My Bathroom Cleaning Bucket

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2012

A couple weeks ago I hit a breaking point and was simply fed up with the disorganized mess of cleaning products that had accumulated in our laundry room. The problem is that I can often get cleaning supplies for FREE after coupons and rebate… and I have a really hard time passing up free cleaning products!

So despite my best attempts to keep my cleaning supplies simple and organized, they were piling up again… and I wanted to do something about it. Plus I was just in the mood for a quick organizing project 🙂

One thing I did that I absolutely LOVE is my new “bucket of bathroom cleaning tools”.

In our old house, we only had 1 bathroom so we kept the cleaning supplies in that bathroom under the sink. However, in our current house, we have 3 bathrooms, so I just decided to keep all the supplies in the laundry room.

That worked fine, except it always seems awkward to cart everything around to the different bathrooms, only to realize we forgot something down in the laundry room or left it in the previous bathroom.

So, 2 weeks ago, I got a medium size bucket with a handle and filled it with my bathroom cleaning essentials — nothing more, nothing less — and now, we can simply grab this bucket, clean the bathrooms, and put it away again. It hardly takes up any space in our laundry room cabinet and we’ve eliminated a bunch of extra trips back down to the laundry room. {yes, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier!}

What’s In My Bathroom Cleaning Bucket:

I’m am thrilled with the simplicity of my bathroom cleaning tools… especially since I made most of them myself out of ingredients from my kitchen!

Vinegar Spray:

I use a 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water mixture in a plastic spry bottle to clean and disinfect pretty much everything in the bathroom. It even works great on mirrors and glass.

Baking Soda Shaker:

I simply filled an old spice jar with baking soda and use this to scrub any tough areas {like hairspray on the counter tops}

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

I still haven’t been able to convert to a homemade cleaner for the toilets — mainly because toilets gross me out and I want to make sure they are really clean! I do keep a separate toilet bowl ‘wand’ in each bathroom so we don’t need to cart those germs around.

Microfiber Rags:

I absolutely LOVE microfiber rags. They are so great for cleaning pretty much every surface and are also really durable {which means I can wash them a lot}. I feel like I have a never-ending supply of microfiber rags so I just keep a handful in our bathroom cleaning bucket and then wash them each week.


I got these great microfiber {and fully washable} sponges through a giveaway I did this summer. They are by-far the best sponges I’ve ever used, so I keep a couple in our bathroom bucket and a couple under our sink for washing dishes. Whenever I do a load of towels/rags, I just throw them in the washing machine and they are good as new. No more smelly, moldy, rock hard sponges in our house!


Ok, I know I should just use the microfiber rags and give up my papertowels, but I like to use papertowels on the toilets so I can simply throw them away after I’m done. Something about washing rags that I clean the toilets with just grosses me out! Maybe I’ll get over it some day, but for now, our bathroom bucket is fully equipt with a roll of papertowels!

You may notice that I don’t have anything in here for the showers — that’s because I only clean the shower when I take a shower {which is usually not when I’m cleaning the rest of the bathroom}. When I do clean the shower, I use this homemade shower cleaner that I talked about last week.

So there you have it… my bucket of bathroom cleaning tools. I feel so much more organized, more efficient, and even more excited to clean the bathrooms!

What are your best bathroom cleaning tips?


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  1. Denise


    After I clean the inside of the toilet with cleanser and brush, I flush it and then pour in some bleach. I wash the floor with a mop USING THE TOILET AS A BUCKET. This saves the effort of filling and carry a bucket.


  2. Merribear


    I use baby wipes for the outside of toilets. And for toilets, I use about a half cup to a cup of baking soda, then pour in some white vinegar. I let it bubble/react for a bit, then I let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, I use the scrubbing wand in the toilet, making sure to dip it into the water a couple of times to get all that baking soda/water onto the brush and up on the toilet’s insides. Then flush. And you’re done. It’s how my mom had me do our toilets when I was growing up, and it’s how I do mine now that I’m a wife/mother. =]


  3. IsisLee


    Costco has 36 rags for $15.00! I saw this info on a Seventh Generation blog & bought them! AWESOME! with just water they clean the counters & floors & everything amazingly! They a r huge so I cut them in 4 sections & I will have these rags until 2025!!


  4. L.L.


    do u know of any places to get cheaper (ish) microfiber cloths? I have never actually used them but was told they are good to use as dish cloths.


  5. Deni Breitenbach


    If you have products or can get products free or super cheap – consider donating the extras to your local food pantry – most will take these items to give as “extras” to those in need! Since you realize the cost can be prohibitive on these items… please consider helping those in need.


  6. Susie


    One more thing to add to your bucket list – a sheet of drywall sandpaper from the hardware store. Nothing (did I say nothing?) will scrape that toilet bowl ring off quicker or better than drywall sandpaper. And it’s easier on porcelain than a pumice stone. It won’t leave scratches like a table knife, it won’t leave scratches at all. Try it! Cut it in two and try it!


  7. Cletus


    I am stunned by the simplicity of the solution..truly said commonsense is not common


  8. German lavado de alfombra muebles y colchones


    great advice thank you very much for sharing, it’s amazing how something as simple solve a big problem of disorder, congratulations


  9. Raida


    i really enjoy reading and following your blog. Thank you for all the tips. Speaking of cleaning of course the bathroom is a task most dreaded yet has to be done. Since the vinegar mix has proven to be a bit too harsh for my bathroom surfaces, i use it only occasionally to remove hard calcium stains, but otherwise i found the most efficient and fastest method for myself of course: i use a toilet gel and another commercial detergent with a scent i prefer which is very powerful and easy to use, no polishing needed (from mr. clean!) i simply dilute one bottle cover in a third bucket of water and have different colored rags for each area (no bacteria mixing).
    i start by pouring some toilet gel and while it is working, i start to wipe the surfaces using the rags dipped in the bucket, starting with the mirror and the tiles (i have wall to floor) then basin and bathtub, over the shower cabin and finally the toilet, dipping each rag only once in a bucket and throwing it aside. I then squeegee off the excess solution from the tiles and dry the few drops left with a microfiber cloth.
    Meanwhile the toilet is also ready to be brushed,
    the same bucket i also use to sweep the floor. the leftover water is then thrown into the toilet and then finally flush-
    The cleaning rugs land together with the floor bath rugs in the washing machine and that’s it.
    This whole procedure used to cost me at least one hour of work, nowadays it is only about 15 minutes all together. a great difference and takes away the dread of the task.


  10. Andrea (from Canada)


    Rather than using paper towels to clean your toilet seat, why not consider using flushable moist wipes (like these: They’re smaller and break-down faster than paper towel (I’d imagine), and meant to be flushed where paper towels are not. They’re handy to keep in the bathroom for cleaning toilet seats, and also work well as moist wipes to have on hand. I’ll just tuck a couple in a ziploc baggie and put in my purse when I’m heading out. And if they dry out, just add water to moisten them again.


  11. Jennifer


    I use rags to clean the handle and lid/seat of the toilet and I use toilet paper to wipe down the rim and front of the bowl. Then I can flush that. I keep my cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Mainly because we don’t have the room to store things in other places. I also divide my bathroom cleaning chores; Mon. toilet, Tue. shower, Wed & Sat or Sun sink, Thur. floor & mirror. I do them when I finish showering daily. Since we have one bathroom used by 5 adult people I’m usually the last to shower.


  12. Martina


    I read a book years back, i don’t even remember the name, but anyhow she Lady suggested to use different colored rags for different things, our are pink for the bathroom ( just happen to have a lot of old pink shirts i cut into rags), green/blue for the kitchen, white for floors, and old army shirts for the not so fun job of toilets. We always wash from top to bottom, and after that we throw it in the washer, to clean the inside of the Toilet bowl we use dish detergent just put in the bowl like you would your lysol, brush with your brush and flush


    Shana Reply:

    What a great idea


  13. Firesparx


    I’ve found the best solution for us was to keep a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom. That way if I want to give the mirror a quick wipe for example then I have everything at my fingertips. We are fortunate enough that we have enough storage space in each bathroom for this method.


  14. Lisa


    Could you please tell me what you use for dusting. Thanks


    Andrea Reply:

    I usually just use a microfiber rag and some wood polishing spray


  15. Ann


    I do not personally share the toilet phobias that some of you have but I have extended family members who do. Because I want to make sure everyone is comfortable when they visit, I keep a tub of antibacterial cleaning wipes next to my toilet brush container. Anyone may take a wipe, wipe down the toilet seat before using and toss it in the trash can.

    Another use for these wipes is the daily swipe. Grab a wipe and wipe off the doorknob (both sides) and the light switches. Then wipe up the sink and counter (along with any water droplets and toothpaste spatters). Rinse out the wipe, swipe the flusher and then the toilet seat and then pitch it. Keeps the bathroom much nicer between real cleanings! (You can also wipe the floor if there is hair, etc. in this daily swipe. Just do the toilet last!)


  16. Lynn


    I started this method a year ago or so. I have a basket with a handle and I have my bathroom cleaning supplies. I have two bathrooms and even though my house isn’t that big, they are on each end of the house. I also keep a toilet brush in each room as well. This is a great method and works wonderful.


  17. Ann


    And I get how you can save money on cleaning supplies with coupons and sales but I do understand how people say they get them for free or almost free. Can/will someone explain?


    Ann Reply:

    *don’t understand! 🙂


    Ranela Reply:

    Same premise with coupons and sales, but wait til the price is low enough that doubling or tripling coupons will get it free or almost free.


  18. Ann


    If you have so many cleaning supplies and dislike clutter, why don’t you just keep a cleaning set in each bathroom? I find I am more apt to quickly clean the bathroom (or part of the bathroom) if the supplies are right there. If I have to walk to another room to get a bucket, forget it!


    Julie Reply:

    I keep cleaning supplie in each bathroom too. Just for those days when my boys’ aim is a bit off, if you know what I mean. And when ever I need to do a quick swipe of the counter tops etc.
    Works wonderfully!!


  19. Rebecca


    I agree with you about not wanting to wash rags used to clean the toilet. My drawer under my washing machine is full of one time use rags. There are socks that have no match, shirts that were stained that couldn’t be donated so I cut them up, towels that have gotten stained cut into smaller pieces, etc. With seven people in our family, the drawer is constantly being added to. We use those rags for cleaning up nasty stuff that I don’t want in my washer – bathrooms, blood (because it stains), puke (for obvious reasons), dog accidents, etc. Use it and throw it away.


    Amy Reply:

    I do EXACTLY the same thing! I love being able to toss an old sock after it’s cleaned up something gross. I don’t feel guilty this way either because it had no use anyhow and I’ve got plenty of tshirt rags and microfiber rags I keep and reuse.


    Karen Reply:

    Me too!


  20. Patty Gardner


    That looks about like my bucket! I have a bucket in (or near) each bathroom, though.

    I haven’t tried the microfiber cloths yet. I just use old-fashioned cotton washrags. I might give them a try since everyone’s been raving about them. My only hesitation is that I have some microfiber dish towels and I HATE them. They don’t absorb water very well.


  21. Lauren Kim


    Great idea — I have been meaning to create a cleaning-supply bucket, too, and keep everything in one place. I should get on it — there is way too much stored under my home’s bathroom sinks! I agree about the paper towels, though. I still haven’t been able to make the switch, either.


  22. Eileen


    So, I have never used/made vinegar spray… Does it have a strong smell? Or does it leave any kind of weird smell in the bathroom once you’re done cleaning?


    Sharon Reply:

    I’ve found a solution for that! Add wintergreen alcohol! takes away the vinegar smell. I use equal parts vinegar and wintergreen alcohol and add a little dawn. Works great! and smells good!


    Firesparx Reply:

    When you are using the vinegar spray it smells a bit vinegar-y but once it dries the smell is gone. I personally like the smell of vinegar so it doesn’t bother me, though it does make me crave pickles…