Making Your Own Christmas Wish List

posted by Andrea | 11/21/2011


Christmas is just over 5 weeks away and I’m assuming most of you have already been asked “what do you want for Christmas?”

Even as adults, we still occasionally get a few gifts each year — and I don’t know about you, but I always have a difficult time coming up with things to put on my own Christmas wish list. I can come up with plenty of ideas for other people on my list, but frequently draw a blank when it comes to giving suggestions for myself.

Anyone relate?

I think part of the reason I have a hard time coming up with things I need or want is because if I really do NEED something, I’ll wait until I find a great deal… and then I’ll buy it. And for the items I simply “want”, I’ll keep my eye open at thrift stores and on Craigslist until I find something for a fraction of the price.

So when Christmas time rolls around, I often don’t need or want anything.

I know this is annoying for the people who buy me gifts, so for the past couple of years, I’ve been working hard to keep an on-going list of things I want/need/or would just like to try. I keep the list in my planner and any time I think of something else, I’ll add it to the list.

If I find a great deal that I just can’t pass up, then I’ll buy the item and cross it off my list. However, if it’s something I can live without for a few months and I don’t find a great deal, it stays on my list.

Then when the holiday season rolls around and I start getting asked what I want for Christmas, I just pull out my list! Dave has a list now too… so it will be super easy to simply pass along our lists when we exchange names at our Thanksgiving party this year.

Here are a few of the things on my wish list this year:

1. A nice set of steak knives

2. A new kitchen broom

3. Small square laundry baskets

4. Large oval slow cooker with a “seal-able” lid

5. Short boots {like the knock-off Uggs}

6. Silver and black ball stud earrings

7. Herbs and spices {mine are all getting pretty low and they are expensive to buy}

8.  Baked goods and meals for our freezer {to give me a night off every once in a while}

9. Serving trays for when we have lots of company over and can’t fit at the table

10. Black dress socks and fuzzy slipper socks

11. Cash or gift cards — obviously, these are probably on everyone’s wish list 🙂

So as you can see, my wish list isn’t super extravagant, but I have a variety of items at different price points {which is important}. Plus, all of these items are relatively easy to find, and besides the boots and maybe the earring, the giver really can’t buy me the wrong thing {no I don’t care what brand of laundry basket or slow cooker I get!!}


I’m not really sure why it took me so long to think of making MY OWN wish list… I’ve always made “wish lists” for the people I need to buy gifts for {I’ll just write down whenever I hear them mention that they want something} and it makes shopping so much easier!

However, now that I’ve started, I’m hooked! I think I’ll forever have my on-going wish list in my planner — not only for when Christmas rolls around, but also just for myself so I can keep an eye out for great deals or thrift-store finds 🙂

Do you have your OWN wish list?


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  1. Jen


    I keep very updated Amazon Wishlists for myself and my kids. I use it to keep track of things I want/need fr the house for my own reference mostly, but several friends and family members also use it to buy gifts for us.


  2. monica


    wow i really need a new set of steak knives and a new kitchen broom


  3. Janelle


    I have been making a Christmas wish list for myself this year. I keep it in my planner too. I usually have these fleeting thoughts of something that I would like, would make such and such easier to do, etc., and If I don’t write it down right away, the thought is gone…but I would still like that item! 🙂


  4. Marie


    I was just noticing last night that a lot of online stores have wish lists where you can choose items you want and add them to yours and choose to make it public if you’d like just like a bridal registry but for any time of the year. I made one for American eagle just for kicks but im not sure if I’m going to share it with anyone but hubby because I don’t want to appear greedy. But it’d be a great idea if someone needs clothes for Christmas since those are always hard for other people to buy!


  5. Lorna


    Yup! I’ve got an ongoing list that I keep in my calendar and on the computer. I put things on it that I see and think would be great to have.



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  7. KimH


    I have a wish list on Amazon.. I dont think anyone I know knows how to find it though.. funny.

    I have to be careful saying outloud “I wish I had _____ or Ohhh.. I want one of these _______. My honey is likely to jump on Ebay or Amazon looking for one.. and hes like a dog with a bone once he starts. Drives me batty. Hes sweet & very giving to a fault.

    About a month ago I was talking about making pumpkin butter, but saw its not recommended to can anymore.. I was explaining it all to him & said maybe I could if I had a canner, but I didnt, so he got online and within 5 minutes, a 21 1/2 quart All American canner was on its way.. then a couple weeks later, I was reading something online and I said outloud to myself.. I wish I had a chipper shredder.. he jumped online looking, went outside to have a smoke and when he came back in, he told me bought me one from the neighbors son in law.. what are the odds? It worked great & HE used it doing what I wanted done. haha. Gotta love THAT!

    To be honest, there isnt much I want or need that either I dont buy for myself or he buys for me, but Im always appreciative of anything if someone takes the time to gift me with it.


  8. Ann


    We have a 3 ring binder that is called the wish book. Every family member has a page in it. As we think of things we add them. As we get things, we cross them off. It’s fun to look at them as they evolve!
    (I think my 20 year old has asked for a live Husky for 15 years!)


  9. jerilyn


    At the risk of sounding completely stingy, I always have a birthday or christmas list made, depending on the season. Our budget is very tight so I typically save wants for my list. This year I’ve asked for a hard-lotion bar, a cookbook, and some gift cards for crafting items 😀


  10. Heather Ratliff


    We started keeping wish lists many years ago. First, on paper (when we were all living in the same house), then on Google Documents (so we could share them, as we weren’t all living together) and now in Magic Briefcase of SugarSync. It’s great and we just have to remind everyone to update their wish list before a birthday or Christmas. We can get each other exactly what we want, instead of something that likely won’t be used.


  11. Roxanne


    I find that asking for some nice bath and body products from a specific salon that I go to is a great thing to keep on my “grown-up list”. It works well because I would otherwise feel guilty splurging those things any other time of the year, they are items I know for sure I will use, and they are (eventually) clutter-free once the shampoo/bodywash/styling gel/whatever is gone!


  12. Maria


    Hi Andrea,
    What I’m really wondering is, did your baby come yet?!

    It reminds me of my neighbor. Slightly hormonal and tired of waiting for her baby to come, she was scared Jesus would come back before she had her baby and she’d be pregnant for all eternity!

    Blessings on you as you wait,



  13. Marie


    Great idea! I do not have my own but probably need one. I know a few months ago I had lots of ideas for my husband and I for when people ask but of course now I forgot. 🙂