It’s Almost Moving Day!

posted by Andrea | 12/19/2010

We’re moving on Monday {as in TOMORROW} so you can just about imagine what our house looks like right now.

Well, if you can’t imagine, here are a few visuals!

This is, BY FAR, the most cluttered our house has ever been…and I’m OK with that!

I knew things were going to be “cluttery”, I knew I wouldn’t be able to decorate for Christmas, and I knew that moving in December would be cold!

But I also KNEW that I wouldn’t care!

We’re moving to our dream house and that’s WAY more important than a little bit of clutter, inconvenience, or cold weather!

And while we are certainly taking A LOT of stuff with us…we are also leave several important things behind to assure the new home owners have a “simple, organized transition” into THEIR new home.

Here’s what we’re leaving behind:

  • a clean house (I’m coming back next week to clean up)
  • all appliances — even the newer ones
  • all light fixtures (except the chandelier in our guest bedroom — but I replaced it with a standard light)
  • all blinds, curtains, and curtain rods (except the set of curtains in our bedroom — I made them!)
  • a folder with all the manuals, warranties, and instructions for the appliances
  • a folder with the records for all construction projects and renovations we did on the home
  • a plastic bag with the tags from plants we planted around the yard (just in case they need to know!)
  • a folder with any other paperwork for our home and property
  • all exterior & interior paint — labeled by room and/or location
  • all the cabinets, peg board, shelving, and workbench in our shed — sniff!
  • a bunch of yard tools and equipment we won’t need
  • all keys and garage door openers
  • all phone numbers for utility companies so they can switch them over to their names
  • a fun bouquet of flowers to welcome the new homeowners!

I know how stressful and crazy it was when we purchased our first home (a month before our wedding and a week before my college graduation!) So I wanted to do everything I could to help these first-time home buyers make an easy transition.

Hopefully they will appreciate my organization!!

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  2. Christine (iDreamofClean)


    I just clicked over and saw that you’re moving!! Congratulations! You’re leaving such valuable resources for the new owners. We’ll be moving next month so I’ve begun to think about how I can make it easier on the new owners…but, this list blows mine away! I’m bookmarking this post so I can leave the new homeowners in even better shape! Thanks so much for posting this!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Christine!
    Yes, we are so excited to be in our new house now…and even though it was a bit of work to get all those resources together for the new homeowners, I know it’s worth it. We only wish the previous owners of our house had done the same for us.
    Good luck with your move too!


  3. Janie


    Thanks Andrea, I can do 15 mins a day… 🙂


  4. Lona


    What a gift to the buyers, to have all these necessary things left behind, in order.

    And, um, I didn’t see any clutter in them there photos, hun…


  5. Janie


    Wow you are so thoughtful and sweet ,I have been enjoying your blog so much.I really hope one day I can become organized…. 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Janie — I’m so glad you’ve found helpful information here at Simple Organized Living!
    And you can be organized too. Take 15 minutes TODAY and do something to clean, organize, de-clutter, or simplify your life…then do it again tomorrow! Before you know it, you’ll have created an organized habit!
    Good Luck!