Did You See Me in HGTV?

posted by Andrea | 03/13/2013

Me in HGTV!

That’s right friends — Dave, Nora, and I were featured in the April 2013 issue of HGTV magazine.

Well actually, our farmhouse was the main feature… but I’ll take the 3-page center spread in a nationally recognized magazine any day!

As you can see, Nora is also super excited :)

One of the items on my “bucket list” was to some day have our home featured in a magazine. I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen, but still, wouldn’t it be SO cool if it did?

Well, it did happen. And it IS so cool!

WAY back in October of last year, I received a short email that said:

I’m a writer for HGTV magazine. I found you online and wondered if you would like to be in a story? If so, I’d love to talk!

I thought it was spam so I almost deleted it. However, right before I clicked “delete” I thought, maybe I better respond… just in case.

I responded, and boy am I glad I did!

Over the next few months, there were MANY email conversations, phone interviews, pictures, more emails, and then waiting until the April issue hit news stands last week.

Since I don’t subscribe to many magazines, I actually had no idea the April issue was available yet — until all of a sudden, my email inbox and Facebook inbox were filled with excited and congratulatory emails from YOU!

Thanks :)

So the next day, I dashed out to Meijer and read the article right there in the checkout lane. It almost killed me to pay $3.99 for a stinkin’ magazine — but I bought it (and I’m not going to throw it out after a month either!)

And lest you think my life is so cool that a magazine wanted to write about me — you should know that the whole point of the article was our farmhouse, and the fact that we both bought our “new” farmhouse and sold our previous house on Craigslist.

You all know that I’m basically a “Craigslist junkie” right? 

After all, I have an entire series devoted to Craigslist on my blog, and almost everything in our home is purchased from Craigslist. So it really should be no big surprise that we used Craigslist to sell our old house (in only 3 days) after we found our lovely old farmhouse on Craigslist a few months prior.

The whole story still gives me goosebumps when I read it, and the magazine writers and editors did a fabulous job of capturing all the little details to make for a super fun story.

OK, now for some pictures! 

Page one.

Here’s the next 2 pages.

Larger view of page 2.

Larger view of page 3.

It took a while to put this article together, but I’m extremely please with how it turned out. I also have a new-found respect for anyone who works for a big magazine — what a lot of time and energy just for one article.

Also, I have to laugh because ALL the pictures for this magazine spread were taken with my iPhone — no fancy cameras or equipment!  Maybe I really DO know what I’m talking about when I give photography tips :)

Oh, and just for the heck of it, I thought I’d share a comparison photo of one of the picture they used for the magazine and the actual picture I sent them. The picture I sent was just quickly snapped with my phone as we were getting ready for a walk. I was not expecting them to use this photo — but they did.

Do you see how they edited it?

Not only did they change up our landscaping, crop out our lovely American Flag, and remove the bunting on our front porch, they also used a key chain overlay to cover Nora!

Ha! See how sneaky those graphic designers can be!

That’s why you can’t compare your home to the photos in magazines.

Anyway, I can’t say enough nice things about the folks at HGTV magazine — the writers I worked with were fabulous and the editor even called me personally to let me know how pleased she was with the final product.

So the next time you’re standing in line at the checkout lane, pick up the April issue of HGTV magazine, turn to page 95, and read about our farmhouse!

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  1. Lauren @ Rustic Honey


    What an amazing accomplishment! CONGRATS!!!
    This would be my dream to someday have our farmhouse in a magazine as recognizable as HGTV!!! Your home and your family is beautiful!


  2. Theresa


    Woohoo and congratulations!


  3. Kalyn Brooke


    What a gorgeous spread! Congrats! Its amazing how much people can edit photos….


  4. Chalyse Meiklejohn


    CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you! And how incredible that you found a house with ALL 10 things you wanted in your dream house?! Definitely a God thing. Great article! Seeing your renovations and articles about your farm house helped me add SEVERAL things to my list for what we want in our next house ;)


  5. Tracy @thecityofmotherlylove.com


    Congrats on the feature!!! I DID see you in there :) HGTV is one of those magazines that I treat myself to on occasion. It’s my happy place! Are you signing autographs ;)


    Andrea Reply:

    Haha — no autographs Tracey :)


  6. JulieHamilton


    I am just delighted for you! How lovely. <3


  7. Raquel


    That is truly awesome Andrea – Congrats! You are such an inspiration!


  8. Donna


    Andrea, how exciting! I don’t usually buy magazines, but I did buy this issue. The story write up and the pictures were well done. Aren’t you glad you can check one more thing on your life bucket list?!!


  9. Kaaleen


    Congratulations on the sale, purchase and being featured in the magazine.
    Like you we have bought and sold everything on craigs list, even our house!


  10. Anna Trang


    I really enjoy your website! :D


  11. Laura K.


    Love your site! Stumbled upon it with your pizza pasta recipe, and I fuguted we were from the same date based on the Meijer labels in the pics. ;) Looking forward to reading more!


  12. Susan


    You should have a link to the actual article, so that people could read it. I’m guessing you might not be able to publish it here, since it’s now property of hgtv magazine?

    *I’m a fan of Craigslist as well, and have bought and sold lots of stuff on there too. But selling a house on Craigslist – that’s pretty awesome!


    Andrea Reply:

    I couldn’t link to the actual article because I’d need an online subscription to the magazine (which I dont’ have). And also, anyone who tried to read the online article would also need an online subscription :)


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