My Dream House; My Farmhouse

posted by Andrea | 09/30/2010

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of living in an old farmhouse.

Honestly, I have no idea where my unwavering obsession with farmhouses comes from; or why my {extremely} practical nature allows me to continually fantasize about my dream house… my “someday house”… MY farmhouse.

But I don’t think I’m going to change.

Currently, we live in a ranch {and no offense to ranch homes…but I’m not a big fan}.  We love the location of our house, we love renovating {and re-renovating} different rooms in our home, and we love the price of our home!

There really is nothing wrong with our home — except that I don’t like it! Please tell me I’m not the only person who feels this way about their current home??? Am I crazy?

UPDATE: We purchased our farmhouse — and even ended up in HGTV Magazine because of it! 

My farmhouse has a front porch with white painted floors and a swing like this one — I think it’s big enough!

But for now, I’ll welcome you into our home with this porch:

My farmhouse has huge kitchen like this:

Photo: Beach House from “Something’s Gotta Give” via Hooked on Houses

But with a big farm sink like this:

Photo: Joyful Mom of Many

However, I make due just fine in my current kitchen — just a little smaller 🙂

I even have a farm table that I built with my dad!

My farmhouse has a little library/office nook on the second floor with sloped ceilings like this…

Photo: Office from “The Holiday” via Hooked on Houses

…and a delicious master bathroom with a claw-foot tub like this.

Photo: Country Living

My farmhouse has gorgeous, REAL hardwood floors in all the bedrooms…

Photo: USA Today

For now, I put up with carpet — lots and lots of carpet {but we do have two closets!}.

I’m so obsessed with farmhouses, I even have a binder {organized by room} with magazine clippings of pictures and ideas I want to incorporate into MY farmhouse — you’ll probably see that sometime soon!

Who knows when I’ll find my farmhouse; but for now, I’m having SO much fun looking!


What’s  your dream house?


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  1. alesha


    So,if affordable is what your looking for I found several possibilities on craigslists portland oregon site. Some with acerage,some even organic, lots of wood floors and barns.Unique, beautiful, for sale and for rent worth checking into. Why not live the dream, say yes!


  2. Gina, book dragon


    The library isn’t big enough but I love the kitchen and the porch! I don’t really like our current home and am always looking for that “perfect place”. Right now it’s by the beach.

    I haven’t gone as far as having a binder, maybe because I know we’re not moving. Beach property with elbow room in SoCal is expensive!


  3. April Driggers


    I think I’m ready to move into your dream home. You and I are kindred spirits that way.


  4. jodimichelle


    So about this binder of magazine clippings. I’m on a project right now to get all my ideas organized – how do you do this binder? Just hole punch the clippings and stick em in? Or do you sleeve them?


    Andrea Reply:

    Well, it’s totally up to you! Since some of my clippings are small “fragments” of pages, I often tape them to one full sheet of paper and insert them into the clear plastic sleeves. However, it would also work just to hole-punch them.

    I’m messy, so the sleeves protect my ideas!!


  5. Kelly


    That barn that you have pictured, is actually a house!

    Maybe to compromise, you could have something like that? : )

    That’s what my fiance are doing… building a big old barnhouse with a
    huge shop for his farm equipment. We can’t afford to build a barn and a
    house at this point!

    Good luck and I hope your dreams come true!


    Andrea Reply:

    Ha…you’re right, it IS a house! That’s so cool that you and your husband are building a barn house too!

    My husband and I actually found our dream house only 2 weeks after I posted about it! You can read all about it here!!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Rene Baatenburg


    I so know what you mean about the ranch style house. That’s the only problem with my house too. It’s a ranch and I don’t like it. Haven’t since day one. I’m OK with it now, but it isn’t an old farmhouse! Were you ever in our old house on Bauer Road? Tons of potential. Old Michigan basement that collected rain water . And I mean water! But we were very close. I knew every crack and defect and loved every corner. We understood each other very well. Ah well…


  7. Karen


    Oh my goodness…I want this house too and all the rooms inside! Okay, I shall not covet. I am content with what I have? Maybe! 🙂 Beautiful post


  8. Becky


    My dream house would be just like the Jetson’s: completely self-cleaning!


  9. Andrea


    I love anything with a sloped roof and books!


  10. Sue


    That porch, that kitchen and oh, that library! But thankfully, I do love in a home I love. Hasn’t always been the case, so I can remember to be grateful…most of the time.


  11. Annie


    Hi! I popped over from Finer things Friday. I’m farmhouse obsessed too. I love them. But MY farmhouse is stone, with a big porch, and a formal dining room. And a couple of acres, for exploring, and a big garden. Right now though, I’m content in where I am.


  12. Margaret


    I’ve lived in 3 houses as an adult and have not loved any of them. I don’t have an exact picture of my dream house, but it has a big covered front porch (like your farmhouse), a screened porch somewhere, some dormer windows, a large kitchen, plenty of storage space and a large yard with lots of trees. If I get carried away thinking about it I get a little discontent, though. 🙂


  13. Julia @ Hooked on Houses


    I think you and I share the same dream house! I’m in love with that farmhouse–I mean, really, that porch alone would make me a happy girl. Beautiful!

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live in the home of our dreams? But alas, most of us have to compromise. Doesn’t hurt to fantasize a little, though, right? 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Oh, it would be glorious if we could all have our dream home. I’m even willing to settle for a much smaller version of my dream home — I just need to find it!


  14. Kelly Morris


    Man, you are totally messing with my sense of contentment!!!! LOVE that kitchen….and porch….and barn…..!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    I know, I struggle with contentment too!! There is a fine line between having goals and dreams — and just being jealous of what other people have. I often waiver between the two!

    We’re happy in our home…but I’m always looking 🙂