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posted by Andrea | 10/3/2012

Even though I’ve always been a HUGE fan of pen and paper planners/calendars/etc. There is something so convenient about digital calendars and the ability to access all your information right from your phone and/or computer.

Dave and I figured that because we’re both gone so much, and because someone needs to be watching Nora, we really should capitalize on the enormous potential to stay organized, stay connected, and (most of all) stay up-to-date on what the other person is doing via our phones.

It just makes life that much simpler.

Plus, since we both have iPhones, we knew there just had to be an App for that! 

So for the past few months, we’ve been using the brand new HeyWe App… and we love it.

I was trying to concisely explain the different features of the HeyWe App, but then I noticed they had a video that explained them all in about 1 minute — so I figured it would be easier to just share that video clip!

Dave and I love the text message feature (because we’re too cheap to pay for real text messaging) and if we had kids with phones, I think my favorite feature would be the map that allows you to quickly and easily see where the rest of your family is located — like ‘did the kids get home from school OK?’, ‘did your spouse make it to their appointment even with the icy roads?’, etc.

Another cool aspect is that you can have up to 10 people on one account which means you could add grandparents or other extended family members.

Oh, and it’s free — so that’s pretty cool too! 

If you’re looking for a free App to keep your entire family organized and on-time, I’d highly recommend the HeyWe App.

And in case you’re wondering, I am still using my paper planner, my daily routine printables, and my to-do lists (I still can’t give them up just yet!) However, now that I’ve entered the world of digital calendars… I can see there are many advantages!

What are some of your favorite free Apps?


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  1. lady


    By the way, noticed that you can get HeyWe! for Android and Symbian phones also and all the different phones work together. So Damian, you and your wife do not both need iPhones 🙂


  2. Damian


    Nice idea. If I ever give in and get an iPhone to match my wife’s we’ll give it a try.


  3. Kadie


    Do you know that if you and your husband have iPhones you can imessage each other or any other person with an iPhone for free? Also Apple has there own application that is called find my phone. This will tell you where any phone on your account is. Also you and your husband can share calendars and to do lists. My husband and I have about 7 calendars set up. One for each member of the family, home (family events), and maintenance. If you use the iCloud you can access your documents from anywhere on any device, share music, and so much more.
    I know there are nice apps out there but Apple does do all that for you and more.


  4. Melanie


    Cozi!!! It is a free app…which i always chose…but i decided to go for the pay for option. I use the meal planning and recipes with cozi. I was also a huge paper planner/list fan and struggled giving them up for an iphone…but i am glad I did. I had an issue one day with my phone…worried i lost all my precious planner info….but, it will never be lost…i love the fact you can get on the computer and log into their web page and do lots of entering. (the little iphone screen gets tiring.) I have 4 teenage daughters and cozi has been working great!


  5. Beth


    Cozi!!!! Website and app (free)!! Calendar, messaging from website to other family member’s phones, meal planning (also use this for recipe storage), lists (shopping and to do) that I can email/text to my husband and can add as few or as many family members to each event and or list as needed!!! Still miss some of my google calendar features but the pro’s for Cozi meet our current family needs more!


  6. Jenni


    Me, the Hubs and Son all have iPhones now, and we’ve been using the also free app Cozi. It sounds like they have just about the same functionality, except for maybe the texting feature. Not sure about that part. I will check out HeyWe!

    I love that Cozi sends us text reminders for appointments, individualized to the person and cell phone needed. So Hubs and I have our work calendars synced with Cozi but I only get reminders for my appointments.

    As for my list making, I am terrible about making lists at work and then not having the list when I need it at home. And vice versa! I’ve discovered the solution for my lists – It’s a blank sheet of paper that creates lists from your input, and you can access it from any web browser. Very, very simple. Love! =)


  7. Amy


    You should check out the Wunderlist app for iPhone/Mac! You can make various lists of tasks, add due dates, star for priority, etc. The only stinky thing is that there are not repeating tasks, but it is included in the next update later this year. The best part???? It’s free!