Clutter-Free Gift Ideas — 85 Days and Counting

posted by Andrea | 09/29/2010

We live in a small home with limited storage space so I’m always conscious of how much “stuff” we bring  in. Anything we don’t need, use, or love has to go. Period.

Over the holidays, I try to maintain our clutter-free lifestyle as much as possible, but believe me; it’s difficult for someone who loves giving gifts as much as I do! So, I compromise by giving everyone on my list at least
one clutter-free gift. This ways,I can still show my loved ones how special they are to me…just without as much stuff.

Need a few suggestions?

Here are some of my family’s favorite clutter-free gifts. They can all be adapted to fit any budget, any age, any personality, and any gift-giving occasion.

1. Go Digital:

Whether it’s a digital picture frame for Grandma or music downloads for your son, everyone will be happy with this clutter-free gift. Get creative and record a digital greeting {instead of a paper card} for added fun!

2. Food:

Pick out a few bottles of choice wine, a collection of high quality beer, gourmet cheeses, imported chocolates, homemade jam, or a plate full of holiday sweets and you’ll please even the pickiest person on your list. You might also try a food-of-the-month club for the ecstatic food-lover on your list.

3. A Day Away:

A trip to the spa with your friends, a weekend getaway, or a day at the museum with your kids are all clutter-free gifts that will produce lasting memories for years to come.

4. Membership or Subscription:

While magazine subscriptions may be the obvious choice, you can expand this concept to meal-planning services, educational workshops, or gym memberships.

5. Service:

Never underestimate the gift of your time. Whether you offer to baby-sit your grandkids, make a meal for your coworker, or even do the dishes for a week; these gifts of service are some the most thoughtful clutter-free gifts.

6. Gift Cards:

I used to feel guilty giving gift cards instead of an actual gift. Then I realized how much I loved receiving gift cards…and that they really are the perfect clutter-free gift! Not only will you please everyone on your list, you will also save valuable time searching for that perfect gift. One fun idea I use to personalize my gift cards is to include pictures or magazine clippings of ways they might want to use their gift card {I usually include a few outrageous ideas too}. This always gets a few laughs and shows I put thought into their gift.

Enjoy your holiday season without as much stuff. Give a few clutter-free gifts this year!

What are your best clutter-free gift ideas?

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  1. Vikki


    These are great suggestions for a cluttery, cloggy time of year. I especially like the thought of homemade jam – Yumm! Happy Holidays!


  2. Kim


    When someone gives us giftcards we always send a thank you note a little later so we can include what we purchased with it. It lets them know that we really used it and for something we liked. One recent example was my son bought my daughter a g.c. to Ross and she bought a basket she had been wanting but wasn’t willing to spend her own money on. A g.c. was perfect. I love g.c.’s for that.


  3. Rhen @Yes, they are all mine


    I am looking at getting my husband a digital photo frame to keep at work with him. With such a large family, it is hard for him to have individual pictures of of everyone!
    I love to give gift baskets. I always choose one that matches their house and can be used to organize and store items they already have. I also fill them with items they can eat and/or use up. They are always a hit. 🙂 Great tips.


  4. Melissa@SimplyMel


    Great ideas! I loved your personalizing the gift cards idea. I too felt like giving gift cards was impersonal. But,like you, I realized I love getting gift cards and figured most people felt the same way.