Like Mother, Like Daughter

posted by Andrea | 03/28/2012

I know I’ve lamented the fact that Nora already seems to be so strong-willed and stubborn {like refusing to take naps!} but the other day, Dave and I were joking about how Nora is actually SO much like me!

Yup, I’m strong-willed and stubborn too… and once we started thinking about it, we came up with a whole list of traits and characteristics that are strikingly similar between my daughter and myself 🙂

{thanks for the cute shirt Grandma!}

Physical Traits:

We both have a pug nose.

We both have dimples on our right cheeks. And when we smile really big, we both have them on our left cheeks too.

We both have extremely long torsos — however, it looks like Nora got Dave’s long legs too so she won’t be as “disproportionate” as I am!

We both have almost non-existent toenails — they are like little slivers.

We both have restless legs {my mom and grandma have this too}

We both drool in our sleep

We both have crazy morning hair  — just ask Dave 🙂

Character Traits:

We’re both morning people

We both like taking our shower/bath in the evening

We both have sensitive ears and noses {we don’t like overly loud noises or strong smells}

We both prefer bare feet to socks or shoes

We are both claustrophobic — if you want to hear her scream, try swaddling her!

We’re both light sleepers and sleep much better with a fan

We both are horrible “nappers” 🙂

We both get really cranky when we’re hungry and we eat regularly all day long

We both have a lot to say and like to be heard

We both have very unpredictable daily schedules but still need an over-all sense of routine

We both love staying home and would rather just “lounge around” than be out and about

We both like to stay busy, busy, busy.


Besides the fact that she has the biggest blue eyes {I have green squinty eyes} and the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen, it seems we are more alike than I thought!

So the next time I moan and complain about my child who refuses to sleep and eats every 2 hours… you just remember that she has to get that from someone… and it sure isn’t Dave 🙂


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  1. Amy Vande Streek


    Hey – Cute outfit (picture number 1). I’m here to look for your post right now on working from home with kids. I’m expecting it will be easy to find. 🙂 Then came across these darling pictures and had to stop and say hi!

    PS – I love that I just tried to submit, but hadn’t entered my e-mail address – hit the back button and didn’t lose my post. Thank you Simple Org Living website!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks amy… We got her cute outfit from a very fashionable friend 🙂


  2. Tania


    Gorgeous photos Andrea, of you both. Nora is just adorable.


  3. Paulette


    That baby is beyond cute, Andrea. heeheehee. Thanks for posting all the pics. And, I love your hair, too!


  4. Leone


    How funny and cuuuuuuuute! I can relate, believe me! My daughter (she’s 24) have always looked an awful lot alike, our voices are almost identical and our personalities are VERY similar. It made for some interesting times when she was growing up. She was born headstrong and stubborn. It could be so exhausting sometimes. Imagine my surprise when I realized she got those traits from lil’ ol’ me. Moi? Really? It meant that we really butted heads sometimes, but I she’s definitely a keeper. 😀


  5. Lydia


    My baby doesn’t nap either. He also looks nothing like me.


  6. Danielle


    I literally “LOL’ed” at the screaming swaddling part, poor dear doesn’t want to miss anything. P.S. I love your hair!


  7. Kara


    Our little guy is 3months old and still eats during the day every 2 hours, once in a while we get a 3 hour stretch. He is “learning” to nap alone. He can nap great if I hold him…lol. She is adorable!


  8. Leslie Honcoop


    Love this! It seems to me that your character traits have served you well, so Nora has a bright future ahead of her too! 🙂 And likely, your hubby has contributed some balancing genetics, so this little girl will be a well-balanced go-getter!

    I think God plans it this way…The traits that can drive us nuts, are the ones they got from us! Sure keeps me humble…

    I would add to your list of shared traits: Both girls are beautiful!!


  9. Heart and Haven


    Don’t forget you both have cute, fashionable outfits…great pics!

    It’s funny you say she never naps though….I have a 2 week old, and all he does is nap! I’m sure within a few months I’ll miss some of the time he naps (I’ve definitely been taking advantage of it for now, getting some spring cleaning/organization done though!)


  10. Ivy


    Your both beautiful! I have two girls 11 and 8 and one boy 4. It’s truly amazing how much they do get from us… When my 11yr old is being stubborn or sassy I have to remind myself that she gets that from me. So I try not to be to upset with her!
    I love your family, blog and your pretty farm house!


  11. Emily


    Cute list! So fun how they already display our personalities at such a young age!


  12. Katy


    My daughter is 4 months old, too, and it’s been so much fun noticing her little personality developing! Love your blog for the great, practical tips, but I also appreciate that your sharing about the joys/challenges of new motherhood on it, as well!