September, 2010

Holiday Countdown Launch + Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 09/15/2010 | 54 comments

Christmas is just 100 days away — I can’t wait! It’s THAT time of year…well sort of. Christmas is officially 100 days away which means the holiday season is right around the corner. Are you excited? I know some of you are like me; already making plans and finding great deals for the up-coming holiday season. Right? The rest of you probably think I’m nuts for planning so far ahead! But I can’t help it; I just love the holiday season! […]

Save Time with Routines

posted by Andrea | 09/14/2010 | 6 comments

I’m often asked how I keep my house clean and organized — and do everything else I do. While I AM super busy, my house is NOT as clean as you think! I also don’t have any kids, and my husband is pretty organized {yup, I know how to pick ’em}…so I have a few things going for me!! That said, the main reason our home stays clean enough and organized enough for us to live, work, eat, and entertain […]

Why I Married a Math Teacher

posted by Andrea | 09/13/2010 | 14 comments

The start of the school year always gets me thinking about teachers…probably because I’m married to one and I see all the work he puts into lesson plans, tests, and grading every day. Dave is a high school math teacher and absolutely loves his job — which I’m thankful for. And while he loves math, he really isn’t a total “math nerd” — which I’m also thankful for! Now that I think about it, there are some serious advantages to having a […]

Look What I Found in my Fridge

posted by Andrea | 09/12/2010 | 19 comments

I was in the middle of making lunch the other day, when I found a piece of fruit that was a bit past it’s prime. Ok, it had mold growing on it! So naturally, I threw it out. Then I got to thinking — it was probably time I cleaned out the produce drawers in our fridge. And because I can’t just think about something without doing it … I pulled out the drawers. I was totally grossed out when I found this. […]

Canned Tomatoes

posted by Andrea | 09/11/2010 | 9 comments

If you are new to canning, tomatoes are a GREAT way to start. They are so quick and easy. They don’t require any special ingredients {just tomatoes and salt}, and you can usually find them for FREE this time of year! I promise…you can totally do this! I’ve been canning tomatoes for several years now and the who process only takes me about 1 hour from the time I get everything out until the jars are in the canner. Are […]

Quick Tip: Buy Containers Last

posted by Andrea | 09/9/2010 | 2 comments

I get lots of emails, comments, and questions from readers and clients asking what type of storage containers they should buy for their organizing project. Now, you all know I LOVE fun storage containers, however, my answer to this question is… “Don’t by ANY storage containers until your project is finished.” Sorry if that upsets you…but here’s why: You don’t know what storage containers you’ll need until the END of your project. There is no use wasting time and money […]

I’m Checking my Email Less

posted by Andrea | 09/8/2010 | 3 comments

Have you ever sat down to “quickly” check your e-mail, and 2 hours later, realized you were still sitting there? Join the club! Maybe it’s because I have a lot going on {which is great}. Maybe it’s because the Fall is my busiest time of year {also great}. Or maybe it’s because when I see I have a bunch of blog comments, I feel compelled to read them all {hey can you blame me?} Whatever the reason, my e-mail has become […]

10 Simple Steps to a Clean Home

posted by Andrea | 09/7/2010 | 22 comments

Guest post from Erica Daniels: I feel like my home has gotten out of MY control. I’m always playing catch-up and I just can’t win; can you relate? Apparently, my friend Cassie felt the same way; so she told me about a 10-step program she’s been using; and it seemed like something I could handle. This 10-step program is a simple way to keep up with all your house work and still live life {and I know Andrea is all […]

Favorite IKEA Products

posted by Andrea | 09/6/2010 | 72 comments

One of my most Frequently Asked Questions is, “What are your favorite organizing products and tools?” I’m not sure I have a single all-time favorite product {although I do love baskets} but this past weekend, Dave and I went to IKEA for the day. Now I remember why I LOVE that store — they have so many great storage solutions! I wanted to buy everything in the store, but I have pretty good self control {and a really small car} […]

Benefits of a Family Closet

posted by Andrea | 09/3/2010 | 16 comments

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about family closets as a great way to stay a bit more organized and to simplify the laundry routine. Since I don’t have any children, we really have no need for a family closet, but the whole concept is pretty amazing — and I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before! The first time I heard the term “family closet” was about a year ago when I saw a TV clip about […]

Save Money with a Well-Stocked Pantry

posted by Andrea | 09/2/2010 | 5 comments

I have saved a lot of money over the years by keeping a well-stocked pantry and freezer; I learned this trick from my mom! I usually spend less than $20.00 per week on groceries; but you would never guess that by the amount of food we have around here! I also save a lot of time planning our meals for the week (or the month) because I have a place to start. I don’t need to run to the store before […]

Oreo Truffles

posted by Andrea | 09/1/2010 | 13 comments

If I had to pick my FAVORITE store-bought cookie, chocolate Oreos would win every time. They are the best for dunking in a cold glass of milk! {Chocolate chip oatmeal are my favorite homemade cookies…in case you were wondering!} Anyway, when I found a recipe for Oreo Truffles, I knew they would get rave reviews — for three reasons. Oreos are the main ingredient It requires NO baking It’s nearly fool-proof Oh, and did I mention they are extremely simple to […]