Oreo Truffles

posted by Andrea | 09/1/2010

If I had to pick my FAVORITE store-bought cookie, chocolate Oreos would win every time. They are the best for dunking in a cold glass of milk! {Chocolate chip oatmeal are my favorite homemade cookies…in case you were wondering!}

Anyway, when I found a recipe for Oreo Truffles, I knew they would get rave reviews — for three reasons.

  1. Oreos are the main ingredient
  2. It requires NO baking
  3. It’s nearly fool-proof

Oh, and did I mention they are extremely simple to make and that you can make them ahead and put them in the freezer?


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  • 1 package Oreo cookies
  • 1 8oz. package cream cheese (softened)
  • 2 8oz packages white choc. chips
  • 3 T. semi-sweet choc. chips


  • Smash Oreos in a food processor or with a rolling pin and plastic bag.

  • Place Oreo crumbs into your mixer, add softened cream cheese, and mix well.
  • Use a melon baller or Tablespoon to form truffles and place on wax paper.

  • Freeze truffles for around half an hour until balls are firm.

  • Meanwhile, melt white chocolate chips in a microwave bowl on medium power for 30 second increments
  • Dip truffles into white chocolate and freeze again.
  • Melt semi-sweet chocolate chips in a plastic sandwich bag. Cut off a small corner of the bag and drizzle over truffles.

See, I told you they were easy!!

More creative ideas:

Bring these creative Oreo “footballs” to your next tailgate party or football-themed event for a game-winning dessert.

Photo Credit: Zoesoccer

Put them on a stick and decorate with colorful sprinkles for an extra special treat.

Use mint Oreos and decorate with pastel colored chocolate for Spring, Easter, or St. Patric’s Day.

Create a fun Oreo truffle bouquet using Mini Oreos, Oreo truffles, wooden , and a fun vase.

Photo Credit: Cake Lover

What creative ideas can you come up with?

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  1. Natasha


    Loving all your recipes! However this has got to be the most amazing one ever!! Although silly question but you did mention the you can freeze them ahead of time, how do I defrost or thaw them out? Thanks so much!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Natasha,
    All you have to do to defrost them is just let them sit in the fridge or even at room temperature until they are no longer frozen… pretty simple!


  2. jack


    i want to make these truffles


  3. City Share


    The oreo truffles are awesome. Our niece made some for us last Christmas. She didn’t tell us what was in them. We just knew they were delicious. Finally, she told us the main ingredient. We couldn’t believe that they were so simple to make. Thanks for sharing all the cute truffle decorating ideas.


  4. Julie@Frugal & Fabulous Design


    OMG! Yummy!!!!

    Such cute ideas


  5. Kari


    I love these! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!


  6. Tiffany


    I love the football ones. Think I will take them to our cheerleader and football banquet!! They will be a huge hit!


  7. Monette


    My boys love these! We call it “Oreo Balls” and I make them around holidays !


    Andrea Reply:

    Monette, we usually call them Oreo Balls too…but I thought Oreo Truffles sounded a little nicer for a blog title!


  8. Amy


    Oh, I love these truffles! But your decorations and ways to serve them are beautiful!


    Andrea Reply:

    Honestly, who doesn’t like Oreo’s mixed with cream cheese and dipped in chocolate??? I’ve never had one complaint in all the times I’ve made these!! Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Sarah


    I have to give these a whirl this Christmas season for sure! Thanks so much!

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