Why I’m Not Printing Photos Anymore

posted by Andrea | 05/29/2012

For the past year, I’ve been on a mission to take more pictures — mainly because I realized that I only have about 20 pictures of Dave and I from the first 5 years of our marriage!

And as you can probably tell from all the pictures of Nora here on my blog, I’ve been doing a pretty good job!

However, I have to admit that I’m still failing miserably at my goal to actually print off and display my photos. I shared a few creative ways to decorate with photos… and I did implement some of those ideas around our home.

But then I stopped.

I printed about 50 photos right after Nora was born, and then another 50 about a month later… and that’s it. All the rest are stored on my portable hard drive and/or on Flickr.

But you know what… I’m not printing photos any more!

Even though I had all sorts of ideas for the cute pictures I was going to print and display, I decided that I don’t like the hassle of printing pictures, I don’t make the time to switch out my pictures often enough, and I REALLY don’t like storing all the printed photos I was starting to accumulate (Nora is cute, but we don’t need her plastered on every inch of our walls!)

I’m staying digital.

I know everyone says it’s better to print photos and enjoy them… but that system just doesn’t work for me (and believe me, I’ve tried to make it work!)

Plus, I really DO enjoy my digital photos.

Since I take almost ALL my pictures with my iphone, I can instantly share them with friends and family via facebook, email, or text. Plus, they automatically upload to my computer within minutes (thank-you Apple for making such smart machines!)

My computer automatically sorts the photos chronologically by month (which is the way I like to sort them anyway).  From my computer, I can upload them to our Flickr account, save them to my portable hard drive, share them on Facebook, post them on my blog, or email them to a friend.

When I make time to work on my digital photo albums (which I’m WAY behind on!), I can import pictures from Facebook, Flickr, my computer, or my portable hard drive… and then I print the full book once it’s finished.

I keep the finished books on a shelf in our living room so we can look through our pictures any time — and since all the individual pictures are still saved on my portable hard drive and/or Flickr, I always have the option of printing pictures if the need arrose.

So I honestly feel like there is no point for me to waste the time, money, and space to print pictures. I like storing them digitally and I most definitely get enjoyment out of looking through all the pictures on my blog and on Facebook.

As with any organizing project, we all need to use the system that works best for US… and when it comes to pictures, I’m confident that my digital organizing system is the best system for me.

I’m not sure why it took me SO long to realize this — I think I was just trying to do what I thought was “right” and figured that I should be printing and displaying my pictures all over my house. After all, I love looking at pictures on display in other people’s homes… but it just didn’t work for me.

From now on (or at least until I change my mind!) I’ll be storing all my photos digitally. I’ll continue to share them via Facebook, Flickr, and my blog… and some day, I’ll get my digital photo albums up to date!

Do you print your photos or not?

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  1. Maire


    Parents always go nuts taking pictures of their first born (I’ve four siblings and most of the baby pictures are of the oldest in our family…. after that our parents weren’t bothered). I heard it summed up in a short poem once….

    ‘It’s a little known fact, but unmistakable,
    The second baby’s not so breakable’.

    I gave up printing years ago. Even though I’ve purged and purged I still have a chest of pictures. I’ll only print one if it’s a really terrific and flattering picture that looks almost professional, other than that, they can float about on facebook and give us a chuckle now and then. Not everything in my life is so precious that I’ve to file it all away… that’s just hoarding.


  2. Ginny


    I used to, and I’ve got 4 years of old fashioned scrapbooks I am determined to get finished. But, since 2009 I have made digital books and I love them. I see you are making them, too. I am super organized, but your blog has made me realize a few things I still need to work on.
    It’s funny, because for years I have considered an organizing blog, but yours is so good I think I’ll just read it instead of venturing on my own :)


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