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posted by Andrea | 02/13/2012

Working in an organized space will not only help you to be more efficient and more productive — it will also help you to enjoy the time you spend in your office area!

And whether you work in a big corner office, the back bedroom of your house, your car, or even a tray table in your living room, there are plenty of creative ways you can better organize your office space.

If you are looking for a bunch of creative office organizing ideas — many of which are free — check out the guest post I wrote over here!ย 

What are your favorite office organizing ideas?

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  1. Laura


    Andrea, I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I love it. I’m hooked! Great ideas, especially for the home office. I’ve been redecorating/organizing my own, and you’ve provided some great inspiration. Thanks!


  2. Mags @ Ginger Organising


    My latest idea in our home office is to try to cut out the feeling of it being an office, so all the paper, filing, desk tidies, printers etc, etc are all hidden away where possible, but still organised and accessible.

    That way the office is a pretty environment and you’re not distracted by the visual clutter of too much stuff around you.

    I’ve just done a purge and clean-up of my home office and am in the process of writing up al my organisational ideas – if you’d like a looky.


  3. Jacquelineand...


    Since I’m just getting a home office together this post (and your guest post) couldn’t have been timelier….thanks for the great tips!


  4. Jennifer M


    I tried to go to the link (several times and in different browsers) and it keeps telling me that the page is not found. ๐Ÿ™


    Alison Reply:

    Same here! ๐Ÿ™


    Ann Reply:

    Same here


    Niki Reply:

    same here! And I really need to read this one:)


    Andrea Reply:

    it looks like their website is down right now. The link IS the correct link… but we’ll just have to wait for their website to start cooperating!!



  5. Thrifty Military Mommy


    Great tips on your guest post! Thanks so much for sharing!