Quick and Simple FALL Cleaning

posted by Andrea | 11/11/2010

Yup, that’s right — it’s fall and I’m doing my spring cleaning and organizing!

Now, I’m not talking about my “speed-cleaning-because-company-is-coming-over” cleaning. I’m talking about the “we’re-moving-and-we-need-to-clean-this-house-really-well” cleaning!!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I would “waste” my time cleaning a house that’s already sold, it’s because part of our selling agreement was that we could stay living in our house {rent-free} provided we keep the house clean and the yard maintained.

So, I’ve been choosing one job and tackling it every few days — my goal being that everything is all “sparklie” by Thanksgiving. And no, we’re not having people over for Thanksgiving, I just like giving myself tangible goals to work towards. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I made myself a bunch of quick & easy T-shirt Rags and went to work cleaning all those little nooks and crannies that sometimes get put on the back burner.

So far I’ve…

  • Dusted all the baseboards, door frames, and window frames — they were dusty!
  • Steam-cleaned the shower
  • Scrubbed the oven and refrigerator {the oven is a self-cleaning oven so it wasn’t too hard!}
  • Cleaned out our shed and got rid of a bunch of stuff we didn’t need
  • Oh, and I’ve been purging like crazy — my closet, my kitchen, and more!!

I have LOTS more on my cleaning list…but I’m only doing one project at a time. This way, I won’t get overwhelmed and I’ll still have plenty of time left for everything else!

Want More Simple Cleaning Inspiration?

Do you have a few “fall cleaning” projects to tackle before the holidays?

Start with ONE project this weekend — Christmas is only 44 days away!!


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  1. L.L.


    What do u use for dusting spray? Do u make your own? I don’t want to use pledge or the other store bought dusting spray, s I am looking for a recipe for homemade. Can u help me?


    Andrea Reply:

    I dont’ use dusting spray — just microfiber cloths.


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