How Are You Welcoming Fall?

posted by Andrea | 09/24/2011

Yesterday was the first day of Fall — which means it was the first day of my FAVORITE season!

I suppose if you don’t live in a state with cool weather and as much beautiful Fall color as Michigan, you might not understand my obsession… but, as I have mentioned before, I love everything about fall. 

And even though Fall has only officially been here for 24 hours, I’ve already been doing a lot to get ready…

The most exciting thing I’ve done was to start decorating our front porch. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a farmhouse with a huge front porch… and now we do.

I’m not finished yet, but I have a good start already!


I also put up a bunch of Fall decorations around our house.

These are the new barnwood shelves we just put up in our office. I’ll definitely be blogging more about these later!


I realized that I have a mini obsession with pumpkins because our international students came home from school and started walking around counting and saying “pumpkin, pumpkin, more pumpkin, more pumpkin!”


I’ve been making lots of bread, soupspeach crisp, apple butter, and more of our favorite cool-weather foods that I missed during the hot summer months.


I made a beef roast for our international students and we explained that it was the traditional “Sunday Dinner” for both Dave and I. They definitely seemed to like it, and after taking the summer off, Dave and I remembered just how delicious a good roasts tastes {I’ll be sharing my super simple recipe later this week}


I also broke out the Fall coasters that I received as a gift from one of my organizing clients a few years ago. She made them — aren’t they just lovely!


And Fall would not be complete unless we had our cuter-than-cute pumpkin butter dish sitting out on the counter {for all that fresh bread I’ve been making!!}


So that is how we’ve been welcoming my most favorite time of year…

Have you done anything to welcome Fall?


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  1. Gen


    My college age daughters are living with us again…just when I thought we’d be empty-nesting. But the thing is, it motivates you to try new things when the kids are home…my older daughter and her boyfriend are searching on Craigslist for people trying to get rid of their “ground apples”…the ones that have fallen from the tree but are not yet rotting. A friend is hosting an apple press party and everyone is to bring bags of apples to put through the cider press and all go home with at least a jug of cider! I love using things that would just go to waste and having an awesome end product from all the effort…(like your sausage recipe that uses up leftover breads).


  2. Tammy


    I got mums and potted them last week, displayed right behind a hay bale on the end of my porch. Today, I’m pulling out the few Fall decorations I have.


    Andrea Reply:

    Lovely Tammy! We’re getting hay bales and corn stalks from my aunt and uncle’s farm later this week!!


  3. Sue


    I would love to get ready for fall.. It is my favorite also.. BUT it is so hot here right now.. and HUMID!!!.. it is hard to even run the vaccume.. it is so damp trying to push a vacuume that is sticking to the floor from the humidity..AND I refuse to turn on the AC.. it is Fall as you know ! i AM DONE WITH THE AC !

    Sue in NJ


  4. Jill


    What kind of bread is that and can we have the recipe? I made your english muffin bread before my mom came to visit and gave the other loaf to my mother in law. both of the loafs are almost gone. My mother in law stated they had it for breakfast and then had to have anohter slice for a mid morning snack it was sooo good. Thanks.


    Andrea Reply:

    Jill, the bread in that picture is actually just frozen bread dough that I backed for dinner that night 🙂
    However, I did blog about my really good {and really simple} way of making bread here.


  5. Johane Levesque


    I must say that I haven’t really, except maybe going apple picking last weekend. Your post though has inspired me. Once I’ve finished painting my foyer and living room, I’ll most certainly be redecorating with fall in mind. 😀


  6. Annette W


    We made apple cake yesterday…first time and so good! I don’t decorate seasonally, except for Christmas…though I love leaves and fall. Maybe someday I will decorate for fall!


    Andrea Reply:

    yum… I absolutely LOVE apple cake! I’m sure I’ll be making some in the next few weeks too 🙂