We’re All Moved In — Kind of

posted by Andrea | 12/21/2010

Whew…we’re all moved in!

Well, actually, our stuff is all moved in {a.k.a. dumped in piles all over the new house} and we stayed with my in-laws for the evening!

It was a LONG day of moving and I assume the next few days will be LONG days of unpacking, sorting, organizing, arranging, rearranging, etc. But we’re up for it…I think!

I’m exhausted!

And due to the whole “changing utility companies” issue, we’ll be without internet for the next day or two {how will we survive?}

So, instead of writing a life-altering, wonderful, amazing blog post…I’ll just show you a few pictures of our big move and highlight some of the things that made me happy!

First of all, for moving in the middle of December, we had PERFECT weather!

It was around 30 degrees but there was no wind, no snow, now wet or slushy ground to walk on…just a nice, calm, cool, sunny, winter day {which is pretty amazing for West Michigan!}.

Second, we were overjoyed to have several family members help out. Dave’s dad, my dad, both my sisters, and their boyfriends made for quick loading and unloading. {And you know how much I like efficiency!}

Third, we were able to get our moving truck for FREE!! It’s actually kind of a long story, but our move was completely free…besides a few Little Ceaser’s Hot n’ Ready pizzas.

We did have to use a smaller truck than we originally planned on, so our packing had to be really strategic — and just look at  how we packed it all in!

Fourth, I got really good at delegating — which alloted me few spare moments to stuff, label, and stamp our Christmas cards…so everyone will get them before Christmas Day!

On a side note — moving is messy. Just look at our floors!

Fifth, did you know moving trucks come with this REALLY awesome ramp?

Yup, they do, and that ramp just so happened to line up perfectly with our front porch…which I’m sure you can see, made moving SO much simpler.

Sixth, I love that unloading goes SO much quicker than loading. I felt like we’re just flying and making so much progress. Although, I’m guess all our unloaded stuff won’t get put away as quickly as it was unloaded!

Seventh, I LOVE all the natural light in my new dinning room.

Even if it is completely covered with boxes right now, I just know I’ll spend lots of hours in this dinning room; eating, entertaining, working, typing, etc. etc.

Ok, I’m off to start unpacking!

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  1. stephanie


    Hey!! looks like moving went well!! Those ramps are awesome although they have yet to help me out in my many moves 🙂 they just never fit just right!

    Anyways loved the pictures, cant wait for more!! So exciting!!

    Merry Christmas and have fun unpacking and organizing I love that part surprisingly !!! Its the packing I struggle with hehe


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Stephanie!
    The move went very well and the ramps were so helpful!
    Things are getting more organized and we even have our first guests coming tonight!
    It really “feels like home”


  2. Kim


    I’m amazed you were even able to blog – so cool! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place and the “new” blog!



  3. Sarah


    I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see pics of the new place. But have a Merry Christmas first!