Floor Care 101: Reusing Swiffer Wipes

posted by Andrea | 08/12/2011

So I’m about to admit something that might make me look like the absolute cheapest person in the whole world — but I’m willing to do it becuase it’s such a great tip!

I reuse Swiffer wipes!

OK, just let me explain!

As many of you know, we recently installed brand new reclaimed hardwood floors. Then we stained them a very dark walnut. They look stunning, but believe me, the dust is going to show! {We had dark wood in our last house though, so I knew what I was getting into}

I absolutely LOVE the look of dark hardwood floors; especially with all our white trim, so it’s worth the extra time and effort it might take to keep them clean… at least for me!

Over the years, I’ve tried many different products to keep our dark wood floors clean, but I always seem to resort back to Swiffer dusting cloths for quick clean-ups throughout the week.

Yes, every once-in-a-while I’ll get on my hands and knees with vinegar and water and really clean the floors, but for the most part, a light dusting is all they need — and Swiffer wipes {or any off-brand dusting wipes} do the trick.


I just love that the thin design allows me to get under all my furniture, and the 360* rotating mop head is super easy to maneuver around table legs, doorways, and pretty much anything else.

The only thing I don’t love about Swiffer wipes is having to buy them!

I can usually get them for almost free with sales and coupons, but I’ve discovered another way to stretch my cleaning budget even further…

I simply use one side of the wipe, then flip it over and continue moping with the other side!

It works like a charm and gives me double the life out of every Swiffer wipe!

So, if you’re looking for a quick, simple, inexpensive way to keep your hard floors looking clean all week long, try reusing your wipes!

Also, microfiber cloths work well as washable alternatives to disposable wipes — however, part of the deal for me is I like to just toss out all the dirt, dust, and grime!

How do you clean your hard floors

Do you have any simple cleaning tips?


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  1. Sonja von Franck


    I used to Swiffer and turn them over to get the most use out of them – and then I had a baby. And another one. And then ANOTHER one! Four years, three babies. And let me tell you. A Swiffer doesn’t cut it when it comes to spit up, leaking bottles, dripping sippy cups, and the crumbs and splats that come from children eating and feeding themselves – and potty training. And of course we can’t blame it all on them. Life is messy! SO. For a while, I thought I was onto the best thing with the Shark steam mop. But, vacuuming up the crumbs and cereal and hair (MY post-pregnancy hair is EVERYWHERE!) and grit and the vacuuming plus Sharking was taking too much time. (I hate the thought of mopping with grit on the pad and scratching the floor and there is just so much stuff day to day, you have to vacuum.) I tried several products and returned them all until I got the Bissell Steam and Sweep. There’s no cleaning solution. You just add water and wash the pads. It’s the only all at once product I’ve seen and although I hope the technology comes along a little more in the coming years, it does a great job and saves me a ton of time. It sanitizes and I like the fact that it just uses steam versus a cleaner, which is what my hardwood floor installers recommended. And I’ve even seen coupons for I think $40.00 off! You should try it!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Sonja, I’ve heard alot about steam cleaners so I’ll definitely start looking into those too.

    Since our wood floor is only in bedrooms, bathrooms, and the office — I’m hoping it won’t get AS dirty as it would in the kitchen/dinning room. We’ll see!!!


  2. Rach (DonutsMama)


    We use the Bona hardwood care cleaner. You can wash the microfiber dust cloth, plus the cleaning solution is non-toxic which is important to us since we’re going to have a crawling baby any day now!


  3. Jennifer


    I use a quick mop with reusable microfiber cloths that I bought from Flylady. I like them better than the swiffer and they last indefinitely.


  4. sharon


    Swiffers are great. Also can use a swiffer cloth as a template to cut fleece to fit the swiffer for another washable/re-usable option.


  5. Kim


    I use two used dryer sheets and attach them to my swiffer. They have a static effect, clean the floor and make the house smell pretty. Best of all they are free (coupons) and are getting double duty!

    I also double dip on swiffers when I use them (especially the wet ones which are REALLY pricey).


  6. Julie


    I did that also, but then I would rinse them out and reuse them if they weren’t too bad. We cloth diapered our 4 kids so when a diaper insert got too ratty, I would just use them as a swiffer cloth. I would use the front and back before I changed to a new one.They work great! Since we use very little paper towels I would just throw the swiffer/diaper cloths in with my other rags and wash with them. I have also used flannel rags that worked pretty good. The thing about the swiffer though is that it seems to pick up not only the dust but most of the dirt too. As long as it isn’t too much dirt. Just my 2 cents worth;)


  7. Julia


    Our local dollar tree has off brand swifter wipes for sweeping and mopping. I do not have a swifter though.