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posted by Andrea | 09/24/2013

calendar giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congrats to Michelle (shellysmith@…) and Becky (rlf102@…)

Now that school is in FULL swing again, I’m wondering if any of your schedules are feeling overloaded?

If you’re like Dave and me (and we only have one child) you were rudely interrupted from your glorious summer break and forced back into the strict school schedule — life is rough, isn’t it 🙂

If you feel like your family’s schedule is out of control…let me take 10 minutes to introduce you to the Calendars & Chores Etsy Shop.


With a name like Calendars & Chores, I feel like the products are pretty self-explanatory — HOWEVER, the super cool thing about all of Jen Peterson’s calendars, chore charts, and to-do lists is that they are ALL magnetic and they are ALL dry/wet erase. This means no paper waste and no need to purchase refill pages or duplicate calendars every year.


And while all the Calendars & Chores products are fun and fabulous, the product I’m most excited to share with you today is the Large Magnetic Dry/Wet Erase Calendar.

full calendar

whtie large vintage

Isn’t it pretty?

I have a feeling this calendar just might be able to help with some of your family scheduling woes… keep reading to learn more!


What makes THIS calendar different?

This calendar is so much different than other Dry Erase calendars because the weeks are separated and can easily be moved — so you can always plan 5-6 weeks ahead (and you all know how much I love planning ahead!). When the top week is over, you simply erase it, pull it up, and move it to the bottom of the calendar. You then move the other weeks up and you’re ready to plan some more.

This means you’ll never get to the end of your calendar AND you’ll never have to go out and buy another calendar!

And for those of who you live and die by the calendar on your phone, I can speak from experience that it’s still really nice to have one big family calendar in the home to keep everyone on their toes.


A few more details:

Each magnetic calendar kit comes with 6 weeks of separate strips for weekly planning. It also comes with one “days of the week” strip and all 12 months as separate magnetic strips.


Each piece is completely backed with a quality magnet.

Each calendar comes in a variety of colors and fonts.


Each calendar comes with a choice of frame color. The finished product is 27.5″  x 23.5″.

frame colors

BONUS: each calendar will automatically come with a “memo” strip with the following categories: Upcoming Events, Grocery List, To Do List, Notes


So this calendar really does have EVERYTHING to help you get and stay organized (at least when it comes to your schedule!) Plus, it looks fabulous hanging on your wall!

calendar giveaway

The Giveaway:

Today, 2 lucky readers will win a Large Magnetic Dry/Wet Erase Calendar (valued at $82). Winner can choose their choice of color, font, and frame.

Jen is also offering a special 10% discount for all my readers (through October 4, 2013) — simply enter the code: ANDREA10 at checkout.

How to Enter:

{required} Leave a comment on this postHow could you put this calendar to use in your home? 

If you are reading this in your email or feed reader, please visit the actual blog post to enter. Email entries, Facebook comments, and Twitter messages will NOT be counted.


(2) Magnetic calendars as described above.

This giveaway ends at 10:00 pm on Friday, 9/27/2013 and is open to US residents, 18 years or older. I will use And the Winner Is to select the winning comments at random. Winners will be notified by email and noted at the top of this post. Winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize or I will choose a new winner. Please see my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you have. Good luck!


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  1. Sarah


    I LOVE this! We have a calendar in our kitchen, but it is 1 month at a time. I love the 6 week planning idea…so clever!

  2. Kristin Troska


    I would use this at home so my husband and in-laws know when I am working. My hours fluctuate with the needs of my clients in the non-profit group home where I work. This calendar would be so helpful for scheduling their needs with my hours. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Holly


    This would be perfect for managing our schedules and meal plans. I love that you can move around the weeks!

  4. Erin


    With 5 kids and several jobs, keeping this calendar full wouldn’t be difficult!

  5. Jacque


    I NEED a central calendar that isn’t bulky and is interchageable so I can keep up with my teenagers many and varying schedules.

  6. Tricia Andersen


    This would come in so handy in our home to keep track of all the kids school tests, activities, and lessons. What a great idea.

  7. Dorcas Byler


    Would love to win this! It would go up in my kitchen/dining room for everyone to see!

  8. Staci Herrell


    It would help me keep my work schedule (days), my husband’s work schedule (nights), out home school schedule, appointments with our builder as well as all the other various commitments and activities we have in one pretty place instead on several pieces of paper all over the place.

  9. Catherine LaPier


    I would love this calendar. It would be so useful to have both my husbands & my busy schedules in one spot. I love the fact that it can be updated weekly.

  10. Katie


    This would be so great to help us with our new homeschool schedule.

  11. Misty Whitman


    This is great! 4 kids (3 different schools and a toddler!), a salesman husband, endless engagements…this would really come in handy! 🙂

  12. Lorna


    I would use this for my business! It would be awesome!

  13. Brandy Seagraves


    Just what I need! Always trying to find items that are pretty AND practical

  14. Brenda


    This is EXACTLY what I need. I almost created one one from printable magnets.

  15. Briana


    I’d use it for menu planning. Seems like an easy way to rotate recipes with minimal wasted paper!

  16. Heidi


    This calendar is just the thing I have been waiting for. I would love to use it in our home to keep track of practices, games, work schedules, and family/friend events. Thanks for a chance to win.:)

  17. Rebecca G


    I would love to use this in my office!

  18. Julie Davidson


    I would LOVE to have this to plan my menu which varies greatly according to my husband’s travel schedule! What a beautiful way to keep track of both!

  19. Angela Hidlebaugh


    This is an awesome calendar!! I love the way it is made! It would help our family stay organized (my hubby and I have 9 kiddos). Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  20. Marilyn R.


    What a great way to keep track of soccer games, karate practice, and school activities!

  21. Amy


    This will help us gear up for the new baby and job changes. Hope I win!

  22. Jolene Riser


    What an amazing idea! Over the years we have always scheduled 5-6 weeks out, but it can be messy using a traditional calendar format. I love the idea of having one magnetic strip per week. It would be super useful in keeping track of all our family events.

  23. Stacey


    I would love this because it’s super cute & would help us all stay organized.

  24. Sarah


    This definitely belongs on my fridge! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time, but they are so ugly to look at! Not this one…’s actually pretty! Thanks!

  25. Janna


    OMG! I so need this. I will hang this in our main hallway, right off our kitchen. I think this is exactly what we need to coordinate all our schedules and get organized! I love all the options and it’s super functional! Thanks for the chance!

  26. Ann


    I would put this by our breakfast table to keep our family members schedules/ birthdays/events in daily view. I love that this is attractive enough for that and the weeks are moveable!

  27. norma


    I would place it in the fridge for all to see.

  28. Alice


    With all the activities going on around here it would be wonderful to have the space and different color for each person. its very hard to read all the writing bunched up together in the same color ink. would really love to win this.

  29. Edie S


    This is so much prettier than the calenders I copy off the internet for free and use to try and keep our family of four organized! 🙂

  30. Jason


    My wife would love to have this in the kitchen to keep the rest of us organized! LOL I like that it’s large enough for all of us to make notes on too!!

  31. Andrea


    This will replace my paper calendar that I can never seem to keep updated. I would love the option to just buy the magnets because I’m out of wall space but these would work fantastic on my fridge. Just a thought.

  32. Dana


    I would soooo love this!! I absolutely love the concept of this calendar!! Keeping everyone on the same page is difficult enough but this is genius!

  33. Sol


    I would use this awesome looking calendar to create the ultimate organization board. Meal plans, to do list, schedules, appointments, ect…

    My hubby would finally have access to the PLAN! Right now, he doesn’t even know where I keep the family calendar. hehe