Menu Plan Monday {10/3/11}

posted by Andrea | 10/3/2011

I talk a lot about  meal planning here at Simple Organized Living, mainly because I know first-hand how much it helps ME to simplify and organize our weekly dinner time routine and plan my weekly shopping trips.

I also know how much money {and calories} it saves us since we rarely ever give-in to fast food, takeout, junk food, or expensive restaurants.

So the hour or two I spend on Sunday afternoons planning our meals, clipping coupons, and making my shopping list is well worth the effort!

And ever since I shared our new method of meal planning, I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if I would share our actual meal plan for the week with links to any recipes I have here on my site.

So while I can’t guarantee I’ll post our menus every single week, here is what we’re eating this week.

{taco pie —  Monday night’s meal}

Menu Plan Monday {10/3/11}


This week is a little crazy because we have 2 dinners at our church, so I’ve deviated a bit from our “normal” week-night themes. 

Monday — Taco Pie {w/ salad, tortilla chips, and salsa}

Tuesday — Grilled Chicken {w/ potato wedges and steamed veggies}

Wednesday — Blueberry Pancakes {w/ eggs and fruit salad}

Thursday — Fundraising pasta dinner at church

Friday — Stromboli {w/ salad, fresh fruit, and raw veggies}

Saturday — Chicken and Rice Soup {w/ salad and fresh bread}

Sunday — pastor appreciation potluck dinner at church — I’m making a jello salad and pizza casserole

It’s also worth noting that at almost every single meal we have a jar of homemade applesauce and either a jar of canned peaches or pears sitting out on the table. Many of you might thinks that’s weird, but I just wanted to point that out in case you think we don’t eat any fruit!


Raspberry Shortcake

Pear Crisp {using this recipe for peach crisp}

Ice cream

Any of the sweet snack options below

I canned pears over the weekend and am picking raspberries and making raspberry jam today so that’s where our dessert choices come from.

SNACKS: {our snack shelf is SO full right now!}

Rice Chex Bars

Monster Cookies

Granola Bars

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Cinnamon Bread

Chips and pretzels

Crackers and cheese




So that’s what we’re eating this week — nothing fancy, but it’s a good variety of foods that are all relatively simple to prepare!

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What are you eating this week?

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  1. Dmarie


    oh, my, that looks good! thanks for this post!


  2. Katie


    I don’t think that the applesauce or other canned fruit with every meal is weird at all – homemade applesauce at dinner is what I grew up with – and we called it “Happy Sauce” – now that’s weird! I’m 33 years old and fully expect to eat applesauce with every dinner for the rest of my life. : )


  3. Suzanne


    Don’t let Vicki give you a hard time. You’re pregnant. 🙂
    I love this post-thanks for sharing it. I would love to follow a format like this at some point too, with a theme each night. Much easier planning! I do make a weekly menu around our events, with longer-time cooking items on weekends, and that’s always worked well.

    As I told you, I made your roast Saturday, and it was GOOD in the crockpot, with leftover last night. I added some cream of mushroom soup too. My lack of experience however led me to put my potatoes and carrots in the last hour or so, like you mentioned (only you did yours in the oven….silly me, and I did low all day on the crockpot), so they were underdone. I steamed them yesterday for leftovers and that was great. I’d love a good gravy recipe if you have one. I did the one on the Kitchen Bouquet (my first time) and had a hard time with lumps. It was okay, but not super flavorful. Maybe if I’d done broth instead of water in the crockpot?