How I Saved Over $200 on Groceries

posted by Andrea | 06/28/2010

I often get questions regarding coupons and if it is really worth the time spent to cut coupons, file them…and then remember to use them each week.

While it does take a bit of organization and dedication, I can assure you that it IS worth it!

Each week, I spend about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon going through the ads, clipping, filing, and printing coupons, and making my grocery lists for each store. Then on Monday, I try to hit the stores. I like going on Monday because the stores are still stocked and they usually are less busy.

Here are some of the deals I got today; you tell me if it was worth my 2-hour investment.


Spent: $22.45 — Saved: $117.24

Here are a few of the things I purchased:

  • 6 packs of Huggies wipes (all free)
  • 6 boxes of cereal (nearly free after coupons and $4 off 4 boxes at Meijer)
  • 3 loaves of bread
  • 2 gallons of milk
  • 4 boxes of crackers
  • 2 packages of cookies (free when you “like” Nabisco on Facebook)
  • 5 packages of sausage
  • 5 packages of kraft cheese (all free w/ coupons from Kraft)
  • DiGiorno frozen pizza (free coupon from Kraft)
  • 2 gallons of milk
  • Fruit and veggies (from the discount rack
  • Dishwasher tabs and shower cleaner (all free)

Rite Aid

Spent: $0.88 — Saved: $29.00


Spent: $1.82 — Saved $39.83


Spent: $0.43 — Saved $12.27

Here are the totals after my morning shopping excursion.


TOTAL SAVED: $198.34

I saved myself nearly $200 for a 2-hour investment cutting coupons and making my lists. I don’t know about you, but I would say $100/hour is worth the effort!

What about you? Do you use coupons? Do you feel it is worth your time?

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  1. L.


    I don’t have a printer, so what is a good way to get coupon’s?