More Tips to Simplify Your Laundry Routine

posted by Andrea | 07/29/2011

It’s practically the weekend {hooray}!!

And I’m not sure about your house, but in our house, the weekend means laundry time.

I often do a couple loads during the week, but the weekend is when I try to tackle every last piece of laundry left in the house — which honestly isn’t THAT much considering there are only 2 of us!

There is just something about seeing those empty laundry baskets that makes my heart happy.

I’ve talked a lot about laundry in the past, but mainly because I know how much of a stress it is for so many people. I have multiple clients who regularly ask if they can pay me to come wash and fold their laundry; and I constantly get emails from people asking about simple laundry solutions.

So I guess the topic of doing laundry just needs a lot of attention!

I definitely don’t hate doing laundry as much as some people, but I am always looking for ways to simplify, organize, and streamline the laundry process as much as possible.

If you would like to spend a little less time doing laundry and a little more time doing what you really love, then here are a few SIMPLE tips to help you do just that!

1.  Read my other “Simplify Your Laundry” post.

Seriously, I have a bunch of really great tips over there! And make sure to scroll down to the comment section because many readers also shared their best laundry tips.


2. Use mesh garment bags.

Ok, I know this might sound like a crazy suggestion… but just hear me out.

A couple months ago, our nearly-new washing machine started acting up. And then it broke. Completely! Luckily we were covered under warranty so it was fixed for free, but the issue ended up being a small piece of fabric that got lodged in the drain pump {or something like that}.

The technician told us to start putting small items into mesh garment bags to prevent this problem from happening again. What I soon realized, was that mesh garment bags also make it REALLY easy to sort and put away laundry later on!

For example, give every person in your family their own bag — maybe a different color or style — and then have them put all their socks and underwear in the bag. Or give them one bag for socks and one for undies. Then, when it’s time to fold and sort laundry — the sorting part is done for you!

3. Start using SoapNuts.

I’ve talked about SoapNuts before, and even did a fun giveaway with LaundryTree for my Birthday Giveaway Week, but after using them for awhile, I am even more in love.

SoapNuts make laundry SO easy because there is no need for detergent or fabric softener — just a little baggie of SoapNuts that you toss in with your clothes, and you can reuse it for 4 loads of laundry. Plus they are totally organic and great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

My suggestion would be to give their Starter Kit a try for only $14.99. If you don’t like it, you haven’t invested much — although I’m nearly positive you’ll LOVE it! {and no, I’m not getting paid for this — I really just like them that much!}


4. Keep stain remover by your laundry hamper.

I had another “duh” moment a while back when I realized that it would be WAY easier to keep the stain removal spray right in our closet… next to our hamper. That way, when we take off our dirty clothes, we can immediately spot-treat anything that has a stain. That way, I don’t have to remember what items had stains and the search all over to try and find the stains when laundry day come.

Obviously, this might be a bit trickier if you have small children, but even then, you could have them give you their clothes and you could do a quick spot-treatment before tossing things into the hamper.


5. Utilize the “family closet” system.

I’ve talked about the benefits of having a family closet before, and even though I know it might not be possible for every home, there are still some ideas we can all implement that could help to simplify the laundry process.

The idea of a family closet is to have ONE central location for all the clothing in your entire house — or at least all the kid’s clothing.

The reason a family closet helps to simplify the laundry routine is because you only have to put the clothing away in ONE spot, you only have to pick up the dirty laundry from ONE spot, and as your children grow out of certain items, you can quickly and easily pass them down to the next person in line.

I know that every home’s layout cannot accommodate a separate “family closet”, but there still might be ideas you can implement. Like maybe have one dresser in the hallway and each child gets one drawer for socks and underwear. That way, you only have to put those items away in one spot.  Or, keep one hamper in the kid’s bathroom and ALL their dirty clothing can go into that one spot.

These are just a few more tips we personally use in our own home that help us to simplify our laundry routine.

And simpler is ALWAYS better… isn’t it!

What are your tried and true simple laundry tips?


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  1. My Super Simple Laundry System


    […] Andrea has some tips on simplifying your laundry routine. […]

  2. Lisa


    So which do you prefer?
    The Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent from this post:
    or the SoapNuts you mentioned in this post?

    I go through stages of trying different products and I’m guessing that is what you did or sometimes do as well.

    Does the price of an item(s) determine if you will use it or not even if you LOVE IT?

    Thanks for your website. I just made up the shower cleaner you suggested. =)


  3. Jess


    Love the family closet idea. Thought about implementing it myself this last year, but hubby was resistant to dedicate one whole room to it. With little tots outgrowing clothes so quickly, potty training, extremely distinct seasons, and all of the size-changes involved in pregnancies, it would be SO nice to keep everything in one location adjacent to the wash room. This swapping clothing boxes in and out of the attic is getting old. I could leave the ironing board set up, dedicate a small desk to the sewing machine, put up a changing cubby, and leave a folding table in the center. I may soon reintroduce the idea and continue to push my agenda. Thanks for the reinforcement :o) Good to know I’m not crazy, just a little unconventional.


    Andrea Reply:

    Jess, it sounds like you have the perfect plan for your family closet — definitely keep “encouraging” your husband… I’m sure you will LOVE the convenience of everything in one place!


  4. sarah


    I’m loving all the comments on laundry they are super helpful, wish I had a closet that could handle a family approach that is genious with kids in the house. I generally like laundry and don’t mind catching up on ironing while a watch chick flicks. But now that there is 4 of us, (the smaller ones generating the most laundry ) it is very easy to get overwhelmed, not to mention I line dry any day it isn’t raining and I won’t freeze my fingers off while hanging laundry out. The best solution for me is to do a load or 2 early in the morning (I throw in the first load while waiting for my coffee). Getting the laundry in while the kids play after school before dinner isn’t so bad they want to be outside anyway. I either fold it while it goes into the basket or fold it while they practice their reading before bed. Well it works for me. Plus I love all the money I save not running the dryer. the other bonus is the crispy towels doubling as a free body scrub 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Sarah,
    Sounds like you have a pretty good system down. I like that you spread it out and do a little each day — that makes it less overwhelming for sure!


  5. Amanda


    I have always wanted a family closet, but it just doesn’t work in our house. But recently I combined my two kids clothes into one dresser, which saves me so much time! It’s unbelievable that one simple thing can make my life so much easier.


  6. Ellen S.


    I started using the family closet several months ago – it is great. I didn’t realize just how much it would simplify laundry and getting the kids dressed in the morning. So glad I took your advice on this one!


  7. Shari@Rain into Rainbows


    Oops, hit the wrong reply button. Sorry… ::blush:: This goes to Andrea’s response to me higher up in the thread.


  8. Shari@Rain into Rainbows


    Thanks! 😉

    The bags do double duty as well, since typically anything that needs to hang dry is more delicate. The bags keep items like sweaters, etc. from getting snagged.


  9. Janelle


    I (try to) do laundry everyday during the week so that my weekend is free from that “chore”. I do have a laundry system and I suppose that it is sorted, but I like to wash, dry and fold “like with like”. So, my laundry schedule is as follows:
    Mon – towels (I use bleach) and sheets
    Tues – whites/lights
    Wed. – darks
    Thurs. – Towels (again) and tablecloths
    Fri. – dress/work clothes

    This works for me, and as you seem to encourage – do what works for you! My laundry baskets may never be empty, but I never stress out b/c I know that I am caught up!


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow — sounds like you have a great system down Janelle.

    And yes, Yes, YES! — I always stress “do what works for you” so I’m glad you found a system that works for you. I’m sure at different stages of life a different system might work for me to…but with only 2 of us, I can get all the laundry done in no time on Saturday {and then I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week!}

    Thanks for sharing your tips!


    Janelle Reply:

    Different stages of life definitely play a role in how things are accomplished – you are so right! This became my system after 2 little boys entered our lives and the laundry seemed to multiply!!! 🙂


  10. Shari@Rain into Rainbows


    I use laundry bags as well. Not only do I put delicates like bras, swimsuits, etc. into them, I also put anything that I don’t want to put into the dryer into them. This way when it’s time to swap from washer to dryer, I can easily separate out those items I don’t want going into the dryer without having to fish through wet laundry.

    Unlike some people, I LOVE doing laundry! LOL


    Andrea Reply:

    Shari, I actually enjoy laundry most of the time too! And I LOVE your tip about using mesh bags for items you don’t want to go in the dryer. That would work well for us because then if Dave is the one to transfer clothes to they dryer, he knows not to put those bags in — so smart!


  11. sharon


    Great tips. I do laundry everyday. Don’t hate it, just need to keep up with it! So do the soapnuts eliminate your use of vinegar in the rinse cycle to help with static cling?


    Andrea Reply:

    With soapnuts, you don’t need to use any fabric softener — so I don’t even need to use the vinegar rinse that I always used to. If I have a really dirty load — or a load of whites — I might put a scoop of OxyClean in there, but otherwise it’s just the soapnuts!


  12. Leigh


    I have a drawer in our dinning room side board with clothes for my kids. I also keep all my son’s socks downstairs since he only keeps them on if he is wearing shoes too.