I’m Cleaning Out My Cleaning Supplies!

posted by Andrea | 03/22/2011

If you’ve been following along for the past couple months, you know that I have experimented with a few different types of natural cleaning and beauty products. And since it’s official spring cleaning season, I thought it might be nice to compile all these posts into one location so you can see what I’ve been up to.

So far, I’ve tried:

1. Homemade window/glass cleaner

2. Homemade face-wash

3. Homemade fabric softener / static cling remover

4. Homemade drain cleaner

5. Using vinegar for whole bunch of household purposes

6. Using Prairieland Herbs organic toiletries

7. Turning old t-shirts into homemade rags


I’ve been really impressed with how well these natural, organic, and homemade products are working — SO impressed that I actually decided to get rid of most of my store-bought products!

These are the items I purged:

{I got almost everything for free, and I was able to donate all the unopened bottles to the thrift store.}

And THESE are the products I’m using now:

I know they are not ALL natural, organic, or homemade…but that’s not really my goal.

My goal is to use products I love, that I can get for a reasonable price, that help me to simplify my cleaning routine, and that I feel good about using. So all the above products fit my criteria for cleaning supplies.

Here’s a quick list:

I’ve included an Amazon.com link for many of the products, so if you’re interested, you can purchase them online…or in most grocery stores.

{starting from the back left corner}

Mrs. Meyers counter spray — seriously, this smells SO good!

Mrs. Meyers laundry detergent

Vinegar/water spray bottle – for bathrooms and kitchen surfaces

Vinegar — I buy the biggest container I can find and use it for everything

My basket of homemade rags and microfiber cloths

{second row}

Safety pinsto reduce static cling

Baking soda — for drain cleaner, facial scrub, surface scrub, and more

Guardsman wood cleaner and furniture polish — I love this stuff so it’s not going anywhere!

Cornstarch — for  window cleaner

Rubbing Alcohol — for window cleaner

Swiffer dry cloths — these work great for all our wood floors

{front row}

Fels Naptha bar soap — for laundry stain removal

Window/glass cleaning spray bottlethis is the best “recipe” I’ve found so far

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser — these things are amazing!

{I buy  most of these products from Amazon.com using points I get from Swagbucks so I essentially get them for free}


I LOVE how simple and organized my cleaning cabinet is now. It’s actually kind of fun to pull out my small basket of supplies and start cleaning…almost!

However, I am still looking for a few additional products to add to my natural, organic, and/or homemade list of cleaning supplies.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for…

1. Toilet bowl cleaner

2. Dish soap

3. De-greaser

What are your favorite natural or homemade cleaning products??

Do you use the same products as me…or do you have better ideas?


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  1. Susan


    I clean my house kitchen and bathroom with bleach and water i use white vinager for my tile floors and ammonia and water for my windows and glass the only thing i buy is fabreeze and wood cleaner. In which i want to look up home made ways for that..


  2. Susan


    I also use newspaper to clean my windows and glass not towels papwr towels ect ect … that is what my grandmother used and there are no streaks … just ball it up spray the window and wipe it down …


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