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posted by Andrea | 10/4/2012

Now that our new kitchen is actually usable, I’m super excited to have more space, an automatic ice-maker, usable counters, a functioning sink, and  full-size appliances again.

I’m also excited to start freezer-cooking and meal planning after taking the summer off.

However, the thing I’m most excited about is baking bread — yeast bread, from scratch, in our oven!

There’s just something about baking bread on a cool fall/winter day that makes me happy. Even if I’m “cheating” and using frozen bread dough (which I definitely do!) the smell of fresh bread is one of my all-time favorite kitchen smells.

And eating fresh bread {when it’s still warm} is even better than the smell.

So this fall, I’m excited to get back into my bread-making routine!

I’m sure I’ll be making lots of quick breads and muffins, but I’m also hoping to make lots and lots of yeast breads — using the simple techniques I mentioned back in this post.

I have two ovens, a humongous refrigerator to store my dough, and a hungry husband who will eat fresh bread at every meal and even as a snack

 Yeah, we love bread over here! 

I’m hoping to share a bunch of yummy bread recipes throughout the fall and winter months, but today, I’d love to know…

What are your favorite yeast-bread recipes?


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  1. Tanya


    I absolutely LOVE making homemade bread. I have a recipe that my mother-in-law gave me and she told me to NEVER give it out. It is wonderful.
    I just love how homemade bread makes your home smell so good.
    I have also made homemade Ciabatta bread and it is absolutely wonderful, however it does take 16 hours, but it is worth it!




    Mom’s Italian Bread either plain used to make Italian Garlic Toast.


  3. Dirose


    Love your blog. Drooling over your pictures-Yum!

    Thanks for using Clean Print-so nice to only print what you need.

    Forgot I have this book in my cupboard. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. Kristy S.


    I echo Megan’s love of “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day”. It has awesome recipes and is super simple and so very tasty. Nothing like fresh bread.

    Funny how after you remodel a kitchen you want to bake…I did the same thing after we remodeled our kitchen.

    Have fun!


  5. Sherry Power


    This is my favourite bread recipe. I love the fact that there is no kneading!


  6. Megan Camp


    I love to bake. I love “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day” (Looks like you might too from the pictures!) One of my favorite, go-to recipes is one I got from a friend after she brought us a meal. It makes three loaves and they freeze really well. Unlike some other homemade breads it stays soft, non-moldy for over a week. I can use it up slowly without it going rock-hard or spoiling.

    I usually mix it in my bread machine and then divide it into three loaves and allow to rise in the pans. You have to be careful because it will get too big to stay in the bread machine once it starts rising.

    Homemade Wheat Bread


  7. Erin


    My family’s favorite is my great grandmother’s swedish rye bread – can’t use a bread maker for it and the recipe is for a giant batch, so we only have it once in a while, but when we do, it is delicious!


  8. Living So Abundantly


    This recipe through me off, because it was so easy and so good. All the baking is done in the bread machine. 🙂 It doesn’t last long when I make it.

    Best Bread Machine Bread:


  9. Jess


    I am drooling over your kitchen remodel. We love homemade bread around here too! This is my aunt’s recipe and I love it. I usually make 2 loaves and use the 3rd portion for dinner rolls or cinnamon rolls.