Holiday Batch Shopping — 95 Days and Counting

posted by Andrea | 09/21/2010

Want to know how I save time, energy, money and stress?

I practice Holiday Batch Shopping — and it works for me!

–> NOTE: even if you aren’t interested in saving time, energy, stress, or money you should still keep reading because there are cookies below!

What is Batch Shopping?

Basically, batch shopping is just like batch cooking. But instead of making a bunch of food all at the same time, you do a bunch of shopping {in this case, your holiday shopping} all at one time.

If you think about it, do you ever just bake 1 cookie or 1 brownie at at time? I hope not!!
Unless you are looking to extend your baking process as long as possible, you will bake a full batch of cookies and a full batch of brownies; right?

Then doesn’t the same hold true for shopping? Wouldn’t it be SO much easier to do a full “batch” of shopping all at one time and then be done? I thought so!

Speaking of cookies and brownies — I’m craving some of these!

Snack time is over — back to shopping!

How do you get started Batch Shopping?

  1. Get out your holiday planner or calendar.
  2. Make a list of all upcoming holiday parties {and birthdays}.
  3. Make a list of supplies you need for these occasions: gifts, cards, gift wrap, etc. {this FREE download might help}
  4. Set a budget of how much you will spend for each gift or for the total shopping trip.
  5. Schedule a shopping day.
  6. Shop ’til you drop…and don’t forget your list!

Won’t you feel organized when those holiday parties come around and your gifts are already wrapped and under the tree?

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  1. niki


    Great tip about doing the shopping in batches! I’ll have to give it a try soon. I was just thinking about this in regards to cards the other day. I loathe running to the store every time a birthday or something comes up.

    Stop by and visit me over at Free 2 Be Frugal sometime!


  2. Bitterroot Mama


    Love the idea! I’m trying to purchase a lot of my Christmas presents now. However, my people are not easy to buy for! Thanks for the suggestion (especially the budget and setting a WHOLE DAY for shopping). I love shopping. Also, I’ve been trying to go to Ross or TJ Maxx to find new things for cheap!


  3. Heather


    I love this idea. However… I have no idea what to give people. I suppose that since my list of giftable folks is static, I might as well take the plunge now and enjoy the season more later!