Weekend Giveaway: NeuYear Calendar {10 winners}

posted by Andrea | 02/15/2013 | 212 comments

I realize it’s currently the middle of February, and not anywhere close to the “New Year”… however, it’s a known fact that many New Year’s goals start to fade away after only 6-8 weeks. And since we’re just over 6 weeks into the New Year, I’m excited to tell you a little more about the very cool NeuYear Calendar.

I’m giving away 10 calendars today… plus 50% off for everyone else!

A Look Back at my 2012 Business Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/17/2013 | 7 comments

All week long, I’ve been talking about goals (I guess it’s about time since we’re already halfway through January!)

On Tuesday, I shared my new Ultra Simplistic approach to 2013; then yesterday, I shared the recap of my 2012 personal goals. Today, I’m looking back on the 12 business goals I made in 2012 — and I won’t lie, the results aren’t pretty!

A Look Back at my 2012 Personal Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/16/2013 | 2 comments

Yesterday, I mentioned that my goal for 2013 is “Ultra Simplicity” in every aspect of life.

However, before I push ahead to 2013, I want to first take a few minutes to look back on how I did with my 2012 goals… and no, I didn’t accomplish them all.

My 2013 Goals – a Year of Ultra Simplicity

posted by Andrea | 01/15/2013 | 11 comments

Can you believe we’re already half way through January and I haven’t said a word about goals yet? And you know how much I love talking about goals!

I’ll be sharing the recap of my 2012 personal and business goals later this week, but today I’m talking about my 2013 goal of Ultra Simplicity in every aspect of life.

Weekend Giveaway: TidyMighty Printable Organizers

posted by Andrea | 01/12/2013 | 260 comments

We’re almost 2 weeks into the New Year so if you haven’t made any New Year’s goals yet, it might be time to sit down and think about a few things you’d like to do, change, or improve on in the year ahead.

If one of your goals is to get more organized, today’s giveaway from TidyMighty Printable Organizers should help you do just that!

Simplify and Organize the New Year with 5 eBooks for only $7.40

posted by Andrea | 01/2/2013 | 3 comments

I’m excited to share a brand new website with you today — BundleOfTheWeek.com — a website that offers a “bundle” of 5 ebooks every week for the ridiculously low price of $7.40.

This week’s bundle is all about simplifying, organizing, and goal setting for the New Year. I’ve personally read 4 of the 5 ebooks and they are ALL fabulous must-read books for 2013! Purchase this bundle before it expires at 8am Monday morning.

3 Tips for Getting Back Into A Routine

posted by Andrea | 08/29/2012 | 10 comments

As you gear up for another school year, another busy fall, another holiday season, and all the other many things on your calendar, here are three simple tips that have helped me get back into a routine… and I’m hoping they will help me this year too!

I’m Closing Down My Blog… for 2 Weeks!

posted by Andrea | 07/17/2012 | 79 comments

Since summer is already half over, and since Dave will be going back to school before we know it, I’ve decided to take 2 full weeks off from blogging.

My hope is to get some much needed rest, cross a few things off my list, have a little fun, and come back with new energy and lots of new ideas to share here on Simple Organized Living!

Setting, Managing, and Reaching Your Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/26/2012 | 3 comments

Each month, I write a few posts for other blogs… and for the month of January, my guest posts were all about setting, managing, and reaching your goals {fitting for the first month of a new year!}

So if you are still searching for the motivation you need to set and achieve your goals this year, I’ve got some helpful tips that just might help!

12 Business Goals for 2012

posted by Andrea | 01/5/2012 | 12 comments

It always amazes me how much my business {and business goals} have changed from year to year. I started my organizing business when I was only 21 years old. I had NO idea what I was doing, no real plan, no intention for it to become full time, no website, no blog… I didn’t even have a name or business cards!

Now, almost 5 years later, I’m hardly doing any in-home organizing… but instead focusing on growing my own blog, expanding my virtual assistant services, and booking more speaking engagements. And I have 12 brand new business goals for the upcoming year!

12 Personal Goals for 2012

posted by Andrea | 01/3/2012 | 21 comments

I’m a pretty competitive person, so I’ve found that by having a goal {or multiple goals} in mind, I am much more likely to follow through with whatever it is I want to accomplish. I’m happy to say that I did follow through with all my yearly goals for 2011, and I’m excited to set new goals for 2012!

Below, I’ve listed 12 personal goals I have for 2012… and on Thursday, I’ll be talking about my 12 business goals.

Revisiting My 2011 New Year’s Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/2/2012 | 4 comments

Happy New Year!
Doesn’t it feel great to know that you have another year ahead of you — a clean slate, a “new beginning”, another 365 days to accomplish your long list of goals and to-dos? Well, it does for me!

Last January, I set 11 very SIMPLE goals for myself and for anyone who wanted to follow along with me… Here they are again for those of you who may not have been reading back then.

Setting Goals and Planning for the Year Ahead

posted by Andrea | 12/5/2011 | 1 comment

A few weeks ago, I blogged about taking time off and how difficult that can be for anyone — especially small business owners and work-from-home entrepreneurs.

However at the end of every calendar year, I always like to take some time off — not only to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, but also to reflect on the past year, set new goals, and plan for the year ahead. I think that without these specific goals in mind — and on paper — I am much less likely to thrive, succeed, and grow as a business and as a person.

Blog and Business Goals – Revisited After 13 Months

posted by Andrea | 10/8/2011 | 19 comments

I know that stats aren’t everything when it comes to blogging, but several months ago, when I posted my 6-month blogging goals, I made a few goals for the next 6 months {both for my blog and my business}… so I figure it’s time to see if I achieved those goals or not!

Did I do it or not???

Create a Top 5 List

posted by Andrea | 04/15/2011 | 7 comments

I am a huge fan of list making! I love having a plan for the upcoming hours, days, weeks and even months…it makes me feel organized and productive! These lists give me a chance to relax, concentrate on the most important things, prevent lots of wasted time, and even allow for more free time when my list is complete. Although things don’t always work out as planned, and everything on the list isn’t always complete, it’s still nice to feel like […]

Six Months In – A Look Back & A Look Ahead

posted by Andrea | 02/5/2011 | 16 comments

When I started this blog back in August, I had NO idea what to expect. I didn’t even have a “launch party” because I had no one to launch my website too! I simply announced it to my Facebook friends and hoped they would visit. I wondered if I could come up with valuable information to share. I wondered if anyone would read the words I wrote. I wondered if I would run out of things to say {although Dave would […]

New Year, New House, New Blog!!

posted by Andrea | 01/1/2011 | 7 comments

As many of you know, Dave and I recently purchased our dream home — a 120 year old farmhouse! We moved on December 20, and were SO excited to be all settled in by Christmas Eve. As you can probably imagine, the house is very outdated, so we have all sorts of fun renovations and projects planned…and we can’t wait to share them with all of you on our NEW blog: FarmhouseLove.com! We knew we wanted to document all our projects but I hate […]

The Value of Your Time

posted by Andrea | 10/25/2010 | 3 comments

I led a time-management workshop this past weekend and we spent a good chunk of the workshop discussing the value of time. How much is your time {or my time} worth? What are you willing to give up to get more time? Great questions, huh? We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money” and to a certain degree, I believe that saying is true. However I feel there are plenty of situations when time is MUCH more valuable than money. Don’t you think? The […]