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posted by Andrea | 05/12/2012

Each month, I write several guest posts for different blogs — here are some of my favorites from this month.

How to Organize Children’s Clothing

Over the past several years, I’ve helped many moms (and dads) get and stay more organized… and one of the most common clutter issues I’ve helped them with is dealing with all their baby and kid’s clothes.

Baby and kid’s clothes fall under the “sentimental and emotional” clutter realm because they are just SO cute and every outfit has a story! Plus, they out-grow their clothes so quickly that they usually still look brand new.

I have a pretty good organizing system in place for Nora’s closet… but if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with all your kid’s clothes and accessories, here are a few tips to help you sort, store, and organize all those baby and kid’s clothes.


The Power of a Physical Inbox

I’m a very visual person — I like making lists, I still use a paper planner, I love writing out my to-do’s each day, and I’ve almost always had a physical inbox sitting on my desk.

Yes, I have an email Inbox too — but I need my wicker basket sitting on my desk to SHOW me what I still have left to do in any given day or week.

If you’ve ever struggled with staying on top of everything you have to do, check out my tips for creating and using a physical inbox!

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Simple Tips to “Green Up” your Office Space

I often feel overwhelmed with whole idea of “going green” — mainly because I don’t know where to start, and it always seems to take SO much extra effort. However, over that past few months, I have taken several very simple steps to reduce my waste and start my “green” journey in our home… and in my office.

If you’re interested in a few really simple ways to “green up” your office space, here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

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  1. Living So Abundantly


    I like the idea of a physical inbox. Hmmm…and I LOVE baskets. It’s a small(okay, big!) addiction that I have. I might be going to IKEA tomorrow–yay!

    I absolutely LOVE your site. I have used it over and over again and have referred others to it. I like that you are practical. When I try something that you suggest, it actually works.

    Your posts about babies has been perfect, as I’m expecting. I am a Type-A personality also, so your posts are a good dose of reality for how things will change. I can’t wait!

    Thank you for keeping it real!


  2. Diane R.


    I use Picasa…free and easy and yes, you can make collage’s.