I {Heart} Organized Drawers

posted by Andrea | 10/1/2012

In our first house, we had a grand total of THREE drawers in our kitchen. They were all extremely shallow so hardly anything fit in them.

The old kitchen in our current house had a few more drawers, and although they were a little deeper than our first house, they were so skinny that they didn’t serve much of a purpose — not to mention they were so old that it took all my strenth just to pull them open!

In our new kitchen, we have TEN drawers — and you better believe they are all big, deep, and wide enough to organize all our kitchen goodies!

Plus, all our drawers are full-extension — which means we can easily access the items in the way back; and all the drawers have soft-close hinges — which means no one can ever slam a drawer in our kitchen ever again :)

So while we put the finishing touches on our kitchen, I thought I’d share a few pictures of our newly organized kitchen drawers (yeah… I had just a little bit of fun putting everything in it’s place!)

#1 = Silverware 

I purchased this expandable organizer and am still waiting to get this knife block in the mail. The knife block will fit perfectly to the right of the silverware organizer and will be a great way to safely store my growing collection of knives.


#2 = Bags/Plastic Wrap/Etc.

I know it looks like a lot but I like to have options — and I finally had a big enough drawer to fit everything in one drawer!


#3 = Storage containers

I can’t even tell you how excited we are to have these in a drawer. Hopefully it will make them easier to access than our previous storage method.


#4 = EMPTY!  

Well, almost empty. I think I’m going to use this as Nora’s drawer where she can keep toys, and some of her dishes. It’s right next to the sink and the kitchen island so I’m sure I’ll be standing close to this drawer most of the time I’m in the kitchen.


#5 = Pot holders

This drawer is super close to the oven so it’s really handy to have our pot holders and oven mits easily accessible and ready to go.


#6 = Kitchen “gadgets” and utensils

This drawer is HUGE. It’s 36″ wide and 20″ deep so I went a little crazy and basically put every single kitchen gadget in this drawer. It’s the top drawer in our island so I figured this was a good place to store these gadgets. Oh, and I’m using these organizing containers.


#7 = Dishes

I’ve always wanted to store our dishes in a drawer because I hate lifting heavy dishes into the upper cabinets… so I made sure we made room for a “dish drawer” (also in our island). Yeah, I know I have a lot of dishes but we honestly do use them all :)


#8 = Bowls and Strainers

The bowls and strainers are in the bottom drawer of our island which will be really handy — especially during my freezer cooking marathons when it seems like I go through every bowl in the kitchen!


#9 = Office supplies

I feel like every kitchen needs a drawer for pens, paper, tape, glue, post-its, labels, etc.


#10 = Tools

I realize some people might not think this is a good use of a kitchen drawer — but I use these tools all the time and it’s REALLY nice to have them easily accessible in the kitchen for quick projects. I’m using this slip-proof mat under the tools to keep them from sliding and to protect our drawer.


So after a fun Friday night of organizing all our kitchen drawers and cabinets {I know, I’m weird} our kitchen was fully functional by Saturday morning.

It’s still not completely finished (so I don’t want to show you before and after pictures just yet) but I promise I’ll keep sharing more pictures!

I can’t wait to share my new cool method for organizing our spices! 

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  1. Milehimama


    I {heart} drawers too- and my house ALSO has those silly, shallow drawers that barely fit anything- seriously the Reynold’s Wrap barely clears it. And I have a super-unfunctional 6″ drawer next to the stove. Really, what were they thinking?

    Love your dish drawer especially!


  2. Jennifer M.


    LOVE LOVE LOVE your drawer organization. I have been picking out all of your pampered chef stuff in your drawers! haha I too had very few drawers (4 – small and shallow) until 2 years ago. Now I have 9 of various sizes. I have a couple for kitchen gadgets, silver ware, a big one with baggies and plastic wrap, one for dish towels, one right beside my stove for pot holders, one for “junk” that I need to work on and make a tool drawer and one for cutting boards and rolling pins and one that has misc. stuff in it. I am thinking now from looking at yours I need to make one a Paper/pen drawer.


  3. Jennifer


    that empty drawer for your daughters toys – put all he dishes in it. She can then get her own plate/bowl/cup etc. By the time she is 3 she’ll be able to get her own water out of the frig (if you have a dispensor) or the sink with a stool. It will free you up and teaches her to put dishes away. Our three empty the dishwasher and put their dishes away since 3 1/2 or 4 (it may not always look pretty but it is in a drawer so perfectly organized isn’t critical.


  4. Meaghean


    I LOVE the Office Supply drawer… I always seem to be in the kitchen when I get a great idea for another post…. (Could just be cause I’m always in the kitchen) Right now I just have a dry erase board with several different ideas jotted down… Think you have a great idea!


  5. Linda Bolt


    Thanks for the great idea of a knife block that can fit into a drawer! I needed one a little narrower than the one you are getting. (Mine will be just 4 inches wide, and hold 7 knives.)

    I did not know these existed, and this is exactly what I need!

    I ordered mine from Crate & Barrel.


  6. Sandy


    I was all excited about that silverware organizer — but I have a question. Yours in your photo looks like it expands both vertically and horizontally? Which is what would be PERFECT for my drawer. But the link you gave to the Made smart one on Amazon goes to one that only seems to expand horizontally — it looks like it will expand both to the left and right, but not up/down. Did you modify yours somehow? Or do you have a different one? Hope this post makes sense. Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Sandy, and yes, I just modified the organizer to better fit our drawer — so it IS the one you see pictured in the Amazon link :)


    Sandy Reply:

    Thanks for the response! And with a newborn at home! Congrats, by the way. He’s precious.

    I will try this organizer out! Thanks again.


  7. Rose


    Its better for us now to organized drawers and i actually planned to made drawer your article is helpful for that way.


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