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posted by Andrea | 03/31/2011

Do you have Too Many Passwords??

Over that past few months, I’ve been asked numerous times if I could create a simple way to track and organize all the passwords, usernames, account numbers, and other information that is SO easy to forget.

Well, since “simple” is my specialty — I quickly whipped one up!

Actually, I already had a really cool spreadsheet that Dave and I have been using for the past several years. It helps us to organize all our many passwords…and believe me, it has saved out butts more times than I can count!

Since we do everything online, our life tends to run on usernames and passwords. So we keep a digital copy of this Excel Workbook on both our computers, and  printed copies in our filing cabinet and in our fire-proof safe. This way, if anything ever happened to us, our relatives could access our bazillion different accounts without much trouble at all.

Let me show you around…

So when you download this free document {links are at the bottom because I actually want you to read this} you’ll see four different tabs — or worksheets.

The HOME tab simply explains more about this document, how to use it, and the copyright laws.


Credit Cards & Money Accounts Tab:

This tab provides a place for you to list ALL your different credit cards, bank accounts, and other money accounts.

I made enough space for your password and user name; PLUS extra space for all the other important information like the name on the account, the account number, company phone number and website, your secret questions and the answers —  because all of that information is necessary at times.

Email, Internet, & Website Tab:

The second worksheet gives you a spot to store important log-in information for email accounts, craigslist, E-bay, PayPal, facebook, twitter, and any websites or blogs you have.

I also left a few blank spaces for you to add your own internet passwords.

Utilities Tab:

Dave and I pay ALL our bills online, so you better believe we have usernames, passwords, secret questions, pin numbers and more for every single account. But I keep it all organized on this Utilities Worksheet!

OK, so that’s my Password Workbook!

It works great for us, and hopefully it will work for you and all your passwords as well.

Obviously, this is not something you should carry around in your purse or computer case — it would be REALLY bad if you lost it!

However, keep it in your desk drawer, save it in a secure folder on your computer, put a copy in your filing cabinet, etc. so you always know where to find it when you need it.

Download this Free Workbook!

If you would like to simply PRINT the workbook and use it “as is” — click here.

If you would like to PRINT a BLANK version of the workbook — click here.

If you would like to DOWNLOAD the EXCEL.xlsx workbook to EDIT on your own computer — click here.

(If you have an older version of EXCEL you can download the .xls workbook here.)

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  1. Joanna


    One thing that might make it more secure is if you don’t line up the password info and the account info exactly. That way if someone does get their hands on it, there’s an extra layer of protection for your passwords.


  2. Taletha


    Great idea. I think I have a few too many accounts with a few too many websites and it’s hard to remember each and every account name and password that my husband and I create. Maybe I can get my husband on board with this and we’ll stop having to ask each other what goes with what account.


    Andrea Reply:

    I think we all have TOO many passwords! It’s overwhelming…and so frustrating when you can’t remember one.

    Hope your hubby likes this helpful organizer too!


  3. Ellen


    Thanks so much for sharing this. I love it and I know it is going to be a great help.


  4. Denise


    I’m on the verge of using LastPass for all of my passwords…what do you think?


    Andrea Reply:

    Denise, most people we tell you to never use the same password for all your accounts, but as long as you’re careful, I think it’s a pretty nice way to simplify everything!!

    My one suggestion would to pick a word that you can easily remember and then add a 2-digit number on the end. So for example, you might pick “Poodle10″ for your password. Then, when companies force you to change your password every few months, you can just increase the number by 1 — “Poodle11″ “Poodle12″ etc.


  5. Karen


    Soooo thrilled to have found your sheet…VERY surprised how challenging it was to find a simple, yet thorough, list for storing passwords — especially one offered blank where i can use my own labels/names for things. Thank you sooo much! It’s perfect. I knew with enough searching i wouldnt have to “reinvent the wheel”. Thanks for sharing your work!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Karen,
    Yes, my worksheet is VERY simple — but it works well for us and it’s nice to have everything all in one place!
    Glad you’re getting good use out of it :)


  6. Tina


    I seem to be having a problem downloading the spreadsheet. Any suggestions?


  7. Http://Easy-Profit.Biz


    I really love your website.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own blog and would love to learn where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Appreciate it!


  8. Shanna


    This is glorious! Thank you!


  9. Carolyn Waidelich


    I love your password worksheet!
    Our family needs this tremendously!
    I tried to download it in order to customize on my computer, but I think that my version of excel is not advanced enough to open a .xlsx file (I have version excel 2000). Is it possible to obtain a .xls version of the file? Perhaps you could email it to me?
    Thank you so much!


  10. Shanna Nowosielski


    Hi Andrea! I’m filling in my password worksheets and I need more rows! I am terrible with Excel. How would I add rows to the bottom of the worksheet and keep your formatting? Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    Oh boy, this might be difficult to explain if you don’t know anything about Excel :) Basically, you just need to right-click and then select “insert row” however, I’m not 100% sure the formatting will transfer over — and I don’t know how to explain that. Do you know anyone who is good with Excel?


    Susan Reply:

    easiest thing to do hover your mouse over the ‘row number’ (important) of the row where you want to start to copy (the cursor will appear as a solid black arrow) and then highlight how many rows you want (make sure it’s an even number of rows, a grey and a clear to keep the formatting) – right click and select copy – then go to row on the sheet where you want the extra rows to appear – click the line number – right click and select ‘insert copied cells’. hope this helps oh, and you also need to make sure you have enabled the editing.


  11. Beth Delaney


    Thanks so much!!


  12. acne scars


    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but other than that, this is great blog. A great read.
    I will certainly be back.


  13. Andre


    Hello, Andrea.
    You have wonderful blog, a lot of nice ideas, You made my life much simpler.
    But with password organizing in my day-to-day surfing (my work is tied with it hardly) I can’t live without LastPass (google it), because i have maybe 100+ passwords on various sites, and on some sites I have more then one account. It is free, simple, works seamless and is must-have for someone with that amount of passwords to use.


  14. Diana


    Thank you!!! This is just what I needed. You are truly blessed.


  15. Calvin


    Thanks for sharing this. I was about to spend a few hours creating one and it would not have been as stellar as this one. I have Chronicle for the Mac and it is great but I like to see everything on one page to ensure I didn’t skip something. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!


  16. Jeanne D


    The worksheet does not download. Neither one of the downloads works for me. Can u double check this please?


    Andrea Reply:

    Hey Jeanne, I just tried all the links and they opened up right away for me — so at this point, I’m guessing it’s something with the device you’re trying to open it with. Sorry!


  17. Karen


    Very good thanks


  18. Monique


    Thank you for being there!


  19. Dinubhai


    I am thrilled to use your Excel spread sheet. I was looking for one for a long time and it is simple to use for a lay man, 75 yrs old! God Bless You.


    arjunhunurkar Reply:

    Thats really useful, tbh i’m already organised with it but i’m looking for more extra layer of secuity in excel. like a password on a cell, the whole password column shoud be protected with a password!! is this possible??

    pls reply


  20. Lori


    Hi Andrea,
    I was ‘googling’ trying to find a simple, yet exhaustive template for the numerous passwords and types of accounts that hubby and I have! You nailed it! Thanks so much for helping me to add some simplicity to my everyday work!

    All the best,


    Andrea Reply:

    glad to help!


  21. Paulo Jorge


    Many thanks for this file. It is the one i was looking for.

    Regards from Portugal.