Cleaning Out Your Stockpile

posted by Andrea | 06/25/2011

Now that it’s oficially summer, I am thankful that our weekly schedules have slowed down a bit.

We have almost no sporting events, committee meetings, school functions, etc. etc. It’s a wonderful change of pace and one that I lo0k forward to every year.

One of the reasons I always look forward to our slower summer schedule is because it gives me a little extra time to go through our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and take stock of everything that has accumulated over the past 6 months. I do this at least twice per year — once right before the holiday season and then again each summer.

I often have a bit more time to plan and prepare dinner so I try to get creative and use up as much of our extra stockpile as possible.

Benefits of using up our stockpile:

  • It helps us significantly reduce our grocery bill for 2 or 3 weeks.
  • It gives me and opportunity to test my cooking and baking abilities {which really are nothing special!}
  • It forces us to try new foods that we might not have tried before.
  • It keeps our kitchen more organized and prevents wasted and expired food.

If you haven’t cleaned out your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer in a while, now might be just the time to do it.

Read my simple tips for cleaning out your stock pile over at Plan to Eat.

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  1. Lori


    I have a great way to use up miscellaneous food items. I always check the back of the package, box, or can and there is almost always a recipe using that product. Also, there is usually a website listed there a well with recipes and other suggestions for use. Just a thought!

    Thanks for all you do!


    Andrea Reply:

    Great suggestion Lori! I use your “recipe on the box” method quite often as it is a great way to use up our stockpile with out searching for a new recipe. Plus the recipes on the box are usually pretty simple!


  2. Christine (iDreamofClean)


    I’ve actually been doing this the past couple of weeks. It wasn’t really planned…it just needed to be done! Going to the grocery store has been a breeze. And, like you said, it forces you to be creative with meals. I made a, enchilada meal last night by dumping random ingredients in the slow-cooker and it was amazingly delicious!! It may be a new favorite meal and I would have never made anything remotely similar if we weren’t cleaning out the pantry.

    Great advise!


    Andrea Reply:

    I think the best Mexican food is often found “on accident”! I have a great burrito “recipe” that I concocted out of leftover food that I wanted to use up. Now I make it all the time!

    Enjoy your less expensive grocery bills!


  3. Heart and Haven


    I’m going to be doing this as well! My family has their “favorites” so I find some things just remain in the pantry or freezer for long periods of time! I’m lucky that my husband if the chef in the family, but I will be planning more meals this month and next to use up the surplus stuff we have. I love organizing & planning, so that will be fun for me too.


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow, you ARE lucky that your husband does the cooking! Enjoy your “planning and organizing” challenge this summer… and then enjoy lots of extra room in your freezer and pantry this fall!


  4. Janelle


    Well, this is exactly what I will be doing. I am thankful for the stockpile that I have – it will definitely help us to keep our food bill a little lower…although it is already pretty low!