Disposable Decorations for Fall

posted by Andrea | 10/3/2011

{pumpkins, branches, berries, leave, and dried flowers can all be tossed after the Fall season}

I love decorating my house {inside and out} for Fall and other holiday season — but I DON’T love storing tons and tons of decorations. I refuse to take up valuable real-estate on our basement storage shelves for tubs of decorations that only get used for one or two months of the year.

So instead, I often turn to “Disposable Decorations”

Disposable decorations are items you can find for free or relatively inexpensively in your yard, around your home, or at a local grocery store. Then, after the season or holiday is over, you can simply throw the decorations away {or compost them}.

By using mostly disposable decorations, I hardly have to store any decorations, yet I’m still able to keep our entire house “festive” all year long.

{simple dried flowers and a couple apples along with candles I use all year long}

For example, I buy almost all red, cream, white and tan candles and then rotate them with different disposable decorations for the different seasons. Those colors go well for almost any holiday and almost any season — plus they are my favorites!

I also have a bunch of cool bowls, platters, vases, and pitchers that I fill with different disposable decorations. These items stack nicely in the cabinet above our refrigerator — however, I rarely have to store them because I simply rotate the disposable decorations I use with them for different seasons.

And I love decorating with old books, white dishes, baskets, ladders, and black and white pictures — all of which can be transformed to fit any season or time of year.

{I use the pine cones all year round!}

My Favorite Disposable Decorations for Fall:

Pumpkins and gourds

Twigs and Branches

Fall colored leaves

Pine cones {I have these in baskets and cool containers all over my house and front porch}

Dried Berries — as garland or around candles

Coffee beans — great around candles or in large clear jars

Bowls of fresh fruit

Hay bales {probably for outside use only!}

Corn stalks — and dried ears of corn

Dried flowers {especially hydrangeas}

Grapevine wreaths that can be re-purpose for other seasons

Mums and other potted plants {and you can plant them in your garden after the season}

Candy corn and peanuts in a cool bowl or canister

Here are a few other disposable decorating ideas for Fall.

And here are some of my favorite Fall decor ideas on Pinterest.

{almost all these decorations can be tossed or re-purposed for another season}

So basically, I only have one medium size tub of Fall decorations that includes a few “Welcome Fall” signs, some Fall garland, a few pumpkin things, my Fall coasters, and my pumpkin butter dish. Other than that, I simply enjoy my decorations for September-November, and then dispose of them after Thanksgiving. 

It’s a really great clutter-free way to decorate!

One thing I should mention is that my entire house is VERY neutral.

We have all dark wood floors, white trim, neutral colored wall, and white or dark stained furniture. This allows me to decorate with pretty much ANY color or texture — it also makes decorating with disposable items much easier.

What are your favorite “disposable decorations”?


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  1. Emily


    Love, love, love Michigan fall! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas on fall decor! Now can you help me with my 5+ bins of Christmas decor?? 😉


  2. Paulette


    Andrea, I love your blog….just keeps me coming back for more. Fall is my favorite season.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks so much Paulette!!
    I’m not sure where you live, but here in West Michigan — we have all the beautiful fall colors right now PLUS this week is supposed to be gorgeously sunny and in the low 70’s all week long. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect week!


  3. Sue


    PUMPKINS!!!!.. the deer behind our house love when thanksgiving is and I can toss out the pumpkins out to them!