Fall Maintenance Around our House

posted by Andrea | 11/5/2012

Every fall, about this time, Dave and I start to feel overwhelmed with all the home maintenance projects that need to happen before winter arrives. I’m sure all homeowners can relate!

Here are some of the projects…

  • Rake the leaves — most of them blew out of our yard, but we still have a bunch left (but at least Nora is helping with those!)
  • Clean out the gutters — we do have gutter helmets but sometimes stuff still gets down there and clogs them — which causes a problem when the water turns to ice.
  • Wash exterior windows — DONE!! (I washed the inside too)
  • Cut down plants/bushes/trees — this is the one downside of having lots of beautiful flowers in the spring and summer.
  • Pack up outdoor furniture — DONE!
  • Blow out the underground sprinklers — DONE!
  • Clean out the garage one last time before it’s too cold — I worked on this over the weekend so it’s almost done.
  • Check the furnace and clean the filters — DONE! ¬†We use this washable filter so we already washed that out before we turned our heat on a few weeks ago. We’re getting the furnace checked in another couple of weeks.

…and the list could go on!

This year (because we just have so much time on our hands) we’re trying to finish a few extra projects too. ūüôā

  • Set up the new swingset for Nora’s birthday — we were graciously GIVEN one from a friend… and we have no shame in giving our child a used gift!
  • Install a fence around part of our backyard — we have the fence, just not the energy or equipment to install it!
  • Clean out our heat ducts¬†— we use Pro Duct Cleaning (no website) to do this every other year (sometimes more often if we do lots of dusty home renovation projects!
  • Clean the roof — DONE! ¬†We have some moss and gross stuff growing on it (plus, I’m not willing to risk being a single parent) so we decided to call in the¬†professionals. We hired Roof Shampoo¬†and they cleaned our house, garage, and outbuilding all in just a few hours. We are more than thrilled with the results and their fabulous customer service. ¬†Seriously, look at these before and after pictures!

I’m thrilled with everything we’ve accomplished so far, but due to the lack of time before cold weather, I’m somewhat doubtful everything else will be crossed off our list.

However, that won’t stop me from plugging away until it’s too cold!¬†

What projects are you hoping to tackle yet this fall?


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  1. Alison


    We use Cabot products for sealing the decks. It will hold up for several years if you buy a semi-solid color (we find it at Lowes). If you don’t mind doing the project 2x per year, my contractor recommended Thompsons water seal in a pump sprayer…


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks for the tip Alison — I’ll look into the Cabot products.


  2. PW


    We are on the same maintenance plan as you. Have not cleaned windows as we are still blowing and raking leaves. I add to your list cleaning all the exterior lights on house and garage and the light post by front sidewalk, works great. I cleaned the glass, took out any debris and spider webs, polished the brass, makes a huge difference. Checked to see if any lights need replaced next spring, probably will replace a few. At this time we will cut the grass one more time then maintain the lawnmower and in a week or so get the snowblower gassed and ready and put extra boots, scarves, hats, gloves in trunk and check our car emergency kit in trunk and add the collapsible snow shovels and window scrapers. We are traveling for Thanksgiving and want to make sure we are prepared for winter travel, sometimes they close roads and you get stranded so we keep water and snacks in car, extra lights extra batteries, some hand warmers ,blankets. I put that stuff in those space bags and suck out the air then put them in a small duffle bag.

    Then we move inside to start to redecorate our living room and then in Feb. I start planning any work we want done outside and get the estimates and booked by end of March.


  3. Patty@homemakersdaily.com


    We need to replace the roof but I’m not sure we’ll get that done. Definitely need to clean out the gutters. Between the falling leaves and the birds building nests, they are full!

    I think that’s it. The rest is in good shape.