Holiday Baking, Cooling Racks, and a Giveaway!

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2010

You all know that I LOVE to simplify my life — it’s become an obsession!

Well, I also LOVE kitchen gadgets, ESPECIALLY kitchen gadgets that help me to simplify my life.

So you better believe that these handy-dandy, multi-functional, stackable, fold-flat-for-storage, cooling racks rate pretty high on the “things I love” list!

Not only do they save me loads of precious counter space when I’m baking double batches of our favorite treats, they also help my treats to cool quicker {because I’m always in a rush}.

And did I mention they fold flat for storage??

Yup, they only take up about 2″ of space!!

Now wouldn’t these just be the perfect “Clutter-Free Gift” for someone on your list this year? {Christmas is only 45 days away}

OK, so who wants to win a set of 3?

Simply leave a comment below listing the holiday baking you plan to tackle this month and you’ll be entered to win!!

This contest is open until Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 11:59pm EST.

ONE winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, November 17. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have.


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  1. Amber Mooney


    These would be perfect next month when I get started making all of my food gifts. We give food gifts to everyone except immediate family and I can use all the help and counter space I can get!

  2. Juel


    This month I’ll start baking for Christmas and for holiday parties. Wouldn’t that rack work well for flaky appetizers and cooling finger foods? Christmas cookies include mexican wedding cakes dusted in powdered sugar and peanut butter blossoms.

  3. laura


    I plan to have a baking session with my mom to make her traditional date pinwheel cookies for Christmas gifts for friends.

  4. Lara


    Ah, holiday baking. Can’t get much better than that! This month I plan on making a tart, hopefully a chocolate one for thanksgiving. I have always wanted to make one, but have yet to. For the Christmas season, I plan on frosted sugar cookies of course! I also would love to try making a Christmas cake with fondant.
    I have no cooling racks right now. All my cookies cool on newspaper. Not the best! These racks would really help me out!

  5. Jana


    I have so many things on my holiday baking list I don’t know where to begin. Christmas cookies of course, I want to make a cheesecake, a chocolate tart, and homemade croissants to name a few. I don’t have any good cooling racks right now so it would be wonderful to win these!

  6. Julie R


    I love to make and decorate sugar cookies with my kiddos!

  7. Torie H


    I’m new to your site and have loved it! thank you!
    Last year in the beginning of December I miscarried our 3rd daughter late in the pregnancy and was very ill until January so I never baked. This year I already have a list of everything I want to do that I didn’t last year! Sugar cookies with the kids (already rolled and in the freezer), banana chocolate chip breads, pumpkin pies, apples pies, chocolate cupcakes-lots, candycane cookies, cherry wink cookies, and the list goes on!

  8. Stacey


    I just want to bake chocolate chip cookies… 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Tami


    Wow, I would be so inspired with winning these that I would find something to bake if I wasn’t going to already. But all the holiday comfort foods that are calling my name to bake- cookies, breads, bars- the healthy stuff!

  10. Vicki


    Me. I want to win. I am planning to make Chex Party Mix and my E-Z fudge recipe to send to my son in Afghanistan this week. Next week I intend to bake Christmas cut-outs for a church fund-raiser and would love to have these stackable trays to “cool” them down quicly to be able to frost and freeze ASAP.

  11. Stephanie E.


    Would love to add these back to my baking stuff as I was looking for mine a few weeks back and realized I purged these when I moved 3 years ago -WHY?!

  12. Michelle M


    I have already started with my quick breads, spritz cookies and fudge….it all freezes well and that is what I give out to my son’s bus drivers and our neighbors! I still have peppermint bark, cutout sugar cookies and a couple new snack items that I want to try this year to do but I plan to have it all done by the end of Thanksgiving so I can enjoy December and what the holidays are meant to be.

  13. Bette I


    What a perfect idea for cooling baked goods. I usually just plop my cookies on a towel covered with waxed paper and let them cool!

  14. Monette


    I making pumpkin pie,butterscotch cake, and muffins!

  15. michelle rogers


    I would love the cooling racks! I hope to do lots of cookie baking for the holidays. I had a broken foot & ankle last year so there wasn’t alot of baking done. I have to make up for last year! Definitely going to make our family favorite, cut out sugar cookie fully decked out.

  16. Connie


    I really like those cooling racks, I’ve never seen any like those before. Where have I been?

    Would be great for holiday baking.

  17. Christie


    I want to make lots of cookie dough and portion it out. I love having that premade, so I just drop and bake later.

  18. WenDee Riffe


    i am going to be making pies…pies…and more pies!!! then sweet pot. cass. and just a bunch of mini-banana nut breads to be given away!!!!

  19. Heather


    These are so cooled!!!!! I am going to be baking our annual Christmas Sugar Cookies with my two daughters! We are excited to get started!!!

  20. Cassey


    I have a list of 20 different cookies, bars, muffins, and candy that I’m going to be making in the next couple weeks. Everything from chocolate coated nuts, Amish friendship bread, oreo balls, cake pops, and cookies galore! Just found your blog today and love it! Thanks!!

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  22. Linda


    So….yes I love to bake. And I love all the holiday goodies. Especially cookies! But since all my children are gone now, not as much baking is required. I really do love those cooling racks though. After 32 years of wedded bliss my cooling racks are looking a little used. And back then you did not register for what you wanted… got what people gave you.

  23. ElaineDavis


    I have a cranberry-orange-pecan cake with cream cheese frosting I want to try for Thanksgiving! Thanks for the opportunity : )

  24. Kiely


    I am in a fall baking frenzy right now. I will probably do a few pies for Thanksgiving, kraut runzas ( a German pastry filled with meat, sauerkraut, cabbage, and onions), cinnamon rolls, honey wheat bread, some birthday treats for my dad’s birthday, and sour cream Christmas sugar cookies.

  25. Shelley


    My mom, sister, and I get together every December and make Christmas cookies. One of these racks would be helpful (the cookies usually cool on a wax paper-covered dining room table!)

  26. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    I’ve always wondered how well these work. I, too, do lots of baking and have limited counter space, so these look to be very helpful!

  27. Susan


    I am love with these racks! They save counter space and I can cool things while I bake in bulk. The countdown is on and the cookies and squares are all ready marked in my favourite cookbooks!

  28. Eos Mom


    I would love love love to win, I never have enough cooling space! We’ll be making Christmas cut-out cookies for Santa and for all the kids’ teachers this year.:-)

  29. Amanda W


    There are not many things better in the world than fresh homemade sugar cookies. Yum! We also love making homemade marshmallows. You should try it….you will NEVER go back to the store mallow again….It’s like a little bit of heaven floating on the top of your hot chocolate.

  30. Holly F.


    Every holiday season my neighbor has a cookie exchange. We each make around 50 of our own to share and go home with some fun treats and new recipes. These would be awesome for that!

  31. Carla


    Well…right now I’m recovering from surgery. But once I can get up and do things…I plan on making bread (wheat – for sandwiches and stuff), cupcakes (those are actually for my Sunday School kids) and for the holidays I plan on making apple crisp, an assortment of cookies, and some banana nut bread. Fun!

  32. Jennifer


    Like a good Dutch girl, I will be making a dozen banket logs over two days. Fantastic gifts and cheap to make (once you get the paint can of almond paste from a restaurant supply chain).

  33. Morgiana


    I’ve been doing the Amish friendship bread for 1 year! That is baking every 10 days or so multiple loaves. Those cooling racks would be a blessing!

  34. Joy G


    Hmmm…. don’t know that I’m doing much baking this month. I’ll probably get into banana bread and Christmas cookies in Dec. Those racks would be great for my lack of counter space!

  35. Courtney @ LivingABonaFideLife


    Really? I have to think about baking already? lol. All I know is that this week I am making pumpkin muffins/pumpkin bread to use up some pumpkin!

    Living A Bona Fide Life

  36. Erin


    I will be making loaves of pumpkin bread to take to our Thanksgiving dinner out of town. I will also make Molasses Spice Cookies. For Christmas gifts to my brothers families, I will be baking Banana Spice Cake, Carrot Cake, and Coffee Cake (from our childhood recipe). And there will be cookies and cookies and cookies!

  37. Trisha


    That thing works wonders! My big baking plans happen on the 1st Fri. of Dec. All the women on my mom’s side of the family get together to bake tons of yummy treats! Its a tradition we’ve done since I can remember! So fun!

  38. valerie


    I would to use these to make my chocolate brownie cupcakes!!

  39. Wendy (The Local Cook)


    oooh, these look awesome! If I don’t win, how can I buy some? I hope to take some time off work to make some of the holiday treats from my childhood with my mom (banket, chocolate covered cherries, sugar cookies, etc.)

  40. Stephanie


    I plan on making the following between thanksgiving and christmas ( baked goods are going to those who I don’t have enough money to buy actual gifts). Raspberry/banana muffins, White chocolate pumpkin pie cups and peanut butter individual cheesecakes the last two recipes are from 🙂 these would help out tremendously not only that but would give me more motivation to bake even more!