Do You Send Holiday Cards?

posted by Andrea | 10/15/2011

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with sending our annual holiday card/greeting… but I just LOVE coming up with a creative way to share everything we’ve been doing for the last year with family and friends.

I know that most people just read them, hang them on the fridge for the Christmas season, and then toss them after January 1 {at least that’s what I do!} but I also know how much I enjoy reading other’s updates and seeing pictures of family and friends. So I guess I hope the recipients of our cards also get that enjoyment. At the very least, I enjoy every minute of designing and creating our holiday cards… so it’s still worth it 🙂

And just to prove how much of a holiday card “freak” I am, I’ll let you know that I have an entire file in our filing cabinet dedicated to Holiday Card Ideas — and now I have a Holiday Card pin-board on Pinterest full of ideas too!

I know… I’m weird!

Anyway, here is a quick look at the different types of holiday cards I’ve sent out for the past 5 years, and I can’t wait to share our 2011 card with you… in a couple months! 

Christmas 2006

This was our first Christmas as a married couple and we had just sent out our wedding Thank-You’s a few months early. The Thank-You’s had our wedding picture on them, so I didn’t really want to do a wedding photo card like everyone else.

I found and ordered super cute Christmas cards and simply signed our names {hey, I was still new at this!}

Christmas 2007

{this was the only card I had left over and I ran out of “supplies”. The others were much cuter!!}

I got a bit more crafty and actually made all the cards and then inserted a small postcard-size paper inside with our yearly update. We probably only sent out 30 cards though so it wasn’t a huge deal to make them.

Christmas 2008 / New Year’s 2009

I actually sent out New Year greeting this year instead of a traditional Christmas greeting — and it was such a nice change. I also heard from a lot of people that was so fun to get another card even after the holidays were over.

I spelled out the words “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and then wrote a small paragraph to go with each letter. I simply used normal computer paper and printed the text, graphics, and images right one one page {front and back}.

This was nice since I decided to send it to ALL our relatives, friends, etc. {about 150 total}

Christmas 2009

Even though these cards took me awhile to put together, I had a ton of fun making them. I simply cut a piece of craft paper into thirds and then pasted our printed message on the back. Then I did a little “Joy To the World” stamp on the front.

This card fit perfectly in a standard #10 envelope and it was just the right size for a short and sweet Christmas greeting {we didn’t have much interesting stuff going on that year!}

Christmas 2010

To date, this is my favorite Christmas card. I just think the picture is awesome, the printing was amazing {from this company}, the quality was superb, and we had so much fun information to share about our new house — I glued a paper with our yearly updates and new address on the back.

We really got two cards in one — a Christmas card and a “We Moved” card!

Christmas 2011

This year, our holiday card will also serve a double purpose — a baby announcement and a Christmas card.

I was actually hoping to send out a Thanksgiving card this year, just because we do have SO much to be thankful for. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a picture of our new baby, print the cards, and get them in the mail before Thanksgiving… and you really can’t send a Thanksgiving card AFTER Thanksgiving!!

So, I have two or three different ideas up my sleeve and am planning a super cute holiday card this year again.


Oh and I ordered this really fun return address stamp that I can’t wait to use… LOVE it! 

{obviously, it has our name and address on the stamp — this is just an example!}


So what type of holiday greetings are you planning to send this year?

  • Hand-made cards
  • Store bought cards
  • Photo cards
  • Some type of written letter
  • E-card
  • E-mail updates
  • Thanksgiving, New Years, or other type of greeting
  • Or nothing at all!

If you still don’t know what you want to do this year, head to Pinterest to see some really creative holiday card ideas!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how we store and display our Christmas cards — I’ll get to that in a few more weeks!!

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  1. Alyssa


    I’m a super newby at this! My mom always did photo Christmas cards of me, my sister, and our dog. I made a big stink about the cards last year, since I was 25, moved out on my own and had my own dog, but my mom made me, my 21 year year old sister, my newly adopted pooch, and our 14 year old Maltese take a photo together, and now I am a little sad that we aren’t doing one this year! I guess 26 years of photos is enough! But, I am super excited to send out my own cards this year, complete with photos of my pooch, Lucy, and new kitten Reese! My new year’s resolution is to send Birthday cards to my family, you know, all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Time to be a real grown-up and stop relying on my mom to sign my name on cards!


  2. HereWeGoAJen


    We do cards every year. (And used 2008’s card as a baby announcement as well.) I keep all the cards we receive in a decorative Christmas basket that sits on our coffee table. Each year, I go through them all and marvel at how the kids have grown since the earlier cards. And I throw away cards from the years before that aren’t important any more. But I love keeping cards from the same people every year and watching their family change.


  3. sarah


    I love Christmas cards, actually I love Christmas! We’ve done hand crafted cards, photo cards, costco bulk cards, this year I have to get really creative because my budget is $0 for Christmas Cards.
    Any ideas?


  4. Annette W


    In the past I’ve created cheap photo collages for the Christmas card. Love them (and posting about them in early November). I love creating…I also love that you took pictures of your past cards!


    Andrea Reply:

    Well, I mostly just took the pictures for blogging purposes! However, I do have a copy of each of the cards in my filing cabinet!! I know… I’m a dork 🙂


    Kristen Reply:

    No, you’re not, Andrea! I have copies of all my Christmas cards in a file, too. Or wait, maybe that just means I’m a like-minded dork! 🙂 I love writing, sending and receiving Christmas cards, too!


    Julie Reply:

    I always keep a copy of the christmas cards, birthday invites, birth announcements etc. that I make. I keep one for me and one for the child that it was for and put it in their scrap book.


  5. Suzanne


    This year, we have our holiday photo cards ready to start addressing in record time! We had family photos done Oct. 2nd, and I created a holiday photo card from some of the prints and had them ordered too. It cost me a little extra than ordering through Costco or other company, but the time-saving factor was big for me. I just love working on all of them over the long Thanksgiving weekend, and it is nice to have them ready. One thing I’d really like do again this year (didn’t last year and heard from several they missed it), is to include a little letter. I know I enjoy reading those too. Can’t wait to see yours!