Get a Goal — My “11 in 2011” Challenge

posted by Andrea | 01/1/2011

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE beginnings, I love fresh starts, I love “newness”, I love possibilities!

It’s officially 2011, with means a brand new year; a fresh start, and lots and lots of possibilities.

What are you going to do? What are your GOALS?

I recently read a statistic that estimated nearly 50% of all New Year’s resolutions will fail after 2 weeks, over 66% will fail after 3 weeks, and over 75% will fail after one month.

And you know what…I believe it! I’ve personally given up on past resolutions and I’ve seen countless others do the same.

The main problems with failed New Year’s resolutions is they are quickly made at the stroke of midnight with no thought as to how or when they will be accomplished.

It’s great to say you’re going to loose 10 pounds, get more organized, run a marathon, or learn a new skill…but saying these things and actually doing them are two totally different concepts.

If you’re not sure you can or will achieve your goals this year, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I have a step-by-step plan of action that will help me achieve my goals?
  • Do I have a date when I want to achieve my goals by?
  • Do I have anyone to hold me accountable?
  • Do I have a reward for achieving my goals?

If not, chances are pretty likely that you’ll fail.

And don’t you just HATE to fail? I do!

So, starting today, my challenge for you is to come up with 11 goals you want to achieve in 2011. They can be simple, they can be elaborate, they can be small, medium, huge, mundane, extraordinary…I don’t care, as long as they are goals you can realistically achieve in the next year.

Don’t worry, I’ll help!

For the next 11 days {taking Sundays off} I’ll be sharing one SIMPLE New Year’s goal each day. These goals are things I plan to do myself AND they are all goals that will help you to simplify and organize the year ahead — just look for the logo!

The idea behind these eleven goals is that they will not only be simple, but also specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic for busy people like yourself {you are busy aren’t you?}

Of course, you don’t have to follow my goals and you certainly don’t have to limit yourself to eleven! I’m just hoping to motivate and encourage you to do AT LEAST eleven things in 2011 to simplify and organize your home, office, kitchen, family, schedule, and life.

And I know you can do it!

See you back here on Monday for the first SIMPLE New Year’s goal…

11-in-2011 Challenge Recap:

Goal #1: Make Your Bed

Goal #2: Keep The Freezer Stocked

Goal #3: Track Your Finances

Goal #4: Purge Something Monthly

Goal #5: Better Time Management

Goal #6: Establish a System for Pictures

Goal #7: Systematize Your Grocery Shopping

Goal #8: Get More Sleep

Goal #9: Try Something New

Goal #10: Organize Your Paperwork

Goal #11: Make Time for what Really Matters


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  1. Betsy (Eco-novice)


    Awesome idea. I wish I’d thought of it. I still haven’t made any greeny resolutions. I should. But I hate to fail.


  2. Resolution and Goal Links


    […] at Simple Organized Living has a great series of 11 in 2011. She’s writing about the 11 goals she wants to accomplish this year including making her bed […]

  3. Sue


    Okay I have to think about this.. What to put on my list.. cannot be to big..
    I am with Jill on the file cabinet thing.. I have a very nice one.. so why is everything in big paper boxes ! ? It is on my list..

    sue in NJ…


  4. Karla


    Hi Andrea,

    This is great advice. Not to just make the resolutions, but to come up with a plan of how you’re going to accomplish them. For the past six months my goal has been for our family to live more simply. I have found that writing my blog, Simple Living Family (, has been what has kept me accountable. By making a little step each day (sometimes it only takes ten minutes) it has really changed our family’s day to day lives.

    I look forward to finding out what your eleven goals are!


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes Karla, a “plan of action” is alway key to reaching your goals!

    I too find that writing is a good form of accountability because you can see your goals on paper {or in a blog}. And little steps DO make a big difference!!

    Good luck in 2011. I hope my goals will help you on your quest to simple living.


  5. Jill


    This will be a great post. I always have visions of staying organized. I always look for ways and things to help me keep organized but I always fail. I just spent a long time organizing my filing cabinet after seeing a picture you showed of yours. My goal would be to use it. When I get papers rather then let them accumulate I should file them away right after I get them. I find that eaiser said then done. I need some encouragment throughtou the year to keep organized. I love your site. Thanks, for all you do.