Why I’m NOT A Minimalist

posted by Andrea | 02/26/2014 | 34 comments

When people learn what I do for a living, they often assume I’m a “minimalist” and can’t stand any amount of STUFF in my home and life. However, that is absolutely not true at all.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on minimalism and why I’m NOT a minimalist.

You Asked, I Answered: Our Reclaimed Barn Wood Floors

posted by Andrea | 01/13/2014 | 33 comments

Our reclaimed barn wood floors are one of my favorite things about our house — and one of the things I get the MOST questions on from blog readers and random internet browsers.

So today, I’m sharing the answers to many of these questions along with loads of gorgeous photos of various reclaimed barn wood flooring!

Location, Location, Location… 3 More Reasons We Love Our House

posted by Andrea | 07/3/2013 | 10 comments

In case you didn’t know, we really like our farmhouse 🙂 Yes, there are so many things that still need to be fixed and updated and so many crazy “why the heck did the previous owners do that?” questions.

But among other things, there are 3 huge reasons we fell in love with our house… Location, Location, Location!

Expired: Homemaking eBook Sale

posted by Andrea | 05/1/2013 | 3 comments

I’ve been sharing lots of eBook deals lately, but that’s because ebooks are a fabulously frugal (and clutter-free) way to read.

If you’re new to eBooks, or if you’d like to quickly build your virtual library, then keep reading! Today, I’m sharing a special deal on 97 ebooks (plue over $140 in bonus gifts) for less than $30!

Fall Maintenance Around our House

posted by Andrea | 11/5/2012 | 4 comments

Every fall, about this time, Dave and I start to feel overwhelmed with all the home maintenance projects that need to happen before winter arrives. I’m sure all homeowners can relate!

Here are some of the projects we’re hoping to tackle this fall…

Weekend Giveaway: The Paint Brush Cover

posted by Andrea | 08/31/2012 | 244 comments

It’s Labor Day weekend — and that almost always means some sort of painting project for the Dekkers. This year, we’re painting our kitchen walls, trim, and ceiling, as well as our front entry way.

If you are planning any upcoming painting projects, you’re going to love today’s giveaway. The Paint Brush Cover is a really simple concept — but boy do they save your brushes. Oh, and I’m giving away 25 of them today!

Weekend Giveaway: $100 American Express Gift Card

posted by Andrea | 02/17/2012 | 453 comments

I’m a big fan of gift cards — especially American Express gift cards that spend like cash!

And thanks to my partnership with Apartment Guide, they have generously offered to giveaway a $100 American Express gift card to one luck Simple Organized Living reader!!

Weekend Giveaway: Mr. Beams Wireless Lighting Kit

posted by Andrea | 09/9/2011 | 89 comments

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Catherine: catherineh_78@… I will email you today to get your shipping information! As many of you know, Dave and I live in a 120 year old farmhouse — which means many of the rooms are lacking in electrical outlets {I’m sure those of you with older homes can relate!} And even though we did install a bunch of extra outlets in the rooms we renovated, we still have several places where it would be […]

Craigslist 101: How We Sold Our House!

posted by Andrea | 07/27/2011 | 41 comments

Today I’m continuing my Craigslist 101 series to {hopefully} answer some of the many questions I get, asking how we sold our house on Craigslist. Yup, that’s right — Dave and I sold our first house on Craigslist… by owner… and got THREE offers… in only THREE days! And no, we did NOT know what we were doing and had no experience selling a house! Oh, and did I mention that Michigan has been in the middle of a HUGE […]

The Benefits of NOT Owning Your Dream Home

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2011 | 13 comments

First of all, let me just clarify that Dave and I are NOT planning to move; nor are we dissatisfied with our lovely farmhouse!! However, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you might have noticed that I never really talked about our old house. It was a great house for us and we managed to fix it up quite nicely — but it was NOT our dream house…so I guess I never felt the desire to talk about […]

We’re All Moved In — Kind of

posted by Andrea | 12/21/2010 | 4 comments

Whew…we’re all moved in! Well, actually, our stuff is all moved in {a.k.a. dumped in piles all over the new house} and we stayed with my in-laws for the evening! It was a LONG day of moving and I assume the next few days will be LONG days of unpacking, sorting, organizing, arranging, rearranging, etc. But we’re up for it…I think! I’m exhausted! And due to the whole “changing utility companies” issue, we’ll be without internet for the next day or two […]

Stress-Free Moving Tips

posted by Andrea | 12/20/2010 | 6 comments

We’re moving…TODAY!!! And since I’ll be just a little busy, I have an amazing guest post from Leslie over at One Day Before Yesterday. Leslie is sharing her advice for stress-free, clutter-free, organized moving — how perfect!! She actually sent me this post a couple of weeks ago so I had a chance to look over her list before I started packing, which was very helpful. So far, I’ve taken all of her advice — and I DO feel like thinks are as […]

A Peek Inside our 120 Year Old Kitchen!

posted by Andrea | 12/17/2010 | 5 comments

By now, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with old farmhouses! I can’t help it, I just love the character and charm that come with old homes, especially old farm homes. I suppose complications and craziness often accompany the character and charm…but I just love thinking about what the homes looked like “back then.” So we got the keys to our farmhouse on Friday, and by Saturday I was already cleaning — we started in the kitchen. And can you imagine […]

We Got the Keys…!

posted by Andrea | 12/12/2010 | 6 comments

It’s official — we FINALLY got the keys to our new home! Photo Credit: graur codrin I’ve been dreaming of this days for years and anxiously awaiting December 10 for several months now!! Yup, I’m just a little excited! And even though the realization that we FINALLY have our dream home is overwhelmingly exciting, there are still a few things I’m going to miss about our small little ranch…after all, it was our very first home. The home we had […]

Moving Made Simple — Kind of!

posted by Andrea | 11/15/2010 | 25 comments

Moving is hard work! Believe it or not, I’ve really NEVER moved before. I lived in the same house from birth until college; and even then, I was just 20 minutes away so I never really had to move. Then we got married and hardly had anything to move 🙂 So, even though I would consider myself a very organized person, I still feel somewhat overwhelmed and disorganized at the thought of moving ALL our stuff to our new house […]