Kitchen Clutter & Empty Cabinets

posted by Andrea | 10/19/2010

I had so much fun clearing out my food storage container clutter!

I started with this cluttered mess…

and ended with this!

It’s still not perfect, but all the containers have lids, there are no more gross stains, and I have room for my new Stack Mates!

But I didn’t stop there!

I literally went through every drawer and cabinet in my kitchen and took out anything we haven’t used recently or don’t need… I was ruthless! {In case you can’t tell, this is my 6.5 foot kitchen table completely covered with stuff to donate!}

What a great feeling!

The best part about my decluttering session is the extra space I have in my kitchen. I now have three totally empty cabinets and a clutter-free pantry!

Don’t feel like you have to organize your entire kitchen in one day {this is just the method that works best for me} but DO take 15 -20 minutes to declutter one drawer, one cabinet, or one section of your counter top.

Every little bit helps!


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  2. L.L


    I have been looking and looking for those shelves that u have (white and add extra space to your shelves) where can u get them? Also where did u get your lazy susan? I so want one!


  3. Virginia


    Do you have any suggestions on how to organize those horrible blind corner cabinets? Ours are so bad we call them “no man’s land.”


    Andrea Reply:

    Oh Virginia, I think I probably hate those horrible blind corners as much as you do!!! We have a HUGE one in our kitchen that is so impractical, but it isn’t going anywhere for a few years {until we’re ready for a kitchen remodel!}

    My best advice would just be to use that space for seasonal items like Christmas dishes, large serving platters, a punch bowl, extra-large food storage containers that you only use a couple times a year, etc. etc. Then, keep a list of those items and tape it to the inside of the cabinet door {so you don’t forget!!}

    That is how I make use of that wasted space; and even though it’s a pain to get those items out, I only have to do it a few times a year so it’s really not that bad.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Susie Davis


    Oooo, I want empty shelves! Love it.


  5. Young Wife


    Wow! Great job! I love having organized drawers and cabinets.


  6. mom2fur


    Great job! I did something similar recently. I took out all my utensils and laid them in groups, then got rid of the triplicates. I don’t cook or bake as much as I used to, so I don’t really need 4 sets of measuring cups, LOL! I do have at least two of anything, though. Having to stop and wash something in the middle of a project is a pain.


  7. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    Andrea, your cluttered mess of a tupperware drawer looks better than mine on an organized day! Oh dear…I have my work cut out for me!


    Dee Reply:

    I agree! That “cluttered” mess of yours would be a DREAM for our house. Hehehe…

    Thanks for posting this bit of motivation though. I am in a purging mood! 🙂

    Take care!