Organization Should Be Practical, Not Always Pretty

posted by Andrea | 04/18/2012

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Wow — what a gorgeous space! Don’t you wish your home could look like that?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of looking through home and garden magazines and wishing our homes, kitchens, closets, pantries, garages, etc. looked as amazing as the spaces in those magazine photos.


I know I am!

There have been many times (especially during our remodeling projects) when I’ve wished my space could just be a little more “fabulous”, a little more “put together”, and a little more like those magazine photos… but it’s not.

And while I’m simply ecstatic with the outcomes of our home renovations, I can’t help but compare them to those perfectly decorated spaces inside my favorite magazines. I do it without even realizing it.

If you’ve struggled with this too, here are a few things to remember…

These spaces are staged.

So unless all your clothing is color coordinated, you wear the same style every day, and take the time to perfectly space out your hangers, your closet will never look this nice!

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Sure, our closet doesn’t look as nice as the one in the magazine — it’s not even a walk-in — but it holds our clothes and we can find everything we need when it’s time to get dressed. Plus, we have a TV!

Theses spaces aren’t useable.

So unless you’re the only person who ever uses your laundry room and you never, ever have to unfold a towel, your laundry room will never look this organized.

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My laundry room isn’t nearly that nice, and although we are planning to renovate it when we do the kitchen this summer, it works just fine for washing clothes and storing cleaning supplies!

(we do have cabinets to the right of the photo)

These spaces are designed by big-budget professionals.

So unless you have an unlimited budget, access to a team of interior designers, and a really big space, your bathroom will never look this glamourous.

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Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely NO storage in this bathroom… and almost no counter top either. I’ll take my inexpensive, home-made bathroom vanity with tons of storage any day!

These spaces don’t depict real life.

So unless every food and grocery item you buy is color coordinated, and unless you hardly have any food in your house, your pantry will never look like this!

photo source

Our pantry is definitely not pretty, but it sure holds a lot of food… plus, we got our shelving units for free!

While I don’t plan to stop flipping through magazines, drooling over the gorgeous photos, and ripping out ideas for my Idea’s Book… I do have to remind myself that although our kitchen, closets, bathrooms, and pantry might not always be pretty, they ARE practical, organized, and “livable”.

We can always find what we need when we need it and we’ve probably saved a lot of time and money by not having everything color-coded and in matching baskets {although I do love matching baskets}.

If you’ve ever felt disheartened by your home’s lack of “pretty”, just remember that when it comes to organization, practical is the thing to strive for… especially if you expect your family to participate in your organizing efforts.

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  1. Rebecca Coughtry


    The thing that is missing from all these “beautiful” photos of the perfect home is the loving, laughing, happy family – the whole purpose of home in the first place. Pretty and super tidy looks glamorous, but it also looks lonely to me. Give me my family – loud, messy and silly – any day!


  2. Vivian


    Thanks for the reality check. This makes me feel so much better about my home and storage.


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