Cleaning Out Our Garage: a Good Labor Day Project

posted by Andrea | 09/1/2011

Two months ago, I blogged about our first garage organizing project. It was actually our “extra garage” / “man cave”… yes, we have a man cave!

The extra garage was stuffed full with all the junk we had been tearing out of our house during our renovation process, so it was a full-day project with pretty impressive results — at least Dave and I were pleased with the outcome. You can read all about it here.

However, we still had another, big two-stall garage to clean out!

This is the garage we keep our cars in, and even though we’ve always been able to fit 2 cars in the garage, it was starting to get out of control and fill up with junk {tell me you can relate}!!

So a couple weeks ago, we set aside a Friday afternoon and went to work! However, since it’s almost Labor Day weekend, I thought this would be a great time to offer a little encouragement for those of you looking for a good long-weekend project!

Here are a two more “before pictures”:

I know it doesn’t look horrible {especially compare to some of the garages I’ve helped organize} but we literally had not done anything with cleaning out this garage since we moved in back in December. We just kept shoving things on the shelves, stacking things, and making more and more clutter. So it was time we dealt with the situation!  

And since I always recommend “pulling everything out” of a space — we did just that!

It’s such a great feeling to look at a totally empty space, and it’s much easier to clean as well.

However, cleaning the garage out was the easier part — we still had to put everything back!

We actually got rid of a lot of this stuff — mostly trash but some giveaway items too.  We also took down part of the shelving unit on left side of our garage. We didn’t need it and it was just taking up valuable floor space.

We got everything to easily fit on the remaining shelves and even have several empty bins for “growth”!! 

Eventually, we want to take down all the shelves and install built-in cabinets all along the back wall and then paint the floor with that speckled garage floor coating… but this is good enough for now! 

It’s certainly MUCH better than it was before 🙂

We were thankful that our garage already had a bunch of built-in hooks to keep our yard tools organized and out of the way.

Don’t you just love the look of them all perfectly lined up?


Another fun organizing tool we installed are these great storage “Hang Ups” from Unger Industrial.

They quickly and easily secure multiple items all in one place. And even though they will hold anything with a round handle, they are specifically designed to hold the HUGE line of Unger cleaning tools. Seriously, they have every indoor and outdoor cleaning tool you could possibly imagine, and the really cool thing is that all the cleaning “heads” fit on one pole. So they are also space-saving!

Unger products are available in several retail stores, however if you’d like to win some for free, you might just want to stop back here tomorrow because I’ll be giving a HUGE set of Unger products away!

What projects are you going to tackle over the long weekend?


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  1. JoDi


    Looks great, but what we really want to know is how it’s going with your two new family members! How are your new kids settling in???