list my fish tanks and the only option it gave me was the main site. No pet option. Thanks



  30. Mel


    Hi Andrea- I thought of you yesterday when I had an interesting craigslist situation, and I’d love your thoughts on it! I have been selling stuff on craigslist for years and have never had a problem. In fact, now my closest group of friends in the city we live in was found via a craigslist sale (of old notebooks that were cluttering up my house!). Well over the weekend I sold a canvas painting that was in like new condition. The woman came to my house and picked it up but never inspected it before taking it (I wasn’t home, my husband sold it to her; usually I always ask people to look at the item). Yesterday she emailed me telling me that she wants to return the item! She said it doesn’t lay completely flat against her wall and therefore can’t use it. I know when I sold it, it was completely flat since I had just taken it off the wall.

    So I have a few questions for you: (1) Has anyone ever asked to return an item to you? I have bought items on craigslist that I’ve been disappointed with once I got home, but I never asked to return them. Rather, I just resold them (and was open about any flaws that I noticed after receiving the item) or got rid of them. (2) Is it etiquette to ask to return an item? One thing I’ve loved about craigslist is the finality of it, unlike ebay or amazon. I want my stuff GONE! And I don’t want it back after it’s been in someone else’s home.

    Thank you for all your craigslist tips!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hmmmm… that’s a tough situation. I’ve honestly never tried to return anything I purchased on Craigslist, nor have I had anyone try to return anything to me. I agree with you that once the item is sold, I don’t want it back… especially if the buyer is probably the one who wrecked the frame :(

    That said, my sister JUST bought something from CL last week and after getting home, realized it wouldn’t work for her. She contacted the seller just to see what they would say and they gladly took it back. I was honestly amazed, but whatever.

    I’d say that if you are fairly confident the item was in good condition when it left your house, you should not feel bad saying “no returns”. You already have her cash so there’s really nothing she can do about it except be mad at you (which isn’t really your problem!) And while I wouldn’t say this is the best “customer service” you could simply not respond to her emails or answer her phone calls. There’s really nothing she can do except come to your house (and I doubt she would do that).

    Does this help? Sorry, I’ve never personally dealt with this type of situation.


    Mel Reply:

    Thank you so much for getting back to me! I knew you would be the perfect person to ask.

    I’m sure of the condition it was in when she picked it up. But what bothers me most is that she didn’t look at it herself! I ALWAYS thoroughly inspect items before purchasing them. And sometimes I’ll find flaws that I believe the owner truly never knew were there. (I tend to care about things much more than the average person and things that most people wouldn’t care about sometimes bother me). Obviously if she got to my house and inspected it and decided she didn’t want it, then I would have absolutely no problem (and that has happened before — no big deal). But now it’s been in her home and I don’t know if she lives in a smoking home or a home with pets, etc. So I feel like she is the only one to blame. Even if there was a defect (which I’m certain there wasn’t), she decided to purchase it. I can’t control whether or not she looked at it before buying it. And she didn’t have to buy it!

    Also, there have been many times that I have bought something and brought it home and then decided I didn’t want whatever the item was, whether because it wasn’t quite as nice as I wanted or it didn’t fit, etc. I just turn right back around and sell it on craigslist. In fact, I’ve made quite a bit of money doing this. I haven’t bought the item with the intent of selling it again, but when I sell it I ask for what I think is a fair price and I usually get what I’m asking for. So she could obviously turn around and sell the item again and be open about the problem.

    So this is how I (hopefully) resolved the situation: I pointed out to her that perhaps the curving of the canvas happened during the transport of the picture. And I suggested that she place the canvas upside down and let it relax down the other way. She replied saying there was no way it could have been damaged in transport. So I replied saying that I’ve bought and sold on craigslist for years and have never sought to return an item or been asked to return an item. I also explained that I take responsibility for the item once I buy it. And I told her that if she wanted to come by my house before the end of the day, I would return the item. I gave the firm time deadline because I don’t want her to have it even longer and hurt it even more! And I never heard back from her. I hope I handled it appropriately. I definitely don’t want to be mean, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either.

    This has made me question whether I should keep having people come to my home. I’ve had people come to my home for years and have never had a problem. And I don’t like meeting people at designated spots because I have to haul my kids there, it takes time from my day (which to me is worth more money than what I’m selling usually!), and half the time people don’t show up. Perhaps I’ll think about meeting in a more neutral location in my neighborhood.


    Andrea Reply:

    No problem — sounds like you handled it the best way possible. You offered a possible fix (flipping the canvas over) and then put the ball in HER court asking her to drive back to your house by a specified time. Since she never showed up, she probably knew it really was her fault (or she didn’t care that much).

    As for future meet-ups, I wouldn’t let this ONE situation influence the rest of your sales. I’ve NEVER had anyone try to return something to me and I’ve literally sold thousands and thousands of dollars worth of goods on Craigslist. If you have more negative situations in the future, maybe you can come up with a new plan, but if you’re comfortable having them meet at your house, I honestly wouldn’t hastily make a change after just one bad situation. But that’s just my 2 cents :)


  31. jonathan


    So I sold a radio and then they don’t think it works and I checked it 2 weeks before I sold it and they are threatening me to call the cops because I won’t give him a refund


  32. Debbie


    Great tips I appreciate the info. I was trying to list multiple items and list in different areas..(like my mother in laws area) which is out of state. but my listings keep coming down! Why? Is there a limit on items or is there anything that says I can list in a different state? If I owned a shop should I list as a dealer or a owner? Is that why my items are coming down? Are there things you cant list? (nothing dirty of coarse) I have over 30 items and very similar in description maybe…..not sure what I am doing wrong. any advice would be appreciated.


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Debbie — sorry for your troubles. I’m honestly not sure why your posts would continually be deleted. SO weird? The ONLY thing I can think of is that you mentioned all the posts were very similar. Sometimes, Craigslist will automatically delete posts that are similar and posted at the same time by the same person. Could you group all 30 things together in one add? That might work — otherwise I don’t have an ingenious answer for you. Sorry!


  33. Mike


    The first photo submitted is always the featured photo in a craigslist add. Is there a way to move a photo from last to first without deleting all the images and starting over with the image loading process?


  34. Mike


    Words of caution, etc.
    1) When using the anonymous email reply option, some of the replies may end up in your spam or junk mail folders due to the odd nature of your anonymous email address. Be sure to check these folders for potential buyers. We almost lost a buyer for a $9000 boat that way. Fortunately, they were persistent and found us on our ad.
    2) Consider using a “Counterfeit Detector Pen” for large bills to ensure that you aren’t being scammed at the sale. These pens are available at WalMart for $5.49 and are very easy to use.
    3) Meet potential buyers at public places with easy access and visibility whenever possible. A second option would be to move a large piece into the garage so they don’t come inside the house. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.
    – If things don’t sell, consider giving to the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. They usually come to your house to pick up items and you may be eligible for a tax break for the current value of the items donated.
    – We’ve had great success on craigslist and we wish everyone equal success. I only respond to those who send me their phone number. We’ve never had any problems at the sale. Just be careful and ignore those scammers.


  35. Gil


    Hi, I am loving and using Craigslist now all the time now. It is true community recycling . Now that I getting serious , I think it is a good question for all interested to ask, Is it better to list items in a group or individually, obviously the items I’m talking about would be related, like when you have several pieces of furniture like 2 lamps and a side table. Any input would be great and useful!!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Gil, I would put the 2 lamps together in one post, but the end table in it’s own post. I’m usually a fan of doing individual posts for ever single itme unless the items come together (like matching pillows, a matching couch/chair, dining room table/chair, etc)


  36. Vikki


    Hi Andrea, We just posting our first item on CL and already have questions from potential buyers. First thing I thought to do was read all your CL posts. (: One buyer has asked if we’d be willing to deliver. We are willing as it is a large loft bed. How do we handle that? I know you can’t guarantee honesty but what steps do you recommend to ensure the buyer is actually at home when we arrive? Do we add a delivery/mileage charge? Unsure how to proceed. Any thoughts you have would be helpful. Thank you.


  37. Bob McCoy


    you didn’t say why but you chose “general for sale” as the category for your example. Does this really make any difference? I have mutiple listings for stuff including underground leak detection equipment, underground line locators, infrared imagers, etc. Would these be better listed under Business/Commerical, Electronics or General for Sale??

    If I had a couch for sale, I would list it under furniture… I have a listing for an older 35″ SONY tv that is under electronics but it might be better under Gaming equipment. Or, again, does it really matter if someone searches all of Craigslist……..

    Great article otherwise and I went back and created a link between the ads – Bob


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Bob.
    I would say, for the most part, try to choose the category that best fits your product. If you’re not sure, then just choose “general”.

    I personally will only search specific categories — so if a stroller is listed in “general for sale” and I’m searching under “baby and kids” I won’t see it.


  38. Jenn


    How do you link your postings together so that buyers can see my other items? I cannot figure it out. It states it here in #6.


  39. 40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 4: Donation & Sales Staging Areas - Organize 365


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  40. Barry


    Hey there, Thank you so much for offering those great tips. I always appreciate it when an individual is willing to share their valuable experience with us out there trying to be straight forward. I have a question and I should know this.

    If I live in say, “Vancouver, WA” and my best local market for the listed item is Portland but I want to also list it in King County, Seattle area, how do I go about that on Craigslist? Can I post it twice or is there a button option to list it in the Seattle Craigslist? The answer is probably simple. The people from Seattle come to the Portland area all the time to buy things.


    Andrea Reply:

    I think that the only way to do that is to actually list it twice in the 2 different cities. I’ve done that a couples of times and it worked for me :)